Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Love Light World a Reality!

5/25/2011. Remember all the Love Light World paintings I did for the Blog? I'm living there.
It's been raining a lot so it's hard to get the gardens in but it's been fun settling in. At least the creek is high enough for canoeing! Also good for Frogs and Tadpoles!
When we took a trip to town we wondered if anybody had been Raptured. No one had: Just an erruption in Iceland and a terrible tornado on Sunday.
Today is the Convergence of the Star Signs so we'll have to see how that goes. I am starting a new life in the New Love Light World so you need to keep up with progress and I'll keep everyone posted. Love Light Smith

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Unusual Patterns of May!

5/20/2011. Tomorrow is Not going to be the End of the World but I hear that it is supposed to be a couple of times a day in conversation. All this hype comes from a retired engineer named Robert Fitzpatrick who has taken it upon himself to advertize again the end of the World according to an evangelist with a radio show named Harold Camping.
I don't have the time to check it out but it all has to do with a numerological value of 7 which is Monotheism's final complete number unlike Numerology which uses the number 9. They also use the 1 as Completion instead of 3. It seems that the number 1 could be considered as a holy number by Monotheists because of their dependence on it as a principal. ie 1 God, 1 Life, 1 Way, 1 Book, 1 male energy rules, 1 Chosen People, 1 Individualism. This I call the Religion of 1 and I believe that it is a flawed belief system that prohibits enlightenment and is opposed to the Feminine Life Force.
This is something to comment on because it seems that Conventional Christianity thinks of 7/Hermit as perfection because that seems to be the ultimate thing to be for them. To Me, though, there are two more initiations after that. 8 is to know God and be a part of God and 9 is Perfect Love and includes every aspect of every number. Then to say that 1 is completion instead of 3 is completely different than what has been practiced by Numerologists for thousands of years.
There are many thousands of systems that are practiced and all of them depend on tapping into a system of order so it's difficult to say that one or the other is the only correct way. His system is really foriegn to me, though and I'm not going to give it much more attention than that unless a bunch of people are Raptured that day.
To me the most interesting time is the next 3 days immediately following that as Gemini begins. I go into that below as it is some sort of Conjunction. Look for
*** in the text below to read my comment.
Today is a rare 2/Harmonious day with an 11/Enlightened Destiny with a 31/4/Sociable Work Way and an 17/8/God Power Blessing. It looks like we need to work in a sociable way to get Enlightenment and Truth on this Harmonious day that is blessed and Powered by God.
5/21/2011. On the 21st there are two 3's which do correspond to Completion but I believe that it is only completion of Taurus and this is a welcome transition from the difficult masculine Taurus to the feminine Gemini. The Destiny is an intense 30/3 and is not only means completion but, open hearted and generous. To get there is the 32/5/Free Soul and it is blessed by Light in the Star Sign which is from God. I don't perceive anything of doom in this date. Love Light
5/17/2011. Look at the Chart and you will see that there are 3-8's! 8's are Power and that is a lot of 8's and it means Complete Power or Generous Power. Keep in mind that Power can be Positive or negative. If it's Positive it will be in Freedom and whoever or whatever is Power will be willingly served and will provide much that is helpful and necessary to our lives. Otherwise it is an unhappy and controlling power over. The 17/8/Day I identify with God and the 28/1/Way I see as Goddess because those are the Mirwords of 17 and 28. God is a 17/8 and Goddess is a 28/1. Together they are 45/9/Free to Create/Perfect Love.
5/18/2011. There are 2-9's and 2-11's. Incredable Balanced Perfect Love and Light is possible today! This is the epitome of Love Light 9/11/2001 and it could bring about amazing things for both Love and Light! 9 and 11 are central to Numerology, are centered on Christ, are about Truth and show the connection to the Heavenly rehlms. The fact that there are 2 of each shows a doubling of their effect and a balance to their existance. I see this Wednesday as a truly remarkable day and a day when Heaven and Earth are connected. Love Light Smith
5/16/2011. What I saw yesterday as "You Should See Help" should have been "You Should Sight Help" or "You Should First Help". As I say, this is experimental and I just started using this system and I appologise.
So to correct: Help is not here for us but You Should First Help. Then it looks like we'll see Help coming from far off. I did a Reading on it and it has six 5's which is a lot of 5's and means Life of Freedom.
5/16/2011 is a good day for Reasoning because of the 16/7 day and the 25/7/Free Balance for Logic Destiny. By Way of 27/Logic in Balance for 9/Perfect Love Blessed by 23/Complete Balance/5/Freedom Star; Free Month in a Work Year.
I get "You" for 16/7 and Should for 25/7. First for 27/9 and Help for 23/5. This is theoretical and based on Mirroring Numbers but it says something and I think we aught to check it out: It says "You Should First Help". In other words look at and analize what to Help. After You First Help comes Your Freedom! We'll see. Love Light.
So it goes "You Should See Help". The Prediction is that there will be a sign of Help tomorrow. Notice the Help you receive. Something Like That. Love Light
5/15/2011. For the second time this month today is a 6 Day and a 6 Destiny. 6 is Life as long as the intention is Good. A 15/6 is Self Life because it is Freedom of the Individual Creating Life. The Destiny is a 24/6 is Great Life because it's Work in Balance Creating Life. So today is about Life and the Way is 8/Power but it comes from 26/8. This Power is is to Think and it's about Life in Balance. The Blessing from the Star Sign is 20/2/Intense Harmony and is a Will or desire.
The 14th had a tripple 5 so it was about Complete Freedom and it's Way was a 25/7 that was figuring this out; blessed by a 17/8 Star which means God to me. All of it in a, don't forget, 4/Creation Work Year.
We had a Friday the 13th that had a very positive feeling to it. The Ancients felt that 13 was Good Luck and a Friday the 13th was especially Good Luck. It has to do with Transitions. The 22 Destiny is a 4 but is a Master Worker and the Way to it is again the Great Life! All Blessed by a 14/5 In Freedom that's in a, don't forget, 5/Free month and a 4/Work year.
5/11/2011. The 11th may be a bit hard to take if we don't want to deal with the truth because this a consequence of the 11. It also comes with a brightness and an energy of enlightenment that can be illuminating! Ha, ha. It is bolstered by Balance which is the 20/2/Destiny it becomes when the 5/Freedom Month and 4/Work Year is added. Add 2 to the 20 and get 22/Way/Master Work to get to that Destiny. This is all Blessed by a 35/8; Freedom in Generosity Creating Power.
So this Hard Working Year in this Free Soul Month on this Day of Enlightenment we do our Master Work to achieve Balance and are blessed to do so by Right Power.
Love Light Smith
5/10/2011. Yesterday on the 9th I did a lot of writing. 9's are powerful days and can be really good. Because we're being bombarded by so much negativity and lies they can really be hard to take too. That's why I wrote all day and tried to work out what was True to my vision. The writing will appear some time later.
Today is a New Beginning and a good day to express yourself. The Way is Social and the Blessing is Freedom. That gives two 1's, two 5's, one 4 and one 3.
5/8/2011. Today is Mothers Day and it looks like a Socially Powerful Day due to the three 8's! This same phenemena happens again on the 17th. The thing is to take control of the Day and don't let it take control of you. Be Sociable and share the Power!
Because it, like every day this month, has a 5 it is Free. Every day this 4/Year is Work we Create. The Way today is 1/New Beginnings we want to have self determination or in the highest energy it's Oneness.
5/7/2011. The ancient tradition of observing the Sabath is something I've done to one degree or another for some time. Today is syncronized with the Sabath being on this double 7 Day. 7 is the Hermit and it is Spiritual Analitical. Logic and Reason are it's hallmarks. Today we are experiencing this in 3's due to the syncronization.
Every Sabath, as I'm sure devout Jews and Muslims can attest is the day they go into Study, Prayer and Meditation and it is perfect for ariving at the gates of Epiphany and Discovery.
Today also has two 5's so it doubles and balances Freedom. This Year is a 4/Work and there is also a 9/Perfect Love that takes us to the Sabath. It's a Holy Day and should be lived in Positive Energy because whatever we do that is negative on a Holy Day is especially harmful to the Soul. Love Light
5/6/2011. I took my own advise and had a Sociable Free Day yesterday and spent the day talking about our Spiritual Quests with an important new friend.
Today is a double 6 so we need to Nurture Life Today and this doubling is also Balance and Harmony which it so happens is our Blessing in Star. The Way to this is Power so we should be able to accomplish this if our Energy is Good.
5/5/2011. I did work hard yesterday and today I'm tired. There are three 5's today so it looks like Sociable Freedom. I don't have a lot that has to be done so that enables me to be mostly free. The Way is Logic so it's a good day to reason and we're blessed with Power from God. Thankyou God!
How many people are able to have freedom? Most people have to repeat every day the way they did the day before in an endless routine and even if they know that every day is different there is limited leeway to express it. That's one reason to have a profession that allows you to feel free and not simply as wage slaves.
For a long time I have noticed that people act differently every day and I feel different every day; sometimes good and sometimes bad. I think this is the reason why. What would happen if we had no Calendar and no Clocks? What if we had a different Calendar? I don't think we'd like it much and I don't know what we'd do if we had True Freedom. I don't know if we could even recognise it.
Freedom, like everything else is an aquired thing that takes many years of practice. I think we may have to look outside of our Culture to find it. We may have to die to find it because our bodies always have needs to fulfill. While we live we always must work so the only way to be free is to be happy with our work. Even then we get tired. Freedom may be having the right to rest when we're tired. Freedom may be the discipline to keep going, even when we're tired but not because we're forced to. Freedom may be to keep going even when we're tired because we're forced to because we are still free in our mind. Freedom may be the right to walk away from that with which we have grown weary.
I am very greatful to be Free; if only for Today. Love Light
5/4/2011. A 4 Day is a good day to work. The Destiny of 13/4 is good to create Change. How to get there: The 15/6 Way is free, individualistic and nurturing. Blessed from the Stars with work in new beginnings that creates Freedom. Good Day to work and that's what I plan to do. Love Light.
5/3/2011. Someone emailed me that there is a lining up of Pleides (big dipper), Moon and Earth on the 21st. I'm not an Astrologer but I found out that Pleides is in the Sign of Taurus. It happens that the 21st is the last day of Taurus. This is exactly where Gemini starts the next day and for the 22nd, 23rd and 24th there is a really amazing conjunction on the chart of Star Signs and Destiny, Way and Star on the 24th.
If you look at it you'll see the 33-9-3 stars conjuncting the Destiny(D), Way(W), Star(S) on the 24th.
33 is about my favorite # because it's my Hearts Desire; My Soul Number; The Teacher. 9 is what I hope to achieve; Perfection and the 3 is a very sexy feminine #. 3 is known to be Completion and it is attractive and sociable. It is the Number in the Love Light Mantra that says "Be Doubly Generous" because there are two 3's.
See that the 24th is a 6 which means Life and it is on a line with the aformentioned 3 conjunction. So everything is coming down to this 3 and it represents the favorite thing that creates life; namely sex and the getting together of two souls in an act that results in a 3rd wonderful result! It's Body, Mind and Spirit. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Mother, Father, Children. Earth, Moon and Stars.
It's a beautiful thing, these 3 days of Gemini!
That's how God has planned it and what God has brought together, let no man or man made god put Us under.
I believe it would be a great day to get Married if anyone was looking for a date. It's only 3 weeks from now.
The next day after that is the 25th which is the Hermits day and Destiny and would be perfect for a Honeymoon.
The day following on the 26th is 8/Power. The 27th is a 9/Perfection/Love for Day and Destiny and it has two 3's enabling and blessing it! 28th is a double new beginning enabled by intense Work and blessed by Life!
The 29th is two 11's so tremendous Light and a 5 Way enabling it with Freedom, which is the signiture of Christ; "The Truth Shall Set You Free". And it's blessed by the 9/Perfect Love!
The 30th is two 3's and that brings it all together; enabled by 6/Life and blessed by a third 3. That's Heavy!
The 31st Works with two 4's and is enabled by a highly reasoned 7 and that last 6. This is where we want to pray to God to keep this Positive and Good because it's a 15/6 that is war if it's negative!
Pray everyone that the anti-Christ wizzards of the scull and bones don't do something bad in any of this and cause it to go negative because the next Month; June is a 6 month and we want it to be Life and to Nurture Life and not be it's opposite.
It's important to know this and not be ignorant because when a Light is shined on evil it is exposed and can no longer hide in the cloak of darkness.
So let's Pray very explicidly for the anti-Christ to be stopped by God and that we are in God.
In Christ we are "God With Us". This is Christ and Love Light is His Message.
Love Light Smith

5/2/2011. First thing to explain is that there are single digit numbers and Master Numbers. 11,22 and 33 are Master Numbers of 2, 4 and 6. In most ways they are the same. In the statement that "the Day # and the Destiny # are the same", don't be confused when the Destiny is sometimes the Master # of the Day and visa versa. What is clear is that the doubling of the energy of the Day and the repeat of the Star Sign every 3 days are signs of increased power and predictability this May 2011.
Already on the 1st a dramatic event occured with the aledged killing of Osama Bin Laden and the media reasertion of his role in 9/11.
I am trying to keep it positive in my interpretation but whenever the propaganda machine gets involved a negative has to be taken into account and we are being brain washed and fooled. 1 is individuality but it can become the loss of individuality and self expression or the beginning of something negative instead of positive. This 3 Way is still Completion but Completion of what? Why was Bin Laden Killed and gotten rid of? Why couldn't we see the body? Why wasn't he brought to trial? How do we know it was Bin Laden? Again we are asked to believe something the media is reporting on without proof. Many of us already know that a fake Bin Laden that was so obviously not the real Bin Laden has been used because the real Bin Laden has been dead for years. We don't even get to see a fake Bin Laden this time!
The 5 Star Sign on the 1st was Freedom if Positive but it's bondage in the negative. Star is an Energy from God but what God are we serving? Is it the God of Righteousness that Created the Universe or some man made God that seeks to take away our Freedom? Is it Christ or the anti-Christ? Is it the father of lies and the prince of darkness?
Christ came to Set Us Free and said we must have the Truth and if we take this 5 from him we will get Freedom or if we get it from those who oppose him we will become their slaves.
Today in Good Positive Energy is a 2/Balance day with an 11/Light/Truth Destiny. The 4/Way enables the Light by working on Transformation. Our blessing from God is Power that's given to replace the power that's been taken from us.
Tomorrow we have a 3/Completion/Open Hearted/Generous/Day that is Destined for that by Freedom and blessed from God with Light if we are in Good Positive Energy.
I Urge everyone to seek the God of Righteousness and Good so the energies can come to us as they are supposed to so we can get the benefit we are supposed to instead of the curse.
Freedom, Power and Light! Freedom, Power and Balance! Freedom, Power and Light! Freedom, Power and Light! Freedom, Power and Balance! Freedom, Power and Light! Freedom, Power and Light! These are our Blessing until the 33/Teacher comes!

5/1/2011: Starting on the 1st Day; 1/New Beginning a new beginning is assured by the Destiny. The Way; how we get there is by 3/Completion. Star blesses with Freedom. On the 2nd the 2/balance day is destined to become the closely related 11/Light of Truth; getting there through transformative work and the Star blesses with Power of God. The 3rd; completion is destined to complete and get there by Freedom. This is all blessed by 11/Enlightenment.
Every day is Destined the same as it's own energy and gets there by a Way that is determined by adding Taurus/2, to the Destiny. On the 22nd start adding Gemini/3 to the Destiny to find the Way. Star in Taurus is that these 5-8-11's are Blessings from the Male God Christ.
***The double of the Day and repeat in the Destiny goes all month but the Way changes by adding 3 on the 22nd when Taurus becomes Gemini and a switch from Masculine to Feminine occurs. At this time the Star beginning as a 33/Teacher switches to the multiples of 3 and I contend that the Star is now a Goddess Blessing that comes from the City of Light where God's Consort Reigns! At the same time that the Way would be a 33/Teacher the Star Blessing becomes a 33/Teacher and repeats of the 6-9-3Star begin. On the 24th/6/Gaia/Life the Destiny is the 33/Teacher with a Way of 9/Perfection. This seems to validate the Holy Spirit/Feminine/Goddess instructions of the Teacher/Christ enlightening us to Protect the Life Force.
I interpret the 5-8-11 to be numbers of Lord Christ because 5/Freedom, 8/Power and 11/Light are his Signiture. Christ as 33/Teacher in Star is plausable on the 22nd which is itself a strong Master Number meaning Master Work.
(5/2/2011) Note that after the 33/Teacher Star comes, the next day is a 5/Freedom/Day and Destiny with a Way of Power and a Blessing from Goddess of 9/Perfection. The following day on the 24th we see the 33/Teacher again in the destiny. Look at something amazing and a Sign in that this 33-9-3 is in the quadrant of the 33-9-3 of the Star Signs. See the 3 in the corner and as the pivot point!
What does this mean? 33/Teacher(Priest)-9/Love/Perfection-3/Completion/Open Heart converging at right angles on 5/24/2011 and highlighting 5/22,23,& 24/2011. This needs to be analized more.

The 25th is strong in 7/Logic. The 26th has 8/Power with 11/Light-9/Love enabling it. The 27th/Perfection is Destined to be perfect and is enabled by two 3's/Completion/Open Heartedness. 28th is a personified New Beginning for the 4th time in May. 29th is a double enlightenment by Way of Freedom and blessed by Perfection. 30th is Completion personified by Way of Life and blessed by Completion. On the 31st; last day of the Month it's hard work by good reason blessed by Peace and Life.
In short this is going to be an amazing Month that is blessed by Freedom, Power and Light in the beginning and Perfection, Completion and Life in the End.
Don't forget that this is only going to be Good if Good Positive Energy is put into it. If we fall for the lies of negativity it is going to make their meanings negative! These numbers can be Fantasticly Good or terribly bad according to what energy is affecting them. The very last number is 6 that is Life or death and the next month June is also a 6 so we better be Good and Positive so we can have the Antidote for the poison we must overcome!
This means taking care of yourself in Body, Mind and Spirit and doing the same for everyone around you; clear out to everyone else in the World, All Life and Every Created Thing!
Love Light Smith