Friday, November 14, 2008

war on Whales

Want to know what the US Navy has been doing all week while you’ve been busy with work and all the things you think you have to do? They have been killing the Ocean and everything within miles of their ships. The supreme court has allowed them to do it without regard for Life.
As usual they are using fear as an excuse to destroy. They fear that there are devious plans for enemy subs to sneak up and Nuke us at any minute. They need permission to train our boys so they can catch these evildoers in the act. They have to get their obsolete 40 year old technology up and blast their noise all over the Ocean to keep us safe from the Russians. Those damn Ruskies are making us Kill all the Whales in the Ocean! They have the Supreme Court Justice’s convinced too because they think it’s a good idea! Apparently there is a much more advanced and lower impact system but they are taking it out and using this outdated and deadly one because it makes them a lot of money. And keeps us safe. Yea.
There’s not a war going on in the Ocean but we have to make one and kill the Whales and sea mammals and maybe a lot more sea life. It can harm Humans, too so don’t go near the water. The Navy doesn’t want to file Environmental Impact Statements so they get wavers to go ahead. They already did 8 out of 14 of these tests without a waver. Now the Supreme Court says they can do it in a 6to2 margin with Alito and Scalia, dissenting. During the proceedings Justice Breyer commented: “The whole point of the armed forces is to hurt the environment . . . on a bombing mission, do they have to prepare an environmental impact statement?”
How much longer are we going to stand for people like this to run the World? How much more outrageous does it have to get before we do something? It’s all connected. The war, torture, declining Environment, injustice, wire tapping, dictatorship, the a prison industrial complex, drug epidemic, health care woes, a failing economy. And now it’s destroying all the life in the Ocean.
Military Low Frequency Active Sonar (LFAS) has been under development for years and is reported to have been tested about 25 times over 7,500 hours around the World. And this is just the testing phase. What’s going to happen when the system is fully implemented?
They have been dragging this monster around harassing and killing everything in the ocean and running it at these ungodly sound levels for 7,500 hours. That would be an equivalent run time of 24 hours a day for almost a year! This makes sense to them!
It’s all connected We’ve got evil energy from Land, evil energy from the air and now evil energy from the Sea. Bad news from the Satanic Warriors now for the Whales and sea Mammals. They are next to suffer the onslaught of the Demons who possess our world.
This is how it works. Steal an Election to get into power. Conspire and destroy one of the most beautiful landmarks in the World and kill thousands of people. This is how you fill your Satanic bank account with trillions of dollars and untold credits of evil energy. Now use these evil resources and the chaos you’ve caused to get more evil energy by taking our traumatized country to war. Kill innocent men women and children, start up the torture chambers destroy our already fragile eco system, keep all the lies going keep on killing and damn the future.
Now that this vicious government and it’s vile people have control of everything go after the ocean and kill what’s in there. You don’t care that people love Whales and love the ocean and all it’s life you have to ruin it because you need more money and more evil energy and you use the worst excuse in the world to do it so you can make War. You have to make War. It’s already made the War people so much money and the other War people are being sneaky and you have to catch them so you need to kill everything in the Ocean and the Judges are so conflicted that they say to go ahead and kill the ocean and if there are any divers in there kill them too.
I have to put this up even though it’s a bad job. I have to do something because I feel so dirty and profane after touched this with my Soul.
PS: Oil exploration does the same basic thing.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

We still need the Truth.

It seems like we crossed over into another reality. It feels different. We have been under assault for so long but it feels good. I feel like one of those Russian dissidents after Perestroika; a good analogy considering the reversal of Democracy in Russia. We should always remember how it was.
I choose to be optimistic and believe that we are really entering a hopeful time with a New Liberal Agenda. It feels good and the whole World is responding with accolades for the President Elect and the entire planet has responded as if Obama was their President.
I will not forget that Barack still refers back to 911, using the official government conspiracy theory. That's what I heard at Saturday's rally in Springfield, Mo. on Nov. 1st. He said that he will fight al Qaeda and catch Osama Bin Laden! This sounds ludecrous to those of us in the 911 Truth Movement but it's not humerous.
I am sure that Barack knows that 911 was an inside job so why is he still repeating the official version? We still need a new investigation into the events of 911 so we can determine who was responsible. More and more citizens are realizing the Truth and it's time for the people we entrust with the job to enforce the law!
It may be that our leaders feel guilty and this is too close for comfort. It may be too sensitive for them and they can't stand up to the Truth. The legal liability may be more than they can stand.
In an Open Investigation we would most likely find direct responsibility at the highest levels and find that there was colaberation between the perpe-traitors and the main stream media. If the truth were known, it would be a huge shock but its something we have to deal with.
We need our Country back and this is a good time to stop the cynical disreguard for our Laws by a criminal elite. We need to go back to where it didn't matter who you were; that everyone must obey the law. This new administration needs to be a good example to it's citizens and to the rest of the World. We need to know what really happened on 9/11/2001 and we charge our new leaders with this mandate to find out!
We need Love Light and a World that is Good. We've had enough of Lies and Hate!