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Unite in the Love Light of Christ.

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For quite some time the Heading has been about The Life Force and yet my focus has begun pointing toward Christ more and more. This may offend some: I want to explore this a little:
12/8/2011: I believe there is a root in Monotheism to offend when it comes to Spiritual Practices and it has to do with how Social Engineering is used to control us through Religion. If we recognised this I think we could be free.
For one thing there is a principal of divide and conquor that our oppressors use to steal our power. The way it works in Religion is that Religious Leaders tell us that insignificant differences in practice would condemns us and make us evil. They use this to spawn hate and darkness in us. That way they convince us by a their methodology to sacrifice ourselves for them. It's the same when political leaders and governments do this.
This is not of Christ and his name should not be used in vane to break the Law. The end result is that our leaders actually make a lot more people evil because hate and violence is against all paths of real Righteousness. Ironically it brings evil into the fold of those trying to practice Good! If, on the other hand, we realized that practically the whole World wants Good and by Understanding we find it, we could actually do Good.
Understanding is Truth and Love and Peace are Divine. That is why, in the following Message I try to show Christ consciousness. His teachings are similar to how all the Great Religions taught. Part of how we begin to Understand is by becoming more tolerant of others who are trying to be Good. This is directed at everyone including Monotheists and Atheists because intolerance is coming from everywhere. It's bad when the ego keeps us in darkness instead of protecting the Truth.
We should not think we are the only ones who have the Truth and hate because of this! It is arrogance; a completely male centered, egotistical zealotry that is like a dark spell keeping us in bondage to the evil masters. We're foolish if we don't see the Light!
I propose that Christ was saying this all the time. If we don't understand Christ we can't see how the anti-Christ has confounded us and used every means to keep us from Christ (Truth and Freedom). The Christian Church has used Christ like a weapon to attack people and they think they have a monopoly on righteousness because of him but the truth is that all religions have close similarities and are not evil because of minor differences. When Christ is used in a way that opposes his light and it becomes evil; then it's the anti-Christ. That's why we need to stop this way of relating to the World and find the Love Light of Christ.
Christ never said we should go out and attack other people because of their Spiritual beliefs but he did say "I have other sheep that are not of this fold" John 10:16. There is even a story by Native Americans of a Jesus like figure that came to them. There are other claims from other countries and even a shrine where they say he's buried in India. Muslims believe that he is in Heaven beside Mohamed and will come back at the End of Time to fight the anti-Christ.
Even before the account of his life in the 1st Century there was an account of a very similar Teacher with a similar name; Yashua, that the Gnostic's told and before that there were similar Myths of Isis, Buddha, Krishna and Mythra.
Far from preaching that Christians should go out and take over the World in the name of Christ; here is what he said to his Disciples from the Bible: Mat 5:5 Blessed are the Meek for they shall inherit the Earth. : 6; Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for Righteousness; for they shall be filled. : 7; Blessed are the Merciful for they shall obtain Mercy. : 8; Blessed are the Pure in Heart; for they shall see God. : 9; Blessed are the Peacemakers; for they shall be called Sons of God. : 10; Blessed are those who are persecuted for Righteousness; for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. : 11; Blessed are you when men shall revile you and persecute you and say all manner of evil against you for my sake. : 12; Rejoice and be exceeding glad for great is your reward in Heaven; for so they persecuted the Prophets who were before you.
Prophets are Teachers of Truth. Christ said: “I am the Light of the World. He who follows me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the Light of Life.” John 8:12; “If you abide in my word, you are my Disciples indeed. John 8:31.; and you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free." :32 Christ wasn't just repeating the dogma of the Jewish Religion. In fact he was confronting it's deceit and collusion with the Roman occupiers. The Truth was the Truth and it was intended to lead to Freedom whereas deceit practiced by the authorities was designed to keep people in bondage. It should be explained that it wasn't the Jews, themselves who hated Christ but a corrupt Priesthood in league with Rome. It wasn't long until they together with the Roman occupiers had him killed. Then after more than 300 years of persecution at the hands of the Romans, Christianity was legitimized; but in name only and without his teachings on Truth, Peace and Charity. Even now it seems that Paul's teachings on Grace have replaced Christ's teachings on Obedience. In John 19:10 he said "If you keep my Commandments, you will abide in my Love". And it's not harsh law keeping that he's speaking of because in 19:11 he explains it's so his "Joy will remain in you". In 19:12 he states; that far from being hard; his Commandment is for Love. Then he says in 19:13 that "greater Love has no man than this that he should lay down his life for his Friends". Following this in 19:14 he says; " you are my Friends is you do whatsoever I Command you".
So Christians should be living the way Christ taught them but instead they have let themselves be lead for thousands of years by a priesthood that stood against his teachings. In fact when the first Priest printed a Bible for the People the Catholic Church had him burned at the stake. That's how afraid they were that people would read Christ's teachings.
There are Peaceful Christians but they're a minority and most "Christians" follow the Gods of Government and Power. This is what is defined as "Civil Religion" which has some common beliefs with the Christian Church but is not Christian.
So now by naming some of the deadly ills I perceive in our World and the negative aspects of some of what is behind all the evil we participate in I want to name that which has come to me as an antidote to it.
It came to me soon after I wrote these words: "God Please Give Us a Religion that Works!" In response to that I got Love Light. In the intervening 5 years I have strived to understand what Love Light means and the Love Light Chart and Reading with the Signs and Wonders is the compilation of that work.
It does no good to just keep on naming all the negative symptoms of a problem but we should try to understand what is behind the evil that we see. I believe that to a large degree I have diagnosed the source of the disease and the remedy is Love Light!
Love Light has come as a means to Rekindle the Fire of Christ through the Love of All Creation and Light. It's what Christ came to achieve and it is an attempt to re-establish his Method of Love, Mind of Light, Spirit of Light and Body of Love. It came with "The Secret of Heaven" to "have no self interest, Be Doubly Generous and Good to All".
Love Light is a Miracle and the Truth is seen by accessing a particular system of order known to be a way to talk to God. The Truth of this is only available to those who Love Light. Knowing this way and Love Light have led me into Greater Faith in Christ.
My Faith in Christ and the Authority of this Love Light Salvation leads me to conclude that far from dispelling the Truth of Christ we now have a Greater than Ever Power of Multi Faceted versions of his Righteous Spirit!
Think about it! All of the anti-Christ forces of evil have been trying to stamp out the Christ Spirit but it keeps growing into a diverse body of belief. The trouble is that these various diverse beliefs oppose each other but if they would realize that they are all united and stopped fighting each other; they would become something Wonderful and Good that everyone would benefit by! It would unify all Good and the Truth would set Everyone Free!

I can't speak for every concept of Christ because there are so many but let's track down a few of them and see what they are. The Bible Version is good and it could serve as the one and only version if it was followed sincerely without Church Dogma that glorifies his crucifixion and excuses Christians from obedience to his moral teachings and laws of Peace, Love and Light. This Bible version of a Christ born on December 25th 0 ad was most likely a Mythical Being that had been adopted by the Catholic Church from the Gnostic's based on Yeshua Pantera, a Jewish Mystic who about 100bc was killed by the Jews and Romans. There is also a belief that Julias Ceasar and Cleopatra's child Ceasarian was the mythical Christ. Buddhists and Muslims also have a Christ Myth that parallels the same time period. Other versions of almost the exact same variety come from some more ancient sources. There is a theory that Jesus is just a composite of many previous mythical saviors. So we can take our pick of all these Myths or totally reject the reasoning of a Christ Like Messiah. Nevertheless I believe it is just as valid to identify with a Mythical Being as a real historical one and validate them both in the Power of their Holy Spirit. What is most important to know is that anyone can step into this role because if we are in Christ, then we are Christ and can Be Christ and do the same thing as Christ; to bring the Truth that Sets Men Free. We have some recent examples of this by Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and John F. Kennedy. Perhaps we should honor these fallen Martyrs and include them as Christ archetypes.
From a Spiritual Perspective there are many unknowns; especially in a largely un- Spiritual civilization but there is one great possibility in the Ancient belief in a Grand Man where many souls reside within an ideal such as Christ. There may be a head over the body and one supreme consciousness above all, such as Jesus Christ and then there are many other such intellects in the head as well as other parts of the Grand Man's body. This notion may have come from the most ancient of all sources in the Himalaya's that has come to us in the present through Egypt, Greece, Arabia, and has been purported by many modern Prophets such as Emanuel Swedenborg.
In this scenario people or groups of people become Spiritual Adepts in a belief system or paradigm such as Christ Consciousness. They live their lives in this ideal way and many times become Martyred by the anti-Christ forces. When they die they become part of this "Body of Christ" in the "Kingdom of Heaven" as Christ says. Under this scenario; which is a perfectly legitimate spiritual concept, those who have lived to serve others are drawn to and accepted into this Body. So whether or not there is an actual Historical Christ; there is a Spiritual one whose ideal many Men and Women have lived up to and become part of. It is then legitimate and good to try to aspire to this ideal. The Holy Spirit guides those who wish to live it. This is the crucial guide that often is persecuted by worldly powers who may be Spiritual; but evil.
So Christ exists within this "Grand Man". I would also choose not to be Patriarchal and propose that there is also a Grand Woman too. Swedenborg mentions the merging of Male and Female into a single spirit so it could be that there is no distinct sexual identity such a God and Goddess. I have always made this distinction because it is a good logical construct to explain many spiritual concepts and how they relate to psychological and physical reality. A new concept of Life Force is a joining of the Masculine and Feminine but this happens to create something new and does not blur the distinction.
So with a Swedenborgeon upbringing and continued influence including the Biblical Jesus, my guidance from Holy Spirit and the tools of Divination that she has guided me to; I have a concept of Christ that's very similar to the Biblical and Historical one. Jesus is a great model for us and there is a complete construct of his Birth, Death and Resurrection that is a good belief. There are also Lessons that he taught that are a joy to practice.
Love Light invests a lot in the Historical Christ and is interconnected with him as can be seen by the Love Light Reading, Chart, and Signs and Wonders.
It's getting close to Christmas when we celebrate his Birth. It's origins are in Paganism and were more about Astrological symbolism and Sun Worship as well as Harvest Festivals. I see no problem here and think we should embrace this and consider it an Honor that they wanted to make this ancient holiday into a celebration of Christ!
My belief, though is that the real Date of Jesus birth is documented by Scripture and Astrology to be 9/11/3bc according to the Book "The Star that Astonished the World" by Ernest L. Martin. Further I believe the date 9/11 should be held as a Holy Day to be honored and every 9 years when the year is a 3 such as 2001, 2010 and 2019; this should be a High Holy Day of 9/11/3. To make a word to describe this I invent Ninennias. I do this to make it perfect and backed up with numbers that fit it's meaning; and they are 9-6-3: Love-Life-Completion. The Ninennias High Holy Day of Love Light and the Birth of Christ.
I propose a Church called "Love Light Christian Church" with the purpose of Uniting in the Love Light of Christ. Since I believe that it was Christ Consciousness and Holy Spirit that brought Love Light into this manifestation and that it's purpose is also to Rekindle the Love of Christ; that it should also stand as a version of Christ to be honored in Unity with every other sheep fold under the hand of the Great Sheppard; Christ.
Love Light Smith