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The Lost Years of Jesus

I'm sure the Orthodox Church thought they had that book buried a long time ago," Richard Bock told me as he handed over a copy of The Unknown Life of Christ. His interest in the lost years of Jesus began with this travel diary recorded in 1887 by Nicolas Notovitch, a Russian doctor who journeyed extensively throughout Afghanistan, India, and Tibet.
Dick Bock took the same tour in 1975 and produced a documentary film on the lost years. It includes impressive testimony by John C. Trevor, director of the Dead Sea Scrolls Project, and a nuclear physicist named Ralph Graeber. But the most convincing evidence comes from a little Buddhist monk who appears halfway through the film.
"Lord Jesus..." The old man shows one particularly shiny tooth as he speaks. His voice is high, like a tiny child.
I remember the impact of seeing a character like that on camera. I looked at his dark face, his saffron robe, and all those grimacing gods with too many heads and arms and legs. And I wondered how such a man could whisper with so much reverence the holy name of Jesus.
"... Lord Jesus was in India during what are known as the lost years of Jesus," he reports.
Lost years? I called to mind the mimeographed chronology of my Sunday-school coloring book and marginal notes in a New Testament college text. He's right, I thought. The Bible records Jesus age twelve in the temple. Then age thirty at the river Jordan. That leaves eighteen years unaccounted for.
But in India? It was hard to imagine my carpenter-of-Nazareth Jesus bathing in the Ganges, for instance.
Sitting in the lotus posture. I pictured a country where over six hundred million people are still struggling to enter the twentieth century. (They ride painted elephants, don't they?) How can this strange little man possibly know whether Jesus Christ ever set foot in India?
"Lhasa." The monk describes inhospitable territory that is traversed by a solitary road leading to a Tibetan monastery. Here, he says, there are records originally written in the Pali language-"ancient scrolls," he explains, curling his blunt fingers as if to open the rigid parchment before my eyes.
"Near Srinigar in the Happy Valley of Kashmir we find the legend of an extraordinary saint known to the Buddhists as St. Issa," says the monk. "Events in the life of Issa closely resemble that of Jesus Christ, revealing what are thought to be the lost years of our Lord."
It was a surprise to me that Jesus could have spent half his life in the Orient. It was a surprise that I had never wondered where the Master was all that time. To me he was simply "about my Father's business," as Luke wrote.
But what surprised me most was that this Buddhist acted like he knew Jesus. Not so much historically or theologically. But personally. To hear him speak of "Lord Jesus"-it felt just like Christmas when it suddenly seems appropriate to think of the Mighty God in an intimate and deeply loving sort of way.
I'll never forget Richard Bock's documentary starring the little Buddhist Christian. It changed my image of Jesus-and it began to change my image of myself.
That's what I told Mr. Bock when I went to him for research. He said that he had shared the same experience.
Isn't it true, we agreed, that our outer search for the lost years of Jesus is reflective of something going on within each one of us. When we look to find truth in ourselves, we are encouraged "by coincidence or fate or God," as Bock put it, to search for the truth of Jesus' life.
When I began to read Dick's dog-eared copy of The Unknown Life of Christ, I realized that Notovitch had followed nothing more than a childhood hunch that there was something "majestically colossal" about India. His book tells of the startling discovery of the Issa legend-very much by coincidence, no doubt by fate, and most certainly by the hand of God.
It's a great story. The aristocratic Dr. Notovitch and his coolies. "Sahib, take the gun!"
It reads like an old Geographic, rich in the delightful minutiae of bungalows and centipedes, tinned goods, portly lamas, silence and wonder.
Notovitch wandered through the picturesque passes of Bolan, over the Punjab, down into the arid rocks of Ladak, and, "as curiosity led me," beyond the celebrated Vale of Kashmir into that inviolable secrecy of the Himalayas. Land of the Eternal Snows.
During his investigation of this "marvelous country," Notovitch learned that there existed in the library at Lhasa ancient records of the life of Jesus Christ. In the course of a visit to the great convent Himis, he located a Tibetan translation of the legend and carefully noted in his carnet de voyage over two hundred verses from the curious document known as "The Life of St. Issa."
The legend recorded by Dr. Notovitch appears to be a collection of eyewitness accounts, a book of tales told by indigenous merchants arriving from Palestine where they had happened to be on business during the controversial execution of a man known as the "king of the Jews." This type of word-of-mouth news service is still popular in the fantastic bazaars of Calcutta and Bombay.
One of the narratives tells of an Israelite by the name of Issa, "blessed by God and the best of all," who was put to death by Pontius Pilate, the governor of Judea. Another detailed account traces the lineage of Issa and closely parallels Matthew's scrupulous chapter-one genealogy of Jesus Christ.
Dr. Notovitch never doubted the authenticity of these chronicles, diligently recorded in the Pali tongue by the Brahmanic and Buddhistic historians of India and Nepal. He determined to publish a translation of the Issa legend in at least one of the European languages and addressed himself enthusiastically to a number of respected ecclesiastics, "begging them to revise my notes" and give him an honest opinion.
Cardinal Rotelli opposed the publication of the legend for the ostensible reason that it would be premature. Meeting in Paris, Rotelli told Notovitch that "the Church suffers already too much from the new wave of atheistical thought." In Rome, Notovitch showed the Himis manuscript to a cardinal who was au mieux with the pope. "What would be the good of publishing this?" said the prelate. "You will make yourself a crowd of enemies. If it be a question of money which interests you..."
The cardinal did not succeed in bribing Dr. Notovitch. But to this day nobody has ever heard of St. Issa. I wondered why. (I would have loved to color Jesus riding a painted elephant.)
There was, as Notovitch put it, a "picturesque situation" at the Himis gonpa the day his caravan arrived. "The doors of the convent opened wide, giving access to some twenty persons disguised as animals, birds, devils, and monsters of every kind." It was a religious mystery play. Culture shock for a Russian orthodox.
"My head was in a whirl," Notovitch confessed. "Young men, dressed as warriors, came out from the temple. They wore monstrous green masks. Making an infernal din with their tambourines and bells, they gyrated round the gods seated on the ground…." The prolonged spectacle was rewarded by an invitation from the chief lama for a drink of "tchang" in honor of the festival.
Notovitch seated himself on a bench opposite the venerable lama. "What signification have all these masks, costumes, bells, and dances-?" he asked diplomatically.
The lama outlined for Notovitch a short history of Tibetan Buddhism, ending with a keen indictment of the priest class, so-called Brahmans, who had made the holy doctrine a matter of commerce. "Our first holy prophets, to whom we give the title of Buddhas, established themselves of old in various countries of the globe," he said. "Their preachings aimed before all at the tyranny of the Brahmans..." Here Notovitch seized an opportunity to broach the subject so near at heart.

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Transcribed From RING OF POWER

Ring Of Power
Empire of the City
Amenstop Productions
Secret Rulers of the World-Present/Past #1

About the Producer:
As a child, she had many arguments between her parents over her father’s ring, inscribed with “G”, a compass and square, and his membership and meetings with a secret organization. At a later age, years of intensive research led her to the identity, history and plans of a power “so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocking, so complete, so pervasive “ that even the known ‘leaders’ of the world are careful not to speak in “condemnation” of it.
(“power” quote from President Woodrow Wilson, 1913)

The 911 Attack on America looked so much like a formula action packed Disaster Movie that it had “Made in the USA” written all over it. The only difference is, it used real props and real people. It had Terrorist Villains, American Firefighter Heroes, fireball explosions, collapsing buildings, pedestrians chased by dust clouds and it even had a God Bless America music score. Well positioned camera’s shot the action packed drama from every conceivable angle.
Audio: Just the picture of the Helicopter landing and the President walking in…….19 Hijackers and Saudi Nationals……..he said that he didn’t believe that Osama Bin Laden…….no one has accused or blamed him formally… is confirming that some 265 firefighters are believed……None of us will ever forget this day…..(Bush “people that knocked these buildings down will hear all of us now……”) Now America Remembers. Sunday……
The timing, the title and the eary advertisement for Harvey Weinstein’s Lord of the Rings movie called the Two Towers was a prophetic and disturbing coincidence. Profits from the Two Towers movie were small change compared to the 911 Reality Disaster Movie which has become the World’s top grossing production of all time.
The only thing missing is are the 911 writer producer and director credits but it doesn’t take an Enron accountant to figure out who’s cashing in. During the first week the 911 producers made a spectacular fortune, just on the Stock Market alone. How? By knowing in advance that the stocks in Airline and Insurance Companies associated with the 911crash, would fall in value. Using that inside information they made negative bets on the Stock Market called Put Options.
Put Options are bets that a certain stock will fall in value by a certain date. It’s big risk gambling unless you’ve got inside information that can turn your bet into a sure thing. But that’s illegal if you get caught at it.
Put Option bets on the decline on 911 related Airline and Insurance stocks skyrocked by a whopping 600% just before 911, which means that somebody knew about the attacks before they happened. Who exactly were those somebody’s?
Merrill Lynch and HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Dean Witter, the Bank of America, weapons manufacturer Raytheon, the Lehman Brothers, General Motors, Swiss Re, Munich Re and AXA Re Insurance Company which owns 25% of American Airlines. These Insiders bought Put options through Douche Bank. Dialogue: “whose demanding clients trust Douche Bank to perform. Douche Bank. A passion to Perform”
(Corporate & Investment, Asset Management, Private Wealth Management.)
Fuzzy Comgard, the former executive director of the CIA just happened to be the manager of Douche Bank and so these profiteers from 911 were not Osama Bin Laden or his band of US trained Arabs, they were Blue Chip Israeli, US and British businessmen. Within the first week the 911 producers sucked up 40 billion in box office profits from US taxpayers who were hypnotized, terrorized and traumatized by the infinite reruns.
Male voice: Think of it as a Conspiracy Theory , true or false test.
A. When George W. Bush started his first Oil Company who helped fund it? Osama Bin Laden’s brother and Brother in Law. T or F?
B. After a Terrorist Bomb at a barracks in Saudi Arabia killed 19 Americans who got the multi million dollar contract to rebuild? The Bin Laden’s. T or F?
C. On the morning of Sep 11, 2001 who was in a meeting at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Washington ? George Bush Senior and Osama Bin Laden’s brother. T or F?
Actually the answer could be D. All of the above because, believe it or not, as far fetched as they sound, each and everyone of those: The Bin Laden link to the Bush Oil Company, the Bin Laden construction contract after the terrorist bomb and the Bin Laden Bush meeting on 911 is true.
Many of the facts surrounding the events of 911 point to a cover up. Like the fact that the Bush ignored all of the advance warnings of the 911 attacks. Warnings from FBI agents like Colleen Rowley and from the famous Phoenix Memo were not only ignored, they were suppressed. FBI deputy director John P. O’Neill quit his job when his investigation of Osama Bin Laden was blocked. According to a September 24th News Week article, top Pentagon officials canceled their travel plans for 911 because of security concerns. While the American Public were sitting ducks all of America’s political, military and corporate VIP’s were kept out of harms way.
Two Moslems accused of the 911 hijackings took their flight training at Rudi Dekkers, Huffman Aviation School in Florida. Rudy Dekkers is linked to the CIA and drug smuggling through Careen Bear and Britain Aviation which shared the same small Venice airport with Dekkers.
The media report is that on the night before the attack, accused ring leader Mohamed Atta and two other Moslem hijackers got drunk, fondled naked dancers at a Florida strip club called Shuckums, forgot their business card and their Koran Holy book at the Bar, publicly bashed America and loudly boasted about impending bloodshed the next day.
Would devoted and highly secretive Muslim hijackers risk their planned mission by attracting so much negative attention. And why were they in Florida instead of Boston the night before their suicide flight?
On the early morning of September 11th 19 Muslim men, well known to intelligence and security agencies supposedly waltzed past security checks, boarded 4 passenger planes and turned them into deadly missiles, without even a hitch.
By 8:13 AM, flight controllers temporarily lost radar contact with American Airlines flight 11and reported a suspected hijacking. Even though Andrews Air Force Base is only 10 minutes from Washington, emergency response fighter jets took close to an hour instead of the typical 15 minutes to scramble and begin searching for the hijacked planes. By then it was too late.
President Bush already knew about the first Flight 11 that occurred at 8:46 AM when he sat down to chat with school kids at Booker Elementary School. It wasn’t until 9:05 AM that he was notified that a second plane: flight 175 had also crashed into the World Trade Center and that America was under attack.
Instead of being whisked to safety in this national emergency Bush nodded and continued chatting with the kids for another 20 minutes about a pet goat. While American Citizens were burning alive and leaping to their death’s from the smoking towers.
News reports: “flailing against the wind as they fell. Almost as if they had second thoughts. It was absolutely horrifying…..
Male voice: And you don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to wonder exactly what president George W. Bush knew about the attack and when he knew it. According to the official White House version it was at this moment in a Florida classroom that Bush learned the second plane had hit the World Trade Center and that the US was under attack. But here’s what George Bush, himself said three months later when asked about September 11th. “I was sitting outside the classroom, waiting to go in and I saw an Airplane hit the tower. The TV was obviously on. I used to fly myself and I said ‘ now there’s one terrible pilot’ and I said ’that’s one terrible accident ‘ but I was whisked off there and didn’t have much time to think about it.”
Now wait a minute. George Bush was told about the second plane while he was inside the classroom so you just heard him describe seeing the first plane crash on the Television that day. But that’s impossible. Nobody saw the first plane crash on TV on September the 11th because the videotape on it didn’t surface until the next day.
Woman narrator: At 9:55 AM, president George W. Bush took off in Air force 1 with no escort or protection from fighter jets and circled around for the next hour. Why was the president’s plane airborne and unescorted for an entire hour while hijacked planes were roaming the skies?
The inexperienced hijacker pilots who took only a simulated flying course, reportedly flew the third hijacked plane, flight 77into a Top Gun 270 degree turn, bypassed the offices of the joint chiefs of staff and crashed into an insignificant part of the pentagon that was under renovation.
Emergency response Air Force fighter jets were finally airborne when a 4th hijacked plane, flight 93, crashed into a field in Pennsylvania at 10:06 AM. The media reported that passengers overpowered the hijackers but nearby residents saw US fighter jets overhead and gave eyewitness reports of debris falling from the sky. That debris was found 8 miles away, indicating that the plane had been shot down.
Within hours of the 911 hijacking a massive blame the Muslim campaign was launched by CNN and the media and continues to this day.
In less than 48 hours the names and mug shots of 19 accused Muslims were flashed across TV screens. If government investigators knew nothing how did they identify 19 Muslim men as the hijackers, so fast