Monday, February 28, 2011

Highest Developed Love Light So Far. The Core Principals.

I went back and removed one of my new numbers, retained others and made the scope of Newmeralligy better. Along with this I realized something new.

Highest Developed Love Light So Far; the Core Principals.

I say “Highest Developed Love Light So Far” indicating that I have improved the process and understand it better. Then I went through it and cleaned up the graphics and took out "Voice". This corrected Legacy and ollo.
8/Power is what Legacy and ollo should rightly be. Remember that Birth Essence is the Mother, Legacy is the Father and ollo is the Child. There are no other numbers that represent Mother and Father better than 6/Life and 8/Power. Father and Mother in Love produce a Child ollo/8/Power. To protect and bring up this Child destined for Power it is necessary for the Father to have Power and exhibit Authority because He needs to protect the Child and hold it High. In this case the Child is Love Light; the most Noble Ideal.
There is a new realizations that came from doing this. It concerns me that too few people Love Light. I hadn't realized what caused this until I did the work and noticed the Maturity # 7/Spiritual Reasoning. I realized that most people including myself are not Spiritually Mature. I include myself because I realize that the more spiritually developed I get the better able I'll be to get it across. On the other hand my endeavor to bring it is my practice of it.
Love Light is infinately old and must have been in existence when the Universe formed. It’s the Masculine and Feminine forces working together to bring Life to Creation.
The Core Principals are how the Masculine Loves the Feminine Life Force. I thought I had it all figured out but there's more to it than I thought. Masculine brings the Seed; the Idea. The Feminine Forms Life around it but which is Love and which is Light? If they both have Love Light they both love the Life Force by loving each other. What seems to be lacking in Humanity is the Masculine Loving the Feminine and caring for it so the Life Force will Thrive..
I propose that the Core principal is the Masculine Love for the Feminine. It is not just Men and Women but the concept that Men and Women have both Masculine and Feminine Energy within. These balance each other and work together to create and maintain Life. This is core knowledge and this realization is what gives Order to Creation. When this realization is internalized we will begin Regeneration.
What I see around me is mass confusion and many foolish people who think they're wise; but it's like Jesus said “The foolish man builds his house upon the sand.” Unless we build our beliefs on this rock of Truth we we are not Wise. This means we must understand Life before we can solve Life's problems.
We begin by taking care of ourselves completely; in Body, Mind and Spirit. If we are fortunate enough to have a Mate this adds another dimension to the equation and we have a Life outside of ourselves to take care of. This Love outside us helps the Life within. Then we direct this Love toward the Life of our Community, the World and Creation.
It won't work if it's just a Man and a Woman regardless of the Life Force. We disreguard this at our own peril. If we Love the Life Force we take care of it completely; in Body Mind and Spirit.
This is very important because if we leave out something and don't care, we fail. Particularly I think this applies to uplifting each other's Spirits. This is too often neglected. Spiritually it's more crucial than food or knowledge. This is where Love should begin because if we miss this we unknowingly hurt the Spirit; sometimes from a false sense that we are doing right. So we Believe Well, Think Well and Eat Well. It all adds up to bennefit the whole. Put Wisdom into our Soul, Truth into our Mind, and Good Food into our Body.
Again, this will not work if we are living in a World that does not Love the Life Force so once we have achieved our own balance we should share it with others by personal dialogue or in public discourse.
All People are born with imperfections. This means they have needs in their Soul. I see this in their Numbers. This is also a principal of the Church I was brought up in and it’s called “Inherited Evil”. Buddhism calls it Karma. In life we must “work on Karma” and “become Regenerated. In Newmeralligy the principal is that we are born with weak or missing Numbers in the Table and these numbers appear in our Chart as Lessons we are assigned.
Perhaps I should change the Love Light Mantra to “have no selfish interest, Be Doubly Generous and Good To All” because we must have Self Interest to take care of the Life Force within us. If we take care of the Life Force outside Us that helps Us but we don’t do it to be selfish. We do it because we were given Life and should honor and love it.
We are not taught this enough and it's a major problem. In many cases we're taught to harm. We do it to ourselves with harmful thoughts and to others with harmful actions. It seems that everything we do to make a living harms the Earth and war is the most harmful. In America we founded our culture on war so it's no wonder we're so destructive. Because we've never faced up to this we've become one big military industrial complex that's run by criminals. We think we're free but we never were and we take away people's freedom all over the World.
Referring back to something I said above we unknowingly hurt the Spirit; sometimes from a false sense that we are doing right. This mistake still plays itself out in the false belief in manifest destiny that justifies all the deadly sins; and does it with the Church's blessing. It tells the mass that we have a monopoly on the truth and the only God and the only Christ and "we must destroy the heathens that don't know God" and the mass does as it's told and goes throughout the World destroying the Core Principals. I am not blaming Jesus Christ; I'm blaming false prophets.
If Christians would be Christian they would know not to do the things they are being told to do. The Truth of Jesus is still in the Bible so people don't have much excuse to live contrary to it but they are just part of the mass. There are also other sources of Truth than the Bible too but false teachers try to threaten people not to go there. My own Newmeralligy would certainly be a big one!
That is why we destroy even the crucial Systems that Sustain Life on such a huge scale! The leaders who have led us to do this should "have a mill stone put around their necks and be cast into the Sea" because they taught us to destroy.
We are taught to dishonor Life first by the Church. Look for an example to the traditional dismissal of anything of a Feminine Deity. Mention Goddess to a Christian and you get accused of being a satan worshiper!
I want to show the flip side of this by pointing out a "Christian School" that promotes the neo-con agenda by having their leaders come in and speak to their students. One I know was Dick Cheney who works for the most destructive corporation in America; Halliburton. Now as a result of what this corporation has done this School is in the center of some of the worst environmental damage our planet has ever seen. They serve as a terrifying example of how churches are used. Nothing has really changed since the autrocities comitted by the Roman Catholic Church because churches are apparently fronts for Wall Street.
It happened that Dick Cheney was only one in a string of conservative neo cons that were invited to speak. Close to the school Halliburton is extracting “natural gas” and caused incredible destruction in Central Arkansas. It has done the same in thousands places around the Country; causing the loss of clean water sources, spewing toxic gas into the air and causing earthquakes.
We didn’t suspect a thing even though Halliburton was the company responsible for the blowout of the BP oil well in the Golf of Mexico. Our leaders knew but they took money and permitted them to go to work fracking Mother Earth; pumping unknown liquids that contain acids and diesel into the ground at incredibly high pressure; which in turn came out even more toxic to destroy aquifers and spew over land and into waterways. Not all gas was captured and it even leaked out as gas clouds into the atmosphere.
This was all predictable and happened because people are oblivious to what is sacred and because Life is't honored. The fact is that we may have lost the entire water supply of Southern Arkansas. it's killing fish in the Arkansas River and has gassed thousands of birds. There are daily Earthquakes because Mother Earth shudders as she's violated. How long can we Live without caring for Mother Earth? Only seconds without Air, only days without Water and only weeks without Food! This terribly short sighted focus of industry has let looters and bad leaders bring us to this point that now threatens us all with genocide if it's not stopped. It's all due to ignoring Core Principals.
For me I knew that it was wrong and what would happen but I have limited resources to fight against this tide. Who knows how bad it will have to get before it's stopped. There is a lot of public concern but people are beginning to realize that they don't have any power against a corprotocracy and the media propaganda machine. Once we had the Power of the EPA but that seems to have been eliminated during the reign of terror of the neo con bush and now obama. They've done their best to take us down the path to Hell!
This reference to Hell may not be considered reasonable and demonizing the corpse elite may seem unreasonable. It's mean but it's not nearly as mean as these corporations who think they're Gods. I use it because it's a pretty apt way to explain this dynamic and how it works. It seems that if negative energy is practiced so explicitly by the "elites" and they are using their power to destroy the Creation that they are trying to destroy us. This is the most evil thing I can think of! What else would satan strive to do than destroy God Us and Creation?
Why should we help Satan take us to Hell! He can't defeat us if we Honor Life and God! We can defeat him by keeping the Core Principal to Love the Life Force.
Love Light

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Masculine + Feminine = Creation

One of the Old Guard Prophets of Conventional Christianity; who I happen to respect a lot, challenged me on the aspects of Divinity that I have advanced concerning The Life Force. Like most of the Old Guard Monotheists; he is not yet ready to accept the Feminine Divine.
This essay is the result of going deeper into the subject:

When the Masculine and the Feminine unite there is Creation. Is that Creation Masculine or Feminine? Is it possible for either one by itself to make Creation? God Created us in his own image. Are we just Male or are we Male and Female? We are Male and Female so it stands to reason that God is Male and Female too. When Monotheists try to say that God is Male that looks like patriarchy negating the Feminine.
I don't think Jesus was like that; He had Women around him all the time. I think paul was like that; he didn't like women. There are many people who say that Christianity was usurped by paul and that he wanted people to follow him instead of Jesus.
I read the Bible with a grain of salt. It is called "Gods Word" and yet not one word was actually written directly by God. It was written by men who said it was Gods Word so actually they could have been saying "Men are God". The crazy thing is that could be true and what we think of as God is really Goddess. After all the Universe is 1 big system to Create Life and so is Mother Earth.
Mother needs Father for 1 reason and that's for procreation. She needs the Seed. Then She needs to be Loved and cared for so she can foster Life. That is her soul purpose and we can be grateful that she wants to because we are the product of her Creation. That's why we need to honor Her and Love her. If we don't we'll have to live as divorced children after Mom has been thrown out of the house. Dad doesn't know how to handle kids and he's always always talking crap about Mom!
There are many problems with Monotheism but it seems to be an outgrowth of warrior societies that have to suppress the Feminine in order to maintain their belief that justify killing and exploiting other human beings.
Prior to Monotheism all cultures honored the Feminine. Jews too had a belief in the Feminine Goddess Shekina. The Patriarchal Religious leadership of Jesus day had long before rejected Shekina and the Feminine Paradigm.
Other problems with Monotheism have to do with singular thinking that won't let other ideas in and tend to go toward their goal with blinders on; unaware of what's going on around them and unwilling to see other points of view.
This all Male energy shuts out the Feminine and the Wisdom it could gain. Patriarchy then goes obsessively into shrewd force without any thought for the Holiness of Life. This disavowal of the Feminine Life Force leads it to every kind of unwise authority over Life and Creation.
In our Society we have either Monotheism or Atheism but the idea of God/Goddess is spurned for the most part because it is a threat to the status quo. This exact same dynamic opposed Christ and the Truth. The Truth Sets People Free and the power structure of the time didn't want their subjects to be free so the anti-Christ took action and killed him and the persecutions began. Later they took his name in vane with a contrary and corrupted message and used his church as an opressive army. After that and because of their abuse of power and their absurd hypocrisy they actually spawned atheism and the anti-Christ themselves!
My friend is very kind and just and I don't know why he dislikes Feminine Spirituality so much. I suspect that it’s because he’s a traditionalist and not ready to think outside the box. They have had their Patriarchal say long enough, though and it’s time for new ideas from Holy Spirit.
There have been so many lies told by Religion that people don’t even believe there is truth but ultimately there is and we should be trying to find it together instead of fighting over it.
The analogy of a piece of fabric rent by division because I said there were many Gods was only my attempt to shake us awake a little. It could only help the fabric of the cosmos to include all manor of belief so that oneness may be possible. To deny one part or the whole truth is like never weaving the fabric in the first place. Every piece of fabric has a life span and then new fabric must be made. The materials to make the fabric comes from a world that creates via Male/ Female interaction and Men and Women use this resource and Create from it.
The only thing that the lone Masculine can do is destroy and that is what it does when it's left alone with no Love or Light.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2/16/2011: All I Really Want To Say Today........

All I really want to say today is that this blog is evolving and there's many flaws to overcome as I try to express what I want to say. I write something and think it's great and then I have another look at it and freak out and rewrite and edit and then I look at it again and do it all over and over and over.
Sometimes, thank God, eventually I read it later and say "that's perfect. It's exactly what I wanted to say".
Getting there is the problem and I usually publish prematurely and sometimes with an announcement where a lot of people go check it out.
So sorry. Please forgive the misunderstandings that come from this.
I'm not a trained writer in the respect that I ever went to college or to a writing class after high school. In fact I dropped out of High School after an old tight ass male teacher gave me an F on an essay that I had worked really hard on and thought was good.
Most of what I have learned has been at "The School of Hard Knocks" and I think this blog qualifies as Higher Learning at Knocks.
It is a lot to ask of people to keep checking back to see if I have it right yet but that is what I'm going to ask you to do. I need the pressure to write and I use public opinion to streighten me out.
Maybe I'll just make an announcement when I finally get it.
The ideas are there and they are right but mostly my problem is that they are too offensive.
Yesterday I learned a new term: "Tribal Moral Community". Pretty Cool! I wonder which one I belong in? Some day I hope to find out.
Love Light Smith

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Daily Edit 2/15/2011

There's a reason for saying “There Are Many Gods”; to create Freedom. Without free choice there's no Truth and only obligation to believe. We're Free to Choose and people are choosing.
It’s time now for the various Faiths to be truthful and be true to God. In other words; be something that people benefit from Spiritually.
For a Church to be open and supportive there should be something more: give them the Truth and don't lead them astray or exploit them and use them as an army. Forgive me for using this example but it's the truth. Can it not be argued that Jews and Muslims should do the same?
I call Monotheism; “The Religion of 1”. If the Religion of 1 was to mature the 1 would be Oneness and it’s Male Energy would be balanced with the Feminine Life Force to become Wise.
I think there's a Universal God Over All. It's a God of Order and has a Consciousness that spans the Universe. Jehovah may fit this description and many people believe him to be the One God. You will know him by his fruits; his followers. Do they reflect the Love of God? Do they Honor the Creation? Are they Creators?
From early childhood I’ve had an Earthly God; Jesus. He's come as Love Light and God With Us. This is My God. He is not the God of the Universe but he comes from that God and The Holy Spirit; The Mother Of All. That's what I know.
Others are Free to choose what they want to be and what they want to be a part of.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

There Are Many Gods/ 2/12/2011.

I really get nervous saying “There are Many Gods.” The God of Monotheism is So Powerful and so pervasive throughout society it is risky to seem to oppose it. I want to Cooperate with it. It is also risky to talk about any Gods to the Secular world. So it’s OK to believe in 1 God and it’s OK to not believe in God but it’s not OK to believe in Many Gods. Pagan’s may also get offended but I’m not sure why yet. I’m trying to make Peace not war. This is really about Freedom!
In the Illustration above; the Reading expresses a huge amount of 5/Freedom associated with “There Are Many Gods” and that is what I feel. The date today makes the Synchronicity of this Subject come to Life. Both the Voice of the Date and the Voice of God is expressing 5/Freedom. The Rational and The Trail are 5/Freedom and the entire Ollo Vine is stacked with Three 5/Freedoms. Seven 5’s is a huge amount and the fact that there are Seven means Freedom is the Rational result of realizing that There are Many Gods. I believe this is very obvious once you get over the shock of this new idea.
Having so much dominance by 5/Freedom leaves less in the other numbers but there is some power for 2-3’s/Harmonious Completion, 2-9’s/Harmonious Love and 2-11’s Harmonious Light. There is 1-2/Balance, 1-4/Creation, 1-7/Logic and 1-22/Spiritual Work.
This is certainly a credable Subject and I believe it is a completely valid idea. It may take some more work to make this concept understandable but I will keep trying to make it more plain and simple.
Love Light Smith

Friday, February 11, 2011

My Daily Blog 2/11/2011.

2/11/2011. What an amazing Date! That’s Beautiful! It is all about Harmony and Enlightenment.
Have you ever noticed how much the personality of each day changes? Yesterday I was in a bad mood all day. I bet things look up today and there is a lot of Good to be gleaned from our thoughts and actions.
This morning as I was waking up and thinking I decided to start writing a Daily Blog. I usually do write something every day so now I’ll just do it with more intention and purpose.
The blog has had a problem that seemed to cause disharmony because it seemed to me that Jesus was behind Love Light and although I Love Jesus he is a sore point to much of the World. So I had an epiphany that seems to solve this.
The epiphany is simple but profound and I’m not sure why it hasn’t occurred to me before.
It’s Simple because it makes us Free and profound because it confronts Dogma and creates Harmony.
More and more I’ve come to believe something that’s heretical but true. Monotheism is no longer logical to me and think it would be better if we reasoned it out.
To understand this it’s necessary to understand what I mean by a God. I would define it as a Collective Consciousness in a Belief System that has a Focus on some sort of Higher Being or Idea. Within this concept there are so many possibilities. This realization creates a new Collective Consciousness.
I said it was simple but it may not sound that way. Simply put it is that there are many Gods and we don’t have to fight about it.
Christians are most famous for saying there is only 1 God and theirs is it and they have to take over the World to enforce it. This has caused thousands of years of needless war and bloodshed! Monotheism ostensibly gives credibility and righteousness to actions that might otherwise be considered barbarism and brutality.
So now if we understand that there is more than 1 God and there is no reason to hate someone because they have a different God we may continue on with this idea. We have no right to force someone else to worship our God and our God should have to be chosen by Free Will. If our God can stand on it’s own merit and is truly Great, it aught to be readily seen and people should be able to decide to honor our God or not!
Here are some Gods for example who someone could choose to honor: Buddah, Allah, Jehova, Krishna, Thor, Jesus, Iatia and there’s many more: or Goddesses: Freya, Shekina, Brigit, Gaia, and Others; or Idols such as: Money, Power, Pleasure, Materialism or whatever they choose. Our laws of incorporation even create another sort of God; the corporation! Corporations have all the legal rights as a person and since they are seen as a person they would also fall under the definition of a God; "a Collective Consciousness in a Belief System that has a Focus on some sort of Higher Being or Idea". Therefore when we gave corporations the same rights as a human being we were creating Gods. In many cases these corporations imitate Gods due to their all powerfulness and the fact that they now can know more about us than we do because of their spy network.
There is certainly more than 1 God under this definition. There may Truly be 1 God over all but that God is different in everyone’s mind and we don’t need to kill each other off over that.
First and foremost let’s Love the Life Force and to do that we need to Love Light.

God Willing; more tomorrow.

Love Light Smith.