Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Love Light Beginnings Commentary

Snapshots of New Love Light World

Sure enough; I knew that if I explored beyond Love Light Center I would discover amazing new places. What I thought was the Sky above was actually the Sea and when I opened the limits of my perspective I created a little Harbor Village. Another thing I discovered was the possibility of powering everything with Love Light Energy!
Positive Energy is the Energy of the Future and every little Home can make it's own.
This is a Work in Progress and I need to put more people in the scenes and add more detail but I couldn't wait to share this snapshot on the New World I'm discovering!
As a matter of fact the entire Blog is a work in progress and the articles too.
We need to work to create a New World to replace the one that is swiftly disappearing before our eyes and make sure it’s ready when the old one is gone.
This last statement can be taken in several ways and I am going to leave that up to you how you want to interpret it. It is also many ways in actuality. We could be resurrecting this World in a physical way by changing the paradigm and saving it. It could be in a Science Fiction kind of way where we are creating the reality of a New World that is being made on another Planet somewhere else in the Universe. “Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea.” Rev 21:1; could be talking about a physical Earth or a Spiritual one. In other words it could be talking about the afterlife.
No matter. If we don’t want to be a part of the problem we need to be a part of the solution!
It’s not so far out to believe that there is another Earth out there in the Universe that we could be born onto in our next life and that it may be a far more beautiful and peaceful place. How do we know that we are not being prepared to go there if we are good candidates? Or if we are not good candidates we would be prevented from going there? When you think about it, we don’t really know why we were born and we don’t really know much about our purpose in Life or the Afterlife. We could conceivably be here as a test of our worthiness and whether we pass or fail determines our next assignment after this Life.
The majority of people believe in some sort of afterlife and it could be that what I am imagining with Love Light and what was in the Prophesy was talking about a Spiritual afterlife. There are other versions of life after death and they all depend upon the idea of a Soul; the Core of our Being; Our Inner Consciousness.
Some of us have been convinced by Society to consider anything having to do with scripture to be silly or ignorant and that to give any credence to ancient prophesies is just superstition. I give them credence though.
I don’t take them literally or consider them irrefutable or beyond reproach in every regard but I think they hold many clues and many scriptures are Divinely Inspired. That is my opinion and I have verified this with “Newmeralligy”, “Love Light” and “God With Us” as well. This is all a part of how I interpret and none of this would be the same without my background. So with this in mind I have always considered this next passage as important to our future.
Here is a frightening scenario from Revelation 20:14 & 15: “And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.”
Isn’t it possible that eventually we will destroy our World and it will burn up? That is a possibility and so are many other ways that we could destroy ourselves. Anyway, if we are a part of this and are not trying to prevent the destruction aren’t we also guilty of destroying this World? On the contrary, if we are a part of saving this World aren’t we blameless for it’s destruction?
It could be that if we are guilty of destroying this World we will be destroyed along with it and if we are innocent we will be saved.
It’s something to consider.
No matter what your beliefs on this we are a lot better off if we try to Save this World and not be a part of destroying it and no matter what our beliefs we will be innocent. Additionally; it also may not save us if we’re a Christian and we’re doing everything we’ve been told to do but we’re a part of destroying the World. A lot of credence is put on Grace and it’s put up there to excuse people for what they are doing including blatantly destroying the Creation and actually expressing a desire to see it destroyed.
I believe that this World is Sacred and the Creation is Sacred or Holy, Godly, Divine, Inviolate. (I don’t like the word Sacred, particularly, since it comes from the word Sacrifice. Sacrifice was connected to death and is a part of the idea of blood letting in Sacred Rituals that gave power to the Living (particularly Priests) through death. It’s a hard word to give up though. We certainly don’t want to sacrifice our World to give power to something evil.)
Positive Energy is not simply denying the negative. This is what it seems we are being asked to do by so many “Spiritual” discourses. I agree that we don’t need to dwell on the negatives or let fear rule our lives but we do need to know what negativity is so we can oppose it. If we are going to live Positively we should know how to do it. Does that make sense? If we are a part of the problem, don’t we want to know it so we can not be a part of the solution? That makes sense. One really important thing we can do is be logical.
Whatever we do is what we serve and that’s the thing we’ll be under in the end. Gandhi has many good quotes but the one I like best is “Live Simply so that Others can Simply Live.” If we live Simply the finite resources of this Planet are fairly distributed and the Planet will not be destroyed but can continue to sustain us. We also show our respect and love for our Mother Earth and all Life by living simply.
Obviously those who have control of the mechanisms of power are not living simply and are not encouraging us to live simply. They are using up everything at a destructive rate and using destructive energy to feed their negative energy. There is some kind of power that is being fed evil energy in this way and it is greatly increasing the power over us. Even worse is that this includes the hold over our souls too! When no one seems able to see the truth of an event like 9/11/2001 there is a spell at work and when dark powers fool us into wars, bail outs and environmental catastrophes we know we’re in a spell or under their power!
That’s negative energy and that’s what we’re under. Positive Energy is realizing it and getting out from under it. The more we suffer from living under this the more we start to see it for what it is. Many more people are starting to see and it is as if we’re being offered more and more clear chances to see it for what it is!
Some kind of God force is at work here and I believe we are being given many chances to see the Truth and it's important to see and get on the Right Side. The Right also needs to get on the Right Side obviously but we don’t need to continue doing the same as the Right has espoused. Part of what the political right have done is change the meaning of words and that is part of the problem with terms. They’ve even made the word Correct have a bad connotation as in “politically correct” which should have a good meaning.
We can’t give up either and that is one thing they want us to do and leave it up to them. That would be a mistake and it is a mistake not to change things for the better. Even if we don’t Save the World in a physical way we can save ourselves. I always thought that was the reason for Love Light and it’s prophetic message. If you believe in Positive Energy and Good and you believe in the afterlife and the Soul; don’t you think it’s important to get out from under the spell and get into Good Positive Energy? Shouldn’t we show Love and Respect Mother Earth? Shouldn’t we get out away from the force of a destructive dark entity and into the Loving Power of God/Goddess?
That’s why I’m Creating a vision of a Divinely Inspired World in New Love Light. It's also helpful to know that Goddess and Heaven are one and the same.
Love Light Smith

Love Light Transform You

This image needs to be explained and the first thing is to remind people about the effects of negative energy on Numbers and on everything. Another thing is to realize that those in power use numerology to keep us in a spell. How else could we not see what is going on around us. That is why things happen on certain days. It’s planned that way and it’s no coincidence. That is why things are named as they are and by investigating the numbers in the name I can discern this.
The first thing I noticed was how many 15’s there are in this chart. For some time I have realized that 15/6 in the negative is war. First of all 6 is supposed to mean Life but in the negative it is the opposite; death. 15/6 would mean Freedom in Self Determination creating Life but in the negative it’s bondage in oppression to kill. War is 15/6 and so is Dawn. Two important numbers; Mind and Logic in the chart are 15/6. These are clues to the purpose of attacking Libya.
The pretext for attacking Libya is humanitarian. No WMD’s this time but regime change is at the center of this invasion as it was in Iraq. An investigation into the numbers gives clues to the true motives here; namely war. War gives more power to the dark side and the negative energy spawns more evil power.
There are 3-8’s/power; Destiny, Future and Legacy are all 8’s. Very important placements of power. Power can be cooperative and free or it can be oppressive and the later is true in this case.
I’m not going to go into all the numbers. You can read their negative meanings on the chart.
There is a positive aspect to this chart and it is Transformation; Changing this for a good outcome so that it does have a good result. It could turn out well for us if the intentions change. That is why I surrounded it with 13 Love Light symbols and lighted it up. 13 is Transformation and the Light exposes the wrong intentions to make them right.
We are all in a spell that is taking us to the abyss; to an evil end and there are very few that are awake or that see the “Elephant in the Room”. We were already in a spell when the World Trade Center attack happened 9/11/2001 and that’s why most people were not aware of what actually happened and why people still refuse to see the Truth in it even after overwhelming proof has been presented.
I am no Magician but I am convinced from seeing the evidence that we have been tricked and are under an evil spell and are being led to destruction. If there is a hell and a prince of darkness; we are being dominated by that! If you don’t believe it look at how many people are just going along with what’s happening! How many people who say they follow Christ, the Prince of Peace, are going to war and sending their children into it! How many "Liberals" are no longer Liberal because they vote for a party that has sold out!
I also look at the morals and ethics of mainstream society and the fact that the new philosophies and beliefs actually say that pretty much everything is OK. There is just a very small minority that have real moral scruples anymore.
In the Bible it says that there are only a few who will enter the Kingdom of Heaven and when Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed it was because of the level of corruption and the fact that there were no more righteous people left.
In China there is a belief that many troubles befall a Country when there is bad leadership. Chinese leaders supressed this belief. Other leaders as well but that is exactly what is happening to the World. Ever since 9/11/2001 we have had war and one tragedy after another: The World Trade Center attack, war in Afghanistan and Iraq, toxic dust exposure, the wall street collapse, the bp blowout, several earthquakes, the Japanese Disaster and this new war in Libya etc. The corporations have taken over the US government and are using it to run over us and the environment and for their own private army. They are using the media as a propaganda machine to keep us in the spell. Now we don’t believe that there is such a thing as Global Warming. Kids are on drugs and hooked on video games. Etc. etc, etc; on and on and it’s all because of bad leadership.
I am not even allowed to talk about these negatives because supposedly if we give it attention it will grow! That’s the current philosophy but Hell! It’s Growing anyway so that’s BS. I say it’s growing because people don’t see it and don’t want to see it!
So that’s another thing that’s leading us to destruction is all these new philosophies and supposedly spiritually awake people are telling us that addressing this Karma is negative. I say that’s building on a bad foundation. Christian society had their foundation on Jesus’ teachings and it was knocked out in the middle ages. In most cases it has never been fixed. So we live in a society that already had a mainstream religion that told them to obey the laws of the country and that believed that Grace was an excuse to do anything and now the New Age comes along and basically says not to acknowledge the problems but put good energy into it and make it Good. I don't know if anyone really knows what Good Energy is!
Good Energy is Love Light. The Love of All Creation and Light; the Truth. Without either Love or Light there is only negative energy. That's because you can Love anything good or evil without Light! There can be no Wisdom without Truth. Truth is not just subjective truth that's only opinion but it is Truth as opposed to lies. Good Energy is to “have no self interest, Be Doubly Generous and Good to All”. Essentially helping others and that means helping the Whole; everyone and those in the Future as well so we have to live sustainably.
It is also deciding which God you serve. Whether you believe in God or not it is what power you are under; oppressive or Free. If you are going along with the evil god that is destroying the Creation of Creator God then it is the destroyer that you follow and that is going to be who is over you in the end.
Was this what Jesus meant by Salvation? I think it was because he said “You will know the Truth and the Truth Shall Set You Free”. If we knew the Truth we could be Free. So what if we don’t know the Truth? Are we lost? That’s how it looks to me right now in this World of Ours.
There’s always hope, though and that’s why I’m doing the New Love Light Beginnings series. I want to show what kind of a World we could live in and some alternatives to how we do it in our unsustainable life. We need to work for it, though. It won’t happen if we don’t work and one thing we have to work for is to change things in a positive way. How can we change if we don’t know what’s going on and the Truth?
To the New Age I say how can we know what is Positive if we don’t know what is negative?
Love Light Smith

Monday, March 21, 2011

New Love Light Beginnings Left

Happy Spring and Solstice. It's already been 80 here in Arkansas.
More news from Japan. Of course the reason that they can't keep the water in the cooling ponds is because they're cracked and broken. They say don't drink the water because there's iodine in it. Iodine is the new code word for Radiation. Actually Iodine is what you need to take to deminish the effects of Radiation. There's many other substances we can take like kelp and we need to become familiar with these because we are going to need them I worry.
Japan had plans for more than two dozen new reactors! Sounds more like they need to get rid of the ones they have and so do we. Then we need to get into some serious austerity measures to reduce our usage of Everything!
Learn to Live Simply. Sit under the Old Oak Tree in the Summer and sleep on the Screen Porch. Ride Bicycles, have a Garden, Vacation at Home.
I think we aught to live by the part of the Lords Prayer that says Forgive Us Our Debts as we Forgive our Debtors. That way we wouldn't have to be slaves to the rat race and we wouldn't have to make a living destroying the Earth.
Look into most jobs and you will find a strong element of destroying the Earth in every one of them. The first element is getting in a car and going off to join the other wage slaves. If we stayed home and worked the ground and grew our own food that is the best way we could occupy our time!
Go back to School; not the factory school but many small community schools where they taught survival skills. The skills that our forefathers had. We could go to school with our kids and all learn these skills again!
That's my thought for the day.
Love Light Smith

Friday, March 18, 2011

New Love Light Beginnings.

I have wanted to put down visions of a New and better World for some time and now seems to be the perfect time to start. The idea is to show in an Artistic way what our Lives could look like if we would realize a better way of life. This is Love Light so what better forum than this to express it?
I have some Artistic tallent but it is not trained and actually I have done very little but every time I do it, it seems to come out well. So if you think it looks a little amaturish; give me time to practice. I really like the digital format and with it I can not only do Art easier but can get it out to more people too.
Loving All you people who read my blog and hope to inspire you as I am inspired.
Love Light Smith

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami Hits Japan!

Gas and Oil wells cause Earthquakes!

3/14/2011, 3/15/2011
Every day gives new perspective to the situation in Japan. It only seems to be getting worse. I’m sure that some of my New Thought friends could put a positive spin on it but unless we take this as a warning and make drastic changes to our way of life we can only expect many more negative consequences. What’s good in all this is that if we do change our Lives will change for the better. Dramatically so!
The reality, though, is that we need to stop pumping oil out of the “Ring of Fire” because it is causing accelerated geological movement. It’s my opinion that removing oil and gas from the ground removes the shock absorbing ability of the earth and in sensitive areas like the Ring of Fire this will have dire consequences like we’ve just seen.
Oil and gas work and particularly fracking is destructive in other ways. When they add hydrochloric acid, diesel and other chemicals to water and pump it into the ground at 30,000psi anyone could figure out what is going to happen to the water in the Aquifers! What kind of future is there if we destroy our water supply? What right do we have to do this? What right do we have to destroy our Sacred Mother Earth? These are actions we do with oblivious minds and arrogance!
So Today as we get more bad news from Japan we can understand the future and a World of bad choices if we continue to let the blind lead the blind. I’m talking about the leaders who have brought us to this; Referring to the elites who own the oil companies and the major corporations and our governments. The ones who are doing a really bad job right now. I just found out who built those nuclear power plants that are going into meltdown. General Electric. Yea; same ones who build nuclear weapons. Yea; and have a lot of involvement in the war machine. I could have suspected but anyway; these are our leaders. What kind of leaders are they? Are they Good? (What would Jesus say?)
Would anyone be offended if I asked who do these leaders follow because it looks like they’re leading us into the abyss! I’ll let people guess who I’m referring to because it’s not nice to demonize anyone. But is that a crazy notion?
While we watch and wait for more bad news it’s shocking to witness the horror of this situation. How devastating for those poor people who by no Fault of their own have become our latest victims. Just 4 days ago they were hard working people going about their business. Now suddenly there are millions of them lining up to receive aid; which is inadequate at this point.
Again we wait for our leaders to initiate a response to this disaster. Our own president Obama is offering help and tries to give aid like he did for the BP blow out last year in the Golf of Mexico. We’re beginning to realize that these aren’t isolated incidents. Once a disaster has struck there isn’t much we can do about it other than clean up and go on with our lives in a spoiled environment. It hurts to look back on what we’ve lost when we consider the loss of Marine Life in the Gulf and a fishing industry that will never come back. Naturally BP is weaseling out of paying their share of the damage. Ironically now in Japan oil companies may be to blame because they dared to drill in “The Ring of Fire”.
Looking back it’s easy to see how we could have avoided the BP disaster. If those in charge had some foresight and had listened to the experts they would not have drilled in such an incredibly risky place. Our technology has only advanced to the point where it’s good enough to get us in trouble and not good enough to get us out. The oil companies were in it to make lots of money but they didn’t want to be responsible or take full responsibility when they messed up. That’s how it works but if the system was fair we would all have been fully compensated and they wouldn’t have anything.
Now there’s a moratorium on deep water drilling but before the well blew up Obama had backed initiatives to drill more. Already the industry wants to go back and start drilling again.
Obama is going to help Japan and this is supposed to be different because it’s a natural disaster unlike the man made one in the Gulf. We assume it couldn’t have been avoided. It was just Mother Nature doing her thing? Maybe She’s angry!
Or maybe oil drilling is somehow connected to this new disaster. There’s always something wrong with it from the very beginning. Even exploring for oil in the sea does huge damage because they use powerful sonar that’s deadly to sea life. Where oil companies are working in the Spratly Islands of the South China Sea it’s also a fishing ground. China, Japan Taiwan, Maylasia, the Phillipines and Vietnam have all developed oil reserves there. These nations are drilling and pumping oil in the Ring of Fire. What happens in this earthquake prone area when oil is removed or when fracking is done for natural gas? I think we just saw what happens.
Usually there is serious environmental damage from careless operations but maybe now we’re starting to see far more serious consequences. Oil wells near the Fault area could be causing Earthquakes and Tsunami’s! In 2006 a Tsunami originating here killed 220,000 Indonesians and 4 days ago this one in Japan. This possible fact is either being ignored or kept secret by the oil industry.
We’re at war. Not just because we invaded other Countries to take their oil but to a larger extent it’s a war on Mother Earth. It seems like everything wrong is connected to oil somehow. If we want it so bad we can’t think about Faults in the ground and Faults in our way of Life.
We don’t realize that there’s a Fault running through our thinking from a Faulty belief system. The biggest Fault we have is continuing to take Mother Earth for granted!
We have a lot of Faults and Fault Lines and now we have to walk a fine line between life and death and we’re in no shape to do it! It’s like we’ve been to a big party hosted by the oil companies and now we’re driving home drunk and endangering every human on the Planet! We don’t want to face up to it but we need rehab because we’ve started doing this all the time! We need to straighten out our lives but we keep being tempted out of sobriety. Strangely, being sober and serious about recovery is considered crazy! It’s dangerous to be anywhere near this honky-tonk reality if you want to be sober and think clearly.
Sobriety is about the sacredness of Life and we won’t see our faults unless we check into rehab for a while. Again it’s about taking care of the Life Force. If we can stop thinking only about today and having our next beer or barrel or gallon if gas maybe we could figure our Lives out.
For some reason we are given so many reasons why we don’t need to change. Many come from Philosophies and Religions so I’m going to say that any belief that says we don’t need to work at this is just another enabler that keeps us addicted. It’s not just God who’s going to save Us but “God With Us” and this is infinitely more powerful than anything we’ve ever tried! Life is about the Past, Present and Future and it’s about doing what’s right! Stop listening to those who have taken away our rights to Life and don’t want to give them back! The corporate controlled media is being used to confuse us! This Chaos is only perfect if it leads us to make a change! Destroying our Sacred Creation is not perfection and we must oppose it!
To God/Goddess it must be like seeing everything you worked for destroyed and your Children dieing. Now we can understand this because of the Tsunami! As one of God’s Children I want to witness for the Truth and say; “Love Light is Perfect: The Love of All Creation and Light is Perfect. Heaven is Perfect. “have no self interest, Be Doubly Generous and Good To All” is perfect!
Love Light 9/11/2001 is beginning an initiative to show what our world could do to be sustainable and this is my next project. It’s a Big Project! Come along and find out what it means to say: “Don’t Miss Your Ride To Heaven”. Love Light Smith

Today we got the News of the Tsunami that hit Japan. As more news comes in it becomes ever more clear just how devistating this has been to one of our closest allies and trading partner. I am very sorry for the losses they have suffered and everything they will have to do in their recovery. It is a very sad day for all of Us to get this News.
When I heard about it I began to put it to Numbers and this is what I find:
First the Image (Name Sign) is Striking in how it depicts an event down below that spreads upward. The Image to the Left is just Tsunami so you can see what that looks like alone.
I am expressing negative meanings in the Numbers because this is a negative event. Numbers become negative when negative energy is put on them.
The most prominent Number is the 3-11's. I have heard that 11 can be destruction and if this is true it's source is Mother Earth this time. I see it associated with the word Attack! It's in the Birth (First) Essence, the Way (that takes us to our Destiny) and in the Field (where we end up). This could be a result of Man Made events that haven't taken our World into account and we are experiencing the results. Without intending to it seems that Man has been waging war on Mother Earth!
The 2-7's are essentially a Beginning Method and an End Result that comes from a Reason to a Reason which may be that the Earth is reacting violently to stresses we're putting on her which result in severe consequences for Mankind.
This happened on a day of Intense New Beginnings/10/1 and has a Legacy of Universal Power/82 making again Intense New Beginnings/10/1.
The 2-6's are connected to war. An assault is evident in the 15/6 with death as a consequence. The Earth is certainly under assault and she may be seen as fighting back and showing her displeasure in the wars Man is waging.
2-8's are both 17/8's that indicate to me that God has become involved and this will affect our Destiny and how we think.
There is also an influx of intense disharmony/20/2 that comes in a Month of Completion/3 and Year of possible destruction/4. The 1-9 is bad because it is negative in all aspects and shows a real lack of perfection with an aspect against Love.
The 44 in Trail indicates something of Very Powerful Spirit and the 77 is Spiritual Destiny. These can be viewed in a Positive or negative way. Positive would be that we are experiencing a Chastening from a Powerful Spirit such as God to change our course and the Spiritual Destiny could also be Good or evil and be viewed in a personal way or a collective way indicating a question; which way we are going?
I view this as a warning to a very lax World Culture that is only concerned with the now and is not considering the Future. There is also a total lack of respect for this most Holy and Profoundly Beautiful Planet. If we don't start respecting this this World we are all in for some very difficult times.
For now, though, we pray for those unfortunate people who have been affected by this terrible event.
Love Light Smith

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