Monday, January 30, 2012

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In this post there will be some mention of the date 9/11/2001. To remind people that it was a High Holy Day that was purposely blasphemed by warmongers to spawn hate and darkness. So we should understand this and re-think our perceptions of it and understand it as a High Holy Day to be honored. As such; to do this we are bringing back Good Energy to our Consciousness and Life. Since this High Holy Day is Ninennial it only comes every 9 years.

Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 Analysis.

Over the last week or so I've been resurrecting last years chart. It's a rather monumental task to try to figure out all the numbers for a whole year and analyze them but that's what I'm doing.
If you can imagine 365 days in a year; make that 366 days because it's Leap Year and multiply that times 7 and you have an idea of how many numbers I had to shuffle (2562) without the aid of software. It's a lot of work.
What I've been doing, I guess, is statistics and it's a huge amount of information to organize.
So I do it and I try to glean some information from the statistics I'm gathering. I'm going into uncharted territory because no one can show me the way. No one else knows the system I'm using, no one else is going to do the work for me and no one else can advise me.
One year is the same as the next except that the Year progresses by 1 (until 9 and then it starts over as 1 the next year). This makes the Destiny Progress by 1 and the Way progress by 1. The Star is a total of the Day+Destiny+Way so it progresses by 3 and there is 3 in between each star. The Star is going to be a 1-4-7, a 2(11)-5-8 or a 3-6-9. One of these Star sequences takes a rest each year. In 2012 it's the 3-6-9 that's taking a rest. Sometimes the way these numbers progress makes for some interesting signs and some predictions can be made.
I have decided that Star is a "Gift from God" (Or the Universe if you prefer) so there is a big change from year to year. The Early Star is 1/Individual, Leader, New Beginning; 4/Work, Create, Discipline; 7/Logic, Order, Hermit. The Late Star is 2/Balance, Kindness, Harmony (11/Light, Enlightenment, Truth) 5/Freedom, Soul, Core, Center; 8/Power, God, Knowing. The Star Sequence that's taking a rest is 3/Completion, Attraction, Social; 6/Life, Nurture, Care; 9/Perfect Love, Universal Love.
Also we went from a 4Year; Work and Discipline Creating Energy to a 5Year; Freedom Soul Center Core Energy. We're in a Year who's primary energy is Freedom. We need this Freedom and it's essential to our Soul. The Soul is searching for it's place, where it's right. Without Freedom the Soul can't develop. This Late Star also has a 5in it and it's associated with 11/Light and 8/God Power and that's a Gift from God.
An extremely important consideration is for these numbers to have Good Positive meaning because we're in Good. Otherwise they have the opposite meaning because we're in evil. A good example is that 5/Freedom is bondage in the negative. 11/Light would be darkness and 8/Power would be weakness. So you can see why we must live in Positive Energy.
People don't know what Good is or what evil is but put simply Good is Creation and evil is destruction. Love Light is Good and it's what's essential to our guide to Positive Energy. It's actually "The Secret to Heaven"; to "have no self interest, Be Doubly Generous and Good to All."
Love Light is "Love of All Creation and Light; which is the Truth". How can we say we Love God if we don't Love Creation?
We have to Love Light because if we love lies and evil it isn't Love and if we don't Love why would we want Light? Bottom Line; we must Love Light.
Christ said "The Truth will set you Free!" Christ was Good and Christ Consciousness is Good. Not to make Christ a God of oppression so we can lord it over others and take advantage of our status but to have Christ Consciousness and try to seek the highest and best Good to share with others.
2012; rather than being a crazy year with all kinds of dangerous signs; it seems to be a regular year. So those who want to make trouble this year are going to have to work evil. These signs are not dramatic and signs are not Good or evil by themselves.
I'm still working on the chart and the analysis but so far it's not as dramatic as 2011.
I started all this because last May there were some amazing signs and after I made the first chart of May I did the whole year. This year I took the chart for 2011 and made it into 2012 to see if it looked like it was the end of the World.
According to the Love Light Chart we should be looking to 9/11/2013 as the end; but not the end of the World, just the "Transformation". I also investigated that and I still don't see any signs to worry about. I think it's mankind that makes things either Good or evil anyway and not the Numbers. Some people do know how to manipulate negative energy and they use it on the Numbers but with Positive Energy we can make all things Good.
The point now is for good people to do good things and live good Creative lives of lots of Positive Energy so whatever numbers there are will make things turn out well by Positive Energy.
For a while it seemed like we were going to fall down into the pit but things have been turning around lately. It seems like folks are trying to change things and make things better and they're not believing all the negativity and the lies that we're being told. So there's hope and the more people try and the more we think critically and go with our instincts the more positive energy there will be.
When the Transformation is complete we are either going to emerge into the Light 11 or into darkness. I think that we are going to emerge into the Light and we're going to see better days.
I'll keep you posted on the analysis and if I find out any different; I'll let you know.
Love Light Smith

Monday, January 9, 2012