Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Wonder.

I Wonder.
Day after day, night after night I pray to get some really awesome input from the Spiritual World. I would think; Christ; I may be really deluded but I think you should feel like talking to me or you might want to send me an Angel to talk to me and at least tell me how I’m doing. After all; I promote you to the World all the time and for that I loose friends, take a chance of being martyred myself and have hardly any good feedback from those I reach out to. I spend so much time doing it and sometimes all I get is people telling me to take them off the list. I thought I was on your team; Christ; so why don’t you or one of your agents talk to me?
Well he probably has been and I just haven’t been picking up on it but… What I’ve really been doing to arrive at what I say are very profound conclusions is just using my head and figuring things out and not shutting anything out that might disagree with one conventional wisdom paradigm or another.
I’ve always said “the Holy Spirit is Very Subtle” and this is born out by my lack of good feedback.
I have gotten some really amazing signs but it’s been a long time and maybe they were supposed to be kept secret but I told a few people; so they quit coming.
I have pretty good dreams and sometimes their interpretation is astounding. But I’ve never talked to Jesus! I’ve seen myself in a dream and Tigers as well as a few recent Presidents. I’ve seen my diseased parents and a diseased Aunt and thousands of other people. I’ve seen and heard Satan; who I opposed with many others but I can’t remember seeing and hearing Jesus.
Sometimes Newmeralligy seems like discovering an old tablet that talks about things that are long gone. It seems like a formula that was left behind by Ancient Ones as a tool for whom ever wants to learn to Understand God. So I use it and try to get others to see the things I’ve found.
It’s really just Logic, though. Like Stephen Hawkins; but with a belief in God/Goddess instead of a PHD in Astrophysics.
And I give it to you and you don’t owe me anything and neither does Christ.
I’d love to see him, though, or one of his Angels, or you.
Love Light

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Brother Nathanael; Confronting Zionism?

I have to admit I like this charismatic cross waving zealot. He's got a gift and he's saying what a lot of people want to hear. The more I think about it, though, the more I think he's not deffending Christ but our patriarchal past and the supremacy of the Catholic Church. He's also trying to make a lot of money off Christians.
Disclaimer: If I offend Christians; go read your Bible and Forgive Me. If I offend non believers; think of Christ as someone who inspired Leo Tolstoy, Gandhi and Martin Luther King to be selfless and heroic. If I offend Brother Nathanael Kapner; I Love You Brother. Let's talk.
The Roman Catholic Church was and still is anti-Christ and I assume Greek and Russian Orthodox are the same. Do we forget that they are first of all guilty of killing Christ in the first place and then blaming it on the Jews? The Roman's persecuted Christians for 300 years and then Constantine usurped the Church and took Christ's name as a weapon of war. They practiced genocide against Christ's real followers; the Cathars. They burned thousands of Midwives at the stake as Witches and when some Priests printed Bibles they burned them at the stake! They spread terror throughout Europe and the Mid East in the Crusades and the 100 years war and then took their evil to the America's where they destroyed the Aboriginal Heaven on Earth in a quest for gold. All the patriarchal religions went on a colonizing spree; using Jesus' name to terrorize the World looking for gold, oil and diamonds. They took their God to China for the Opium war to force addiction and went to Africa to fill ships with slaves. They made Haiti a slave colony and when they got free they had to pay reparations to the French for being free! They used false piety to make money in every conceivable way even if they had to do it with drugs, war and slavery. That's the way it was then and that's the way it is now. Among the big players there's no Good vs evil; it's just evil vs evil and Christi-anti is just angry because the Jews have gotten the upper hand!
Kapner is using an old trick of the advertizing biz by creating a villian and then stepping in as the Hero with what we "need". He uses Zionists and Jews as the Villians and him as the Christian Prophet waving the Cross with Dead Jesus on it. He had me for a while until I realized that he's using the symbolism of the Catholic Church and it's Dogma to give himself sacred authority! He's also a super salesman who's sold Major Brands of cleaning products for years so he's been using this trick for years like they do to sell things on TV. And there on his website is Visa, Master Card and Paypal.
He could be totally sincere and maybe not even know that the Church he's copying is not a good witness for Christ! He's smart to do that, though, because there's billions of people in the world who are still deceived by the Church and it's "moral authority"; but the Truth is something else!
The Goodness of the church is a myth! Did they ever try to stop the war? Did they ever say "No; Jesus said ' "Blessed are the Peace Makers and The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth"? Did they say "Blessed are the Mercifull"?
He's right that international Jews have a long history of making money off our stupidity and greed but as I heard it; "you can't cheat an honest man."
To be honest; we are just waking up to the fact that the Jews are now in charge and trying to bring back the Church dictatorship is only going to cause war but that's what Kapner wants to do. Some others want something different such as a secular state but I want Christ to come! I want Love Light.
It doesn't look like Brother Nathanael is preaching Love as an antidote to hate as Christ would have us do. Why is he holding a Cross with Dead Jesus on it? Is Jesus dead or is he alive?
I guess we're supposed to believe the cross with Christ on it is a good Christian symbol but it could be that they are proud so they parade his body around and keep it on the Cross. The Love Light symbol has 2 crosses in an X that means stop using the cross! That's the message I get.
Monotheism is not the answer whether it's Jewish, or Christian because it only fosters hate on account of the Religion of 1 which says "there's only 1 way and it's our way" and "if it's not our way it's evil". Maybe if their way was Christ and it was open, respectful and wise but it's not. It's just about patriarchal monotheism and domination.
There are many Good Paths of Righteousness but the problem is the religion of 1 comes in and says there's only 1 and the religious leaders can always get people to fight for them because they're under their spell. This patriarchal religion of 1 is foolish and destructive and it's easy to fool people because they're in darkness and don't want the Light. They're not connected to Feminine Wisdom that knows the Truth about Life so instead they destroy life.
Enlightenment is impossible without a Balance of the Feminine and Masculine. Here's something New from Love Light: In hell there is no Feminine because it will not go there so those who destroy life better know that they will be abandoned by "All the Lovely Things and Life" and just be sitting there in hell with a bunch of guys in a constant state of violence and women who've lost their loveliness!
Brother Nathanael you better confront the Villian within. Don't be taken in by Monotheism and the anti-Christ.
Love Light

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Unite in the Love Light of Christ.

See My Love Light Pick: http://lovelightpick.blogspot.com/

For quite some time the Heading has been about The Life Force and yet my focus has begun pointing toward Christ more and more. This may offend some: I want to explore this a little:
12/8/2011: I believe there is a root in Monotheism to offend when it comes to Spiritual Practices and it has to do with how Social Engineering is used to control us through Religion. If we recognised this I think we could be free.
For one thing there is a principal of divide and conquor that our oppressors use to steal our power. The way it works in Religion is that Religious Leaders tell us that insignificant differences in practice would condemns us and make us evil. They use this to spawn hate and darkness in us. That way they convince us by a their methodology to sacrifice ourselves for them. It's the same when political leaders and governments do this.
This is not of Christ and his name should not be used in vane to break the Law. The end result is that our leaders actually make a lot more people evil because hate and violence is against all paths of real Righteousness. Ironically it brings evil into the fold of those trying to practice Good! If, on the other hand, we realized that practically the whole World wants Good and by Understanding we find it, we could actually do Good.
Understanding is Truth and Love and Peace are Divine. That is why, in the following Message I try to show Christ consciousness. His teachings are similar to how all the Great Religions taught. Part of how we begin to Understand is by becoming more tolerant of others who are trying to be Good. This is directed at everyone including Monotheists and Atheists because intolerance is coming from everywhere. It's bad when the ego keeps us in darkness instead of protecting the Truth.
We should not think we are the only ones who have the Truth and hate because of this! It is arrogance; a completely male centered, egotistical zealotry that is like a dark spell keeping us in bondage to the evil masters. We're foolish if we don't see the Light!
I propose that Christ was saying this all the time. If we don't understand Christ we can't see how the anti-Christ has confounded us and used every means to keep us from Christ (Truth and Freedom). The Christian Church has used Christ like a weapon to attack people and they think they have a monopoly on righteousness because of him but the truth is that all religions have close similarities and are not evil because of minor differences. When Christ is used in a way that opposes his light and it becomes evil; then it's the anti-Christ. That's why we need to stop this way of relating to the World and find the Love Light of Christ.
Christ never said we should go out and attack other people because of their Spiritual beliefs but he did say "I have other sheep that are not of this fold" John 10:16. There is even a story by Native Americans of a Jesus like figure that came to them. There are other claims from other countries and even a shrine where they say he's buried in India. Muslims believe that he is in Heaven beside Mohamed and will come back at the End of Time to fight the anti-Christ.
Even before the account of his life in the 1st Century there was an account of a very similar Teacher with a similar name; Yashua, that the Gnostic's told and before that there were similar Myths of Isis, Buddha, Krishna and Mythra.
Far from preaching that Christians should go out and take over the World in the name of Christ; here is what he said to his Disciples from the Bible: Mat 5:5 Blessed are the Meek for they shall inherit the Earth. : 6; Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for Righteousness; for they shall be filled. : 7; Blessed are the Merciful for they shall obtain Mercy. : 8; Blessed are the Pure in Heart; for they shall see God. : 9; Blessed are the Peacemakers; for they shall be called Sons of God. : 10; Blessed are those who are persecuted for Righteousness; for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. : 11; Blessed are you when men shall revile you and persecute you and say all manner of evil against you for my sake. : 12; Rejoice and be exceeding glad for great is your reward in Heaven; for so they persecuted the Prophets who were before you.
Prophets are Teachers of Truth. Christ said: “I am the Light of the World. He who follows me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the Light of Life.” John 8:12; “If you abide in my word, you are my Disciples indeed. John 8:31.; and you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free." :32 Christ wasn't just repeating the dogma of the Jewish Religion. In fact he was confronting it's deceit and collusion with the Roman occupiers. The Truth was the Truth and it was intended to lead to Freedom whereas deceit practiced by the authorities was designed to keep people in bondage. It should be explained that it wasn't the Jews, themselves who hated Christ but a corrupt Priesthood in league with Rome. It wasn't long until they together with the Roman occupiers had him killed. Then after more than 300 years of persecution at the hands of the Romans, Christianity was legitimized; but in name only and without his teachings on Truth, Peace and Charity. Even now it seems that Paul's teachings on Grace have replaced Christ's teachings on Obedience. In John 19:10 he said "If you keep my Commandments, you will abide in my Love". And it's not harsh law keeping that he's speaking of because in 19:11 he explains it's so his "Joy will remain in you". In 19:12 he states; that far from being hard; his Commandment is for Love. Then he says in 19:13 that "greater Love has no man than this that he should lay down his life for his Friends". Following this in 19:14 he says; " you are my Friends is you do whatsoever I Command you".
So Christians should be living the way Christ taught them but instead they have let themselves be lead for thousands of years by a priesthood that stood against his teachings. In fact when the first Priest printed a Bible for the People the Catholic Church had him burned at the stake. That's how afraid they were that people would read Christ's teachings.
There are Peaceful Christians but they're a minority and most "Christians" follow the Gods of Government and Power. This is what is defined as "Civil Religion" which has some common beliefs with the Christian Church but is not Christian.
So now by naming some of the deadly ills I perceive in our World and the negative aspects of some of what is behind all the evil we participate in I want to name that which has come to me as an antidote to it.
It came to me soon after I wrote these words: "God Please Give Us a Religion that Works!" In response to that I got Love Light. In the intervening 5 years I have strived to understand what Love Light means and the Love Light Chart and Reading with the Signs and Wonders is the compilation of that work.
It does no good to just keep on naming all the negative symptoms of a problem but we should try to understand what is behind the evil that we see. I believe that to a large degree I have diagnosed the source of the disease and the remedy is Love Light!
Love Light has come as a means to Rekindle the Fire of Christ through the Love of All Creation and Light. It's what Christ came to achieve and it is an attempt to re-establish his Method of Love, Mind of Light, Spirit of Light and Body of Love. It came with "The Secret of Heaven" to "have no self interest, Be Doubly Generous and Good to All".
Love Light is a Miracle and the Truth is seen by accessing a particular system of order known to be a way to talk to God. The Truth of this is only available to those who Love Light. Knowing this way and Love Light have led me into Greater Faith in Christ.
My Faith in Christ and the Authority of this Love Light Salvation leads me to conclude that far from dispelling the Truth of Christ we now have a Greater than Ever Power of Multi Faceted versions of his Righteous Spirit!
Think about it! All of the anti-Christ forces of evil have been trying to stamp out the Christ Spirit but it keeps growing into a diverse body of belief. The trouble is that these various diverse beliefs oppose each other but if they would realize that they are all united and stopped fighting each other; they would become something Wonderful and Good that everyone would benefit by! It would unify all Good and the Truth would set Everyone Free!

I can't speak for every concept of Christ because there are so many but let's track down a few of them and see what they are. The Bible Version is good and it could serve as the one and only version if it was followed sincerely without Church Dogma that glorifies his crucifixion and excuses Christians from obedience to his moral teachings and laws of Peace, Love and Light. This Bible version of a Christ born on December 25th 0 ad was most likely a Mythical Being that had been adopted by the Catholic Church from the Gnostic's based on Yeshua Pantera, a Jewish Mystic who about 100bc was killed by the Jews and Romans. There is also a belief that Julias Ceasar and Cleopatra's child Ceasarian was the mythical Christ. Buddhists and Muslims also have a Christ Myth that parallels the same time period. Other versions of almost the exact same variety come from some more ancient sources. There is a theory that Jesus is just a composite of many previous mythical saviors. So we can take our pick of all these Myths or totally reject the reasoning of a Christ Like Messiah. Nevertheless I believe it is just as valid to identify with a Mythical Being as a real historical one and validate them both in the Power of their Holy Spirit. What is most important to know is that anyone can step into this role because if we are in Christ, then we are Christ and can Be Christ and do the same thing as Christ; to bring the Truth that Sets Men Free. We have some recent examples of this by Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and John F. Kennedy. Perhaps we should honor these fallen Martyrs and include them as Christ archetypes.
From a Spiritual Perspective there are many unknowns; especially in a largely un- Spiritual civilization but there is one great possibility in the Ancient belief in a Grand Man where many souls reside within an ideal such as Christ. There may be a head over the body and one supreme consciousness above all, such as Jesus Christ and then there are many other such intellects in the head as well as other parts of the Grand Man's body. This notion may have come from the most ancient of all sources in the Himalaya's that has come to us in the present through Egypt, Greece, Arabia, and has been purported by many modern Prophets such as Emanuel Swedenborg.
In this scenario people or groups of people become Spiritual Adepts in a belief system or paradigm such as Christ Consciousness. They live their lives in this ideal way and many times become Martyred by the anti-Christ forces. When they die they become part of this "Body of Christ" in the "Kingdom of Heaven" as Christ says. Under this scenario; which is a perfectly legitimate spiritual concept, those who have lived to serve others are drawn to and accepted into this Body. So whether or not there is an actual Historical Christ; there is a Spiritual one whose ideal many Men and Women have lived up to and become part of. It is then legitimate and good to try to aspire to this ideal. The Holy Spirit guides those who wish to live it. This is the crucial guide that often is persecuted by worldly powers who may be Spiritual; but evil.
So Christ exists within this "Grand Man". I would also choose not to be Patriarchal and propose that there is also a Grand Woman too. Swedenborg mentions the merging of Male and Female into a single spirit so it could be that there is no distinct sexual identity such a God and Goddess. I have always made this distinction because it is a good logical construct to explain many spiritual concepts and how they relate to psychological and physical reality. A new concept of Life Force is a joining of the Masculine and Feminine but this happens to create something new and does not blur the distinction.
So with a Swedenborgeon upbringing and continued influence including the Biblical Jesus, my guidance from Holy Spirit and the tools of Divination that she has guided me to; I have a concept of Christ that's very similar to the Biblical and Historical one. Jesus is a great model for us and there is a complete construct of his Birth, Death and Resurrection that is a good belief. There are also Lessons that he taught that are a joy to practice.
Love Light invests a lot in the Historical Christ and is interconnected with him as can be seen by the Love Light Reading, Chart, and Signs and Wonders.
It's getting close to Christmas when we celebrate his Birth. It's origins are in Paganism and were more about Astrological symbolism and Sun Worship as well as Harvest Festivals. I see no problem here and think we should embrace this and consider it an Honor that they wanted to make this ancient holiday into a celebration of Christ!
My belief, though is that the real Date of Jesus birth is documented by Scripture and Astrology to be 9/11/3bc according to the Book "The Star that Astonished the World" by Ernest L. Martin. Further I believe the date 9/11 should be held as a Holy Day to be honored and every 9 years when the year is a 3 such as 2001, 2010 and 2019; this should be a High Holy Day of 9/11/3. To make a word to describe this I invent Ninennias. I do this to make it perfect and backed up with numbers that fit it's meaning; and they are 9-6-3: Love-Life-Completion. The Ninennias High Holy Day of Love Light and the Birth of Christ.
I propose a Church called "Love Light Christian Church" with the purpose of Uniting in the Love Light of Christ. Since I believe that it was Christ Consciousness and Holy Spirit that brought Love Light into this manifestation and that it's purpose is also to Rekindle the Love of Christ; that it should also stand as a version of Christ to be honored in Unity with every other sheep fold under the hand of the Great Sheppard; Christ.
Love Light Smith

Monday, September 26, 2011

How To Make a Love Light and a Name Sign

These are some instructions that will be helpful if you are interested in Newmeralligy and Love Light techniques.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Today I spun off the negative aspects of 911.

Today I spun off the negative aspects of 911truth to another blog; 911Light. That way I can devote more positive emphasis on this site. I think this will be welcome to a lot of people.
Now I can plan more projects that are strictly speaking; more Love Light.
Love Light Smith

PS: Just 2 Weeks and 6 Day til 9/11

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Love Light 9/11/2010-9/11/2011.

On this August 11; just 1 Month before 9/11/2011 I take this opportunity to present my readers with this Collage of Material and Art created over the past year for Love Light 9/11/2001; including some that's new.
9/11/2011 is just a Month away and I think it's important to once again remind you to Honor This Holy Day. This Year it's on a Sunday so there's no excuse not to. I suggest a commemorative Holy Day to celebrate Good Positive Energy and do it with Respect and Honor.
It will be 10 years since the infamous day that changed History and led us down this path of destruction to where we are now. The World will be forever changed because of what happened that day and by what followed.
Here is my speculation: 9/11/2001 should have been a High Holy Day but we were not aware of it. If anything good can be said it's that we realize that now. It follows that this event was used to spawn something; a spell that's controlling us. Blasphemy was committed on a High Holy Day by the attack on the World Trade Center and negative energy was used as an ingredient to turn us to war. By secret means and sorcery this was accomplished; the wars and torture hurt our National Psyche and spawned the power to continue more oppression. That gathering and use of evil energy was a mass consolidation of negativity; thereby evil power was accumulated. This seems to be obvious once you put 2 and 2 together.
Maybe there's something Good about this; that it exposes evil to the Light. It also gives us the opportunity to see what is Good. True Good is working with all the Positive Forces and avoiding destruction. Good is Honoring the Life Force. It is Honoring the Creation and every living creature on the Planet. In fact we honor all Life in the Universe and those who dwell in The City of Light.
Call this Life Force what you may; I call it Goddess. It's the Sacred Feminine; the Mother and we should be in a God that Loves Goddess!
This God could be Christ Consciousness. "God With Us". We could call it Jehovah, Allah, Gaia, Vishnu. It could be the God of the Rainbow Tribe. It's "I Am That I Am"; it's Iatia.
My analogy is to understand God as a Collective Consciousness and this is what I mean when I say God. By this definition there may be many gods because there are many ways. Each of us is a part of a collective. It is our Culture and there are various Cultures. These collectives have an intellectual and spiritual consciousness. This is the analogy I use to signify God. Then since there is certainly more than one collective in the World, I see this as more than one god. The Ancients understood this but now the religious right says there is only one God. This has led in our case to a collective that legitimizes war. That's the only result that could possibly come from a collective that wants power over the whole World and they use Monotheistic principals as a mandate.
If the collective says that there is only one god and their god is the only way; they say they have to destroy all other collective views and people who follow other gods. It is an attempt to take over the World and destroy every other thought process in the name of god.
So that is what we have and it is taught in principal by 3,000 year old laws found in the Old Testament; especially laws found in Leviticus. In these ancient texts the Jews are told to attack and kill off every tribe they come across and kill everyone, destroy their idols and even kill their animals! If this isn't genocide I don't know what it is!
So the World is still dominated by Religions who practice Monotheism and follow these teachings selectively and this collective uses the idea that they are the only good people because this is what they follow so it teaches them to hate and kill all others!
What I believe is that Monotheism has been used by leaders who take this power to control people and use it to manipulate a population. This is possible because the mechanisms within this belief system are perfect for it as long as authority is maintained and liberalism is kept out. The people who wield the power may not even believe in the religion but they know that it can be used as a spawn to power. A good example was Carl Rove and the fact that he was an Agnostic but he got Bush to profess Christianity even though he obviously was anti-Christ. Catholic Popes whipped up wars of unspeakable depravity and genocide against the righteous by burning Wise Women at the stake among other ungodly acts; all in the name of God; their God; who they said was the only God and if you didn't follow them you would go to Hell!
So that's how the Catholics control 8 Billion people on the Globe and they have kept their power from a once powerful and ruthless civilization by exporting their religion to most of the World. In doing this they have gone over the whole world and destroyed every other civilization they could get their hands on and brought them into their collective to follow their god.
Though the Catholic Church has had to learn to share power with spin off "Christian Churches" denominations the Monotheistic and Patriarchal principals have remained the same and the Old Testament and Paul are followed more than Jesus.
Apparently the Muslims believe the same way and the Old Testament was used the same way as a tool by the Turks of the Ottoman Empire when they used genocide on the Armenians. The same scenario was used by fanatical Muslim Clerics and political leaders such as was the case of the Taliban destroying 2000 year old Buddha statues in Afghanistan in 2001 to eliminate any other gods before Monotheism.
We should remember that it was used first by the Jews. I think that the fierceness of the Jews because of Monotheism eventually wore the Romans down and the Christians were obviously so devoted to it that the Romans finally decided to adapt it to their agenda. They negated everything Jesus said in their practices and began to use it effectively to create a warring race. As they adapted it to the Hedonistic practices of their former Pagan society they made it universal and called it the Catholic Church. Then they cynically used the name of Christ to establish an empire that bore no resemblance to the Savior. Later, other Denominations were born and adopted this same collective thinking and the same god. Islam also spun off from it and used the same collective thinking as their God. The God of the Jews; Jehovah or Allah but it is still Monotheism and it still has done the same and spawned warring religions that seek World domination!
The various Nations who have espoused this have been at odds with each other and act as if they are enemies and sometimes they may be but they all use the same playbook to control their people and bring them under subjection. They have used Monotheism and the idea of one god and the threat of Hell to deceive people but the truth is that we are already in Hell and I think patriarchy in the negative and Monotheism is making it that way!
Now because we believe in Monotheism we are just 1 step away from Atheism. I've thought this for some time because most Monotheism is so limited Spiritually. Just take away 1 thing; 1 God and it's Atheism. This this is because Monotheism limits it's perspective to 1 and 1 has tunnel vision, is narrow, is patriarchal. A more full and open Spirituality is Free and Freedom is essential for True Spirituality. Keep God but don't limit it to a Mono-anything. See that a perspective that includes the whole of life and don't demonize the World and you begin to grow in Enlightenment and you see where God fits into the picture! When you believe in many points of view; many Cultural identies; many ways to be Conscious and many Collectives and respect and validate them; we are all Free and share Freedom of Religion with the World. This Freedom is what leads to Enlightenment; Not the oppression of Theocracy!
The possibility of other Gods/Religious Points of View and a Spirit World all around and your own Soul Discovery in it's a much more Free and workable Spiritual system is a far more balanced and harmonious ideal. We don't have to fight the rest of the World and if we decide to change our collective consciousness we don't have to have a bunch of fundamentalists threatening us with their hell. That's kind of archaic 1950's choice between the Monotheism and Athiesm is an unpleasant reminder of the unenlightened past.
If we are taught that we are either a Monotheist or an Atheist that's a simple idea for simple people but the Truth is something much better. Generally speaking there thousands of other choices of what to believe and there may even be some unaffected ancient religions that are still intact. So truthfully we have much more choice. Love Light is New and it's still developing and is guided by The Holy Spirit out of Heaven. So don't worry if the powerful world leaders are still using the same collective consciousness to make war and the populace of the empire is willing to serve this collective and this god because there are far more choices than we are led to believe!
This God is money too. It is still being used by the original Monotheists to control our World and cause us go to war against all that is Holy in Creation. Mayor Rothschild once said "I care not who rules a Nation as long as I control the money." So we are controlled and our politicians are controlled and we go to war for them and they take all our money and enslave us with debt for generations to come; and we're afraid and rightly so because we are controlled by money; and this is our God!
Rest assured there are other Gods, and other ways and collectives of consciousness. There may be one True God but it is not the patriarchal god of monotheism whose wild and reckless ways show that he has no connection to the Wisdom of a Holy God. In fact there may be One True God who is Male but he is not alone and is joined in Love with a Feminine God of Life and together they Created the Universe and Us and our World. How can a God and Goddess Create Life unless there is Love. If we are in the Light we would know this. How can Life exist when god hates Life? How can Life exist when god only seeks to exploit Life and only sees her as a means to an end? We only Create Life and Sustain it by Nurture when there is Love. Light is God/Goddess.
The only perfect words I ever found in Newmeralligy were God With Us. This is what Christ is called in the New Testament. It is here that Christ Consciousness is defined. It is here that Love is defined and Light. We need to stop taking his name in vane to make war and kill. Jesus Loved the Feminine Life Force I'm sure. If we have a Collective Consciousness and a God; better it were to be this and the Holy Spirit; Goddess. God/Goddess. God/Us. Amen/Awoman.
If it's Christ then we say; "Blessed are the Poor, Blessed are the Peacemakers and The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth." Then if I do Live in this Christ Consciousness, God With Us and Love Light; I honor his birth on 9/11/3bc and will celebrate it as a High Holy Day. Then I will celebrate every 9/11; especially in the 3Year which is the High Holy Day; Love Light.
Amen and Awoman!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Love Light Beginning........

This morning I decided to give the new figure a name and call it Love Light Beginning.
If you notice the new lines; they are lines of the word Beginning.
The Love Light has also become Love Light Engine and Flowering Love Light so it has More Power. is Opening Up and Beginning.
This has come out of a search for Christ and a depiction of Love Light holding a Diamond Crucible containing the Mind and Spirit of Christ.
While this may seem unusual to our vision of Christ I believe it is a good depiction of an Ideal that holds up Christ and admits the Spirit of his Perfect Mind to Enlighten Our Being. And further that those who hold up his Light are in him and of him.
Blessed are the Meek, For they shall inherit the earth.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, For they shall be filled.
Blessed are the merciful, For they shall obtain mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart, For they shall see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers, For they shall be called children of God.

Love Light Smith

Thursday, June 16, 2011

2011 Chart.

I made a Chart for the entire Year of 2011. I started out by doing a chart for May and then just kept doing more Charts until I had the whole year. I have begun 2012 and another Chart for the 9 year Cycle.
I will be updating my comments and checking the 2011 Chart to find more patterns as time goes on.
There seems to be a great new realization coming out of this chart with various Number Energies and their source.
Granted; this system is one I have expanded and some of it's techniques are unknown to other Numerologists but I believe it's conclusions can be verified logically as well as Numerologically. To me it’s a great tool to explore with and discover Truth that is hiding in plane sight.
What I think is most interesting about this is the implication that we can see the source of a number energy by the Star Sign. From here a New Theory is born and implies a need for New Logic.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Last Picture of Esser's Peace and Moving On.

A short sabatical would now be a more accurate discription of my sojurne at Esser's Peace. It was a Good and Light filled experience defining Truth. Truth for Light. I found it there. Face time with possible nature connections and success growing food were the visions I held and two out of three aint bad. One more experience and we're all closer to the goal. Still could be a Fall Garden somewhere else with other people creating in a place where Humanity cooperates and coexists with Nature; living on the land and working it's life giving power.
I found that Nature can feel so right but if our Minds don't meld the Human connection is not right and it's impossible to feel inspired and in the right place.
So I travel on. I'm Free! Back home for now and back out very soon when the fair winds blow.
Love Light

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lives and Esser's Peace.

Thinking that I had "left my old life behind" I joined a new forming community; "Essers Peace." I jumped right in; thinking all would be right. Now I come back to write about it, contemplate and write down my thoughts. In fact I didn't leave my old life behind and found it necessary to go back to it when my new life didn't work out. Back and forth I went for a while but I had to give it up; even though the place itself was beautiful. I found that Esser's Peace was indeed a New World but new people and new issues were unable to deal with a new birth and a new creation.
Love Light didn't stay at Esser's Peace and I find it being ever more plane that it's principals applied to real people could not change the unfortunate reality that most people just don't Love Light and perceive the World much differently. I see Love Light as obvious and others see issues of Spirit and Goodness so differently but I believe there is a chance for some enlightenment whether it is just for me or if it is shared.
What I see most plainly is how Positive and negative energy affects the given numbers of those who I have the honor to examine. It is indeed an honor to work with people who are willing to have a Reading done but it is mostly just viewed as entertainment and not taken seriously. They go into it with no idea just how deeply it tells the truth about their mission in life and how important it is to do it Good.
I believe that it will be shown how much more cooperation there will be for those who go about their mission without self interest and I believe that is the whole crux of Positive Energy. When we do that we are in a Work of Love and Creation.
Otherwise we are always in conflict and drama trying to compete with those around us. Positive Energy gives us the ability to turn our abilities into assets that everyone shares and we are truly looking out for those around us and not only ourselves.
I made the statement "If God is with Me I will do Good" and I analyzed it. It's almost the same numbers as Love Light except that the Method If is a 6/Nurture instead of 9/Perfect Love but it's the same in Mind of 11/Light,Soul of 11/Light and Body of 9/Perfect Love.
It is so worth it to go into these things because for one, we have a chance to begin to create a Heaven on Earth and in lieu of that there is enlightenment gained and shared and something greater for those who leave the darkness of this World and come into the Light.
Are we in the End Times? We don't know but this World could end at any time for a long list of reasons. Are we ready?
The other day one of our Neighbors asked me if I believed in "Being Saved" and I told them that I did but for perhaps very different reasons. I do believe that Love Light is a message from Christ and I do believe that he is a God to a great many people and that his teachings are a guide that if we really follow will save us. That I believe but I also believe that his name is being used in vane by people who believe they are saved and aren't following him or his teachings. So I don't believe that people are saved unless they have the Light of Christ, which is the Truth.
Yes there's Grace and that seems to be the favorite doctrine of Christians but that is for Babes in Christ who have just begun to see, not for those who have been Christians for a long time. They should be following what Jesus Christ said and they should be looking deeper into it than is generally practiced by mainstream christianity.
There is no excuse for war and that is the most anti-Christ occupation that we are currently involved in as a Nation and the Churches have gone along with this as much as anyone. Christ didn't tell us to go on the offensive against other nations because they were different and because we were lied to in order to take us to War: He told us that "Blessed are the Peace Makers" and he told us that "We will know the Truth and the Truth will make us Free!"
So if we believe we are "Saved" we had better know what that means. It implies change first of all and we need to find out what this change is supposed to be.
According to Love Light we are all given certain talents and only through Good do these talents become Good Fruit. Good is many things but it is especially having no self interest, being generous and good to all. Not serving anti-Christ aims like war and greed is especially important. Keeping the Commandments not to covet, commit adultery, lie, steal and kill including in war. This is morality and we shouldn't overlook this because there are some things that society tells us are good but we should look to a higher power for the Truth. There are many lies told to us by Civil Society and we need to be critical thinkers and not just "sheeple".
One of these days we will be asked to answer for our lives and how we lived. I don't say this in a proud way but to be Truthful; the Love Light of Christ is crucial. After studying it for over 4 years many inspired concepts have come to me and I am willing to share all of it with everyone. And yes; I continue to deal with my own negatives and my own karma every day.
Love Light Smith

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Love Light World a Reality!

5/25/2011. Remember all the Love Light World paintings I did for the Blog? I'm living there.
It's been raining a lot so it's hard to get the gardens in but it's been fun settling in. At least the creek is high enough for canoeing! Also good for Frogs and Tadpoles!
When we took a trip to town we wondered if anybody had been Raptured. No one had: Just an erruption in Iceland and a terrible tornado on Sunday.
Today is the Convergence of the Star Signs so we'll have to see how that goes. I am starting a new life in the New Love Light World so you need to keep up with progress and I'll keep everyone posted. Love Light Smith

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Unusual Patterns of May!

5/20/2011. Tomorrow is Not going to be the End of the World but I hear that it is supposed to be a couple of times a day in conversation. All this hype comes from a retired engineer named Robert Fitzpatrick who has taken it upon himself to advertize again the end of the World according to an evangelist with a radio show named Harold Camping.
I don't have the time to check it out but it all has to do with a numerological value of 7 which is Monotheism's final complete number unlike Numerology which uses the number 9. They also use the 1 as Completion instead of 3. It seems that the number 1 could be considered as a holy number by Monotheists because of their dependence on it as a principal. ie 1 God, 1 Life, 1 Way, 1 Book, 1 male energy rules, 1 Chosen People, 1 Individualism. This I call the Religion of 1 and I believe that it is a flawed belief system that prohibits enlightenment and is opposed to the Feminine Life Force.
This is something to comment on because it seems that Conventional Christianity thinks of 7/Hermit as perfection because that seems to be the ultimate thing to be for them. To Me, though, there are two more initiations after that. 8 is to know God and be a part of God and 9 is Perfect Love and includes every aspect of every number. Then to say that 1 is completion instead of 3 is completely different than what has been practiced by Numerologists for thousands of years.
There are many thousands of systems that are practiced and all of them depend on tapping into a system of order so it's difficult to say that one or the other is the only correct way. His system is really foriegn to me, though and I'm not going to give it much more attention than that unless a bunch of people are Raptured that day.
To me the most interesting time is the next 3 days immediately following that as Gemini begins. I go into that below as it is some sort of Conjunction. Look for
*** in the text below to read my comment.
Today is a rare 2/Harmonious day with an 11/Enlightened Destiny with a 31/4/Sociable Work Way and an 17/8/God Power Blessing. It looks like we need to work in a sociable way to get Enlightenment and Truth on this Harmonious day that is blessed and Powered by God.
5/21/2011. On the 21st there are two 3's which do correspond to Completion but I believe that it is only completion of Taurus and this is a welcome transition from the difficult masculine Taurus to the feminine Gemini. The Destiny is an intense 30/3 and is not only means completion but, open hearted and generous. To get there is the 32/5/Free Soul and it is blessed by Light in the Star Sign which is from God. I don't perceive anything of doom in this date. Love Light
5/17/2011. Look at the Chart and you will see that there are 3-8's! 8's are Power and that is a lot of 8's and it means Complete Power or Generous Power. Keep in mind that Power can be Positive or negative. If it's Positive it will be in Freedom and whoever or whatever is Power will be willingly served and will provide much that is helpful and necessary to our lives. Otherwise it is an unhappy and controlling power over. The 17/8/Day I identify with God and the 28/1/Way I see as Goddess because those are the Mirwords of 17 and 28. God is a 17/8 and Goddess is a 28/1. Together they are 45/9/Free to Create/Perfect Love.
5/18/2011. There are 2-9's and 2-11's. Incredable Balanced Perfect Love and Light is possible today! This is the epitome of Love Light 9/11/2001 and it could bring about amazing things for both Love and Light! 9 and 11 are central to Numerology, are centered on Christ, are about Truth and show the connection to the Heavenly rehlms. The fact that there are 2 of each shows a doubling of their effect and a balance to their existance. I see this Wednesday as a truly remarkable day and a day when Heaven and Earth are connected. Love Light Smith
5/16/2011. What I saw yesterday as "You Should See Help" should have been "You Should Sight Help" or "You Should First Help". As I say, this is experimental and I just started using this system and I appologise.
So to correct: Help is not here for us but You Should First Help. Then it looks like we'll see Help coming from far off. I did a Reading on it and it has six 5's which is a lot of 5's and means Life of Freedom.
5/16/2011 is a good day for Reasoning because of the 16/7 day and the 25/7/Free Balance for Logic Destiny. By Way of 27/Logic in Balance for 9/Perfect Love Blessed by 23/Complete Balance/5/Freedom Star; Free Month in a Work Year.
I get "You" for 16/7 and Should for 25/7. First for 27/9 and Help for 23/5. This is theoretical and based on Mirroring Numbers but it says something and I think we aught to check it out: It says "You Should First Help". In other words look at and analize what to Help. After You First Help comes Your Freedom! We'll see. Love Light.
So it goes "You Should See Help". The Prediction is that there will be a sign of Help tomorrow. Notice the Help you receive. Something Like That. Love Light
5/15/2011. For the second time this month today is a 6 Day and a 6 Destiny. 6 is Life as long as the intention is Good. A 15/6 is Self Life because it is Freedom of the Individual Creating Life. The Destiny is a 24/6 is Great Life because it's Work in Balance Creating Life. So today is about Life and the Way is 8/Power but it comes from 26/8. This Power is is to Think and it's about Life in Balance. The Blessing from the Star Sign is 20/2/Intense Harmony and is a Will or desire.
The 14th had a tripple 5 so it was about Complete Freedom and it's Way was a 25/7 that was figuring this out; blessed by a 17/8 Star which means God to me. All of it in a, don't forget, 4/Creation Work Year.
We had a Friday the 13th that had a very positive feeling to it. The Ancients felt that 13 was Good Luck and a Friday the 13th was especially Good Luck. It has to do with Transitions. The 22 Destiny is a 4 but is a Master Worker and the Way to it is again the Great Life! All Blessed by a 14/5 In Freedom that's in a, don't forget, 5/Free month and a 4/Work year.
5/11/2011. The 11th may be a bit hard to take if we don't want to deal with the truth because this a consequence of the 11. It also comes with a brightness and an energy of enlightenment that can be illuminating! Ha, ha. It is bolstered by Balance which is the 20/2/Destiny it becomes when the 5/Freedom Month and 4/Work Year is added. Add 2 to the 20 and get 22/Way/Master Work to get to that Destiny. This is all Blessed by a 35/8; Freedom in Generosity Creating Power.
So this Hard Working Year in this Free Soul Month on this Day of Enlightenment we do our Master Work to achieve Balance and are blessed to do so by Right Power.
Love Light Smith
5/10/2011. Yesterday on the 9th I did a lot of writing. 9's are powerful days and can be really good. Because we're being bombarded by so much negativity and lies they can really be hard to take too. That's why I wrote all day and tried to work out what was True to my vision. The writing will appear some time later.
Today is a New Beginning and a good day to express yourself. The Way is Social and the Blessing is Freedom. That gives two 1's, two 5's, one 4 and one 3.
5/8/2011. Today is Mothers Day and it looks like a Socially Powerful Day due to the three 8's! This same phenemena happens again on the 17th. The thing is to take control of the Day and don't let it take control of you. Be Sociable and share the Power!
Because it, like every day this month, has a 5 it is Free. Every day this 4/Year is Work we Create. The Way today is 1/New Beginnings we want to have self determination or in the highest energy it's Oneness.
5/7/2011. The ancient tradition of observing the Sabath is something I've done to one degree or another for some time. Today is syncronized with the Sabath being on this double 7 Day. 7 is the Hermit and it is Spiritual Analitical. Logic and Reason are it's hallmarks. Today we are experiencing this in 3's due to the syncronization.
Every Sabath, as I'm sure devout Jews and Muslims can attest is the day they go into Study, Prayer and Meditation and it is perfect for ariving at the gates of Epiphany and Discovery.
Today also has two 5's so it doubles and balances Freedom. This Year is a 4/Work and there is also a 9/Perfect Love that takes us to the Sabath. It's a Holy Day and should be lived in Positive Energy because whatever we do that is negative on a Holy Day is especially harmful to the Soul. Love Light
5/6/2011. I took my own advise and had a Sociable Free Day yesterday and spent the day talking about our Spiritual Quests with an important new friend.
Today is a double 6 so we need to Nurture Life Today and this doubling is also Balance and Harmony which it so happens is our Blessing in Star. The Way to this is Power so we should be able to accomplish this if our Energy is Good.
5/5/2011. I did work hard yesterday and today I'm tired. There are three 5's today so it looks like Sociable Freedom. I don't have a lot that has to be done so that enables me to be mostly free. The Way is Logic so it's a good day to reason and we're blessed with Power from God. Thankyou God!
How many people are able to have freedom? Most people have to repeat every day the way they did the day before in an endless routine and even if they know that every day is different there is limited leeway to express it. That's one reason to have a profession that allows you to feel free and not simply as wage slaves.
For a long time I have noticed that people act differently every day and I feel different every day; sometimes good and sometimes bad. I think this is the reason why. What would happen if we had no Calendar and no Clocks? What if we had a different Calendar? I don't think we'd like it much and I don't know what we'd do if we had True Freedom. I don't know if we could even recognise it.
Freedom, like everything else is an aquired thing that takes many years of practice. I think we may have to look outside of our Culture to find it. We may have to die to find it because our bodies always have needs to fulfill. While we live we always must work so the only way to be free is to be happy with our work. Even then we get tired. Freedom may be having the right to rest when we're tired. Freedom may be the discipline to keep going, even when we're tired but not because we're forced to. Freedom may be to keep going even when we're tired because we're forced to because we are still free in our mind. Freedom may be the right to walk away from that with which we have grown weary.
I am very greatful to be Free; if only for Today. Love Light
5/4/2011. A 4 Day is a good day to work. The Destiny of 13/4 is good to create Change. How to get there: The 15/6 Way is free, individualistic and nurturing. Blessed from the Stars with work in new beginnings that creates Freedom. Good Day to work and that's what I plan to do. Love Light.
5/3/2011. Someone emailed me that there is a lining up of Pleides (big dipper), Moon and Earth on the 21st. I'm not an Astrologer but I found out that Pleides is in the Sign of Taurus. It happens that the 21st is the last day of Taurus. This is exactly where Gemini starts the next day and for the 22nd, 23rd and 24th there is a really amazing conjunction on the chart of Star Signs and Destiny, Way and Star on the 24th.
If you look at it you'll see the 33-9-3 stars conjuncting the Destiny(D), Way(W), Star(S) on the 24th.
33 is about my favorite # because it's my Hearts Desire; My Soul Number; The Teacher. 9 is what I hope to achieve; Perfection and the 3 is a very sexy feminine #. 3 is known to be Completion and it is attractive and sociable. It is the Number in the Love Light Mantra that says "Be Doubly Generous" because there are two 3's.
See that the 24th is a 6 which means Life and it is on a line with the aformentioned 3 conjunction. So everything is coming down to this 3 and it represents the favorite thing that creates life; namely sex and the getting together of two souls in an act that results in a 3rd wonderful result! It's Body, Mind and Spirit. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Mother, Father, Children. Earth, Moon and Stars.
It's a beautiful thing, these 3 days of Gemini!
That's how God has planned it and what God has brought together, let no man or man made god put Us under.
I believe it would be a great day to get Married if anyone was looking for a date. It's only 3 weeks from now.
The next day after that is the 25th which is the Hermits day and Destiny and would be perfect for a Honeymoon.
The day following on the 26th is 8/Power. The 27th is a 9/Perfection/Love for Day and Destiny and it has two 3's enabling and blessing it! 28th is a double new beginning enabled by intense Work and blessed by Life!
The 29th is two 11's so tremendous Light and a 5 Way enabling it with Freedom, which is the signiture of Christ; "The Truth Shall Set You Free". And it's blessed by the 9/Perfect Love!
The 30th is two 3's and that brings it all together; enabled by 6/Life and blessed by a third 3. That's Heavy!
The 31st Works with two 4's and is enabled by a highly reasoned 7 and that last 6. This is where we want to pray to God to keep this Positive and Good because it's a 15/6 that is war if it's negative!
Pray everyone that the anti-Christ wizzards of the scull and bones don't do something bad in any of this and cause it to go negative because the next Month; June is a 6 month and we want it to be Life and to Nurture Life and not be it's opposite.
It's important to know this and not be ignorant because when a Light is shined on evil it is exposed and can no longer hide in the cloak of darkness.
So let's Pray very explicidly for the anti-Christ to be stopped by God and that we are in God.
In Christ we are "God With Us". This is Christ and Love Light is His Message.
Love Light Smith

5/2/2011. First thing to explain is that there are single digit numbers and Master Numbers. 11,22 and 33 are Master Numbers of 2, 4 and 6. In most ways they are the same. In the statement that "the Day # and the Destiny # are the same", don't be confused when the Destiny is sometimes the Master # of the Day and visa versa. What is clear is that the doubling of the energy of the Day and the repeat of the Star Sign every 3 days are signs of increased power and predictability this May 2011.
Already on the 1st a dramatic event occured with the aledged killing of Osama Bin Laden and the media reasertion of his role in 9/11.
I am trying to keep it positive in my interpretation but whenever the propaganda machine gets involved a negative has to be taken into account and we are being brain washed and fooled. 1 is individuality but it can become the loss of individuality and self expression or the beginning of something negative instead of positive. This 3 Way is still Completion but Completion of what? Why was Bin Laden Killed and gotten rid of? Why couldn't we see the body? Why wasn't he brought to trial? How do we know it was Bin Laden? Again we are asked to believe something the media is reporting on without proof. Many of us already know that a fake Bin Laden that was so obviously not the real Bin Laden has been used because the real Bin Laden has been dead for years. We don't even get to see a fake Bin Laden this time!
The 5 Star Sign on the 1st was Freedom if Positive but it's bondage in the negative. Star is an Energy from God but what God are we serving? Is it the God of Righteousness that Created the Universe or some man made God that seeks to take away our Freedom? Is it Christ or the anti-Christ? Is it the father of lies and the prince of darkness?
Christ came to Set Us Free and said we must have the Truth and if we take this 5 from him we will get Freedom or if we get it from those who oppose him we will become their slaves.
Today in Good Positive Energy is a 2/Balance day with an 11/Light/Truth Destiny. The 4/Way enables the Light by working on Transformation. Our blessing from God is Power that's given to replace the power that's been taken from us.
Tomorrow we have a 3/Completion/Open Hearted/Generous/Day that is Destined for that by Freedom and blessed from God with Light if we are in Good Positive Energy.
I Urge everyone to seek the God of Righteousness and Good so the energies can come to us as they are supposed to so we can get the benefit we are supposed to instead of the curse.
Freedom, Power and Light! Freedom, Power and Balance! Freedom, Power and Light! Freedom, Power and Light! Freedom, Power and Balance! Freedom, Power and Light! Freedom, Power and Light! These are our Blessing until the 33/Teacher comes!

5/1/2011: Starting on the 1st Day; 1/New Beginning a new beginning is assured by the Destiny. The Way; how we get there is by 3/Completion. Star blesses with Freedom. On the 2nd the 2/balance day is destined to become the closely related 11/Light of Truth; getting there through transformative work and the Star blesses with Power of God. The 3rd; completion is destined to complete and get there by Freedom. This is all blessed by 11/Enlightenment.
Every day is Destined the same as it's own energy and gets there by a Way that is determined by adding Taurus/2, to the Destiny. On the 22nd start adding Gemini/3 to the Destiny to find the Way. Star in Taurus is that these 5-8-11's are Blessings from the Male God Christ.
***The double of the Day and repeat in the Destiny goes all month but the Way changes by adding 3 on the 22nd when Taurus becomes Gemini and a switch from Masculine to Feminine occurs. At this time the Star beginning as a 33/Teacher switches to the multiples of 3 and I contend that the Star is now a Goddess Blessing that comes from the City of Light where God's Consort Reigns! At the same time that the Way would be a 33/Teacher the Star Blessing becomes a 33/Teacher and repeats of the 6-9-3Star begin. On the 24th/6/Gaia/Life the Destiny is the 33/Teacher with a Way of 9/Perfection. This seems to validate the Holy Spirit/Feminine/Goddess instructions of the Teacher/Christ enlightening us to Protect the Life Force.
I interpret the 5-8-11 to be numbers of Lord Christ because 5/Freedom, 8/Power and 11/Light are his Signiture. Christ as 33/Teacher in Star is plausable on the 22nd which is itself a strong Master Number meaning Master Work.
(5/2/2011) Note that after the 33/Teacher Star comes, the next day is a 5/Freedom/Day and Destiny with a Way of Power and a Blessing from Goddess of 9/Perfection. The following day on the 24th we see the 33/Teacher again in the destiny. Look at something amazing and a Sign in that this 33-9-3 is in the quadrant of the 33-9-3 of the Star Signs. See the 3 in the corner and as the pivot point!
What does this mean? 33/Teacher(Priest)-9/Love/Perfection-3/Completion/Open Heart converging at right angles on 5/24/2011 and highlighting 5/22,23,& 24/2011. This needs to be analized more.

The 25th is strong in 7/Logic. The 26th has 8/Power with 11/Light-9/Love enabling it. The 27th/Perfection is Destined to be perfect and is enabled by two 3's/Completion/Open Heartedness. 28th is a personified New Beginning for the 4th time in May. 29th is a double enlightenment by Way of Freedom and blessed by Perfection. 30th is Completion personified by Way of Life and blessed by Completion. On the 31st; last day of the Month it's hard work by good reason blessed by Peace and Life.
In short this is going to be an amazing Month that is blessed by Freedom, Power and Light in the beginning and Perfection, Completion and Life in the End.
Don't forget that this is only going to be Good if Good Positive Energy is put into it. If we fall for the lies of negativity it is going to make their meanings negative! These numbers can be Fantasticly Good or terribly bad according to what energy is affecting them. The very last number is 6 that is Life or death and the next month June is also a 6 so we better be Good and Positive so we can have the Antidote for the poison we must overcome!
This means taking care of yourself in Body, Mind and Spirit and doing the same for everyone around you; clear out to everyone else in the World, All Life and Every Created Thing!
Love Light Smith

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This was how I discovered the Love Light Symbol

In order to see the Divine Nature of the Love Light Symbol and how I perceive the Spiritual Connection with Christ we need to look again at how I made it. There are geometric laws that define every Name Sign and how it's made.

The Love Light Symbol is governed by these laws and this method has connected it a tradition of symbology that is thousands of years old. Without knowing this it is hard to see the true relevance to connect it with Christ.

This is a Mystery and I can't account for why this is so but like all Mysteries; the more we search, the more amazing knowledge we discover. I believe that we are encountering laws of the Universe that Transcend both Science and Religion and open up another dimension that will eventually connect the Conscious and Subconscious Mind.

Love Light.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Love Light is a Christogram!

On Easter a new Sign was discovered and a new link between Love Light and Christ. While researching the name Christ I came across an important verification that Love Light is a Christ Sign!
I know the Love Light symbol and always considered it Divine but today I found a way to verify this by the Ancient Greek Symbol of Christ; the X.
Below is the basis for this copied from Wikipedia:

"The use of "Χ," derived from Chi, the Greek alphabet initial, as an abbreviation for Christ (most commonly in the abbreviation "Χmas") is often misinterpreted as a modern secularization of the term. Thus understood, the centuries-old English word Χmas, is actually a shortened form of CHmas, which is, itself, a shortened form for Christmas. Christians are sometimes referred to as "Xians," with the 'X' replacing 'Christ.[42]"

I separated the X of 2 Crosses from the rest of the Symbol. I never did that before and it creates an amazing Symbol of 2 crosses in a pattern of 3 X's. The 2 Crosses could also be seen as 2 swords crossing. It looks familiar and I'm sure that is a common symbol on any number of Crests. The 2 inverted V's are symbolic and I interpret them as communication with God. This Symbol could signify the Trinity. See also the other part of the Love Light Symbol after it has been disected another Christogram. For some reason I see it as table or platform for Christ's Body.
I previously stated that the Love Light Symbol is a Sign of Christ and it can be seen with all the charactaristics of a Human Body if you understand it. It looks like a Human Body stretched out as if it was on a Cross.

Besides the Love Light Symbol and in the Equation of the Love Light Code there are 2 more Christ Signs: The Way and Destiny; Way/11/Light(Truth) taken to Destiny/5/Freedom by Christ's quote "The Truth Shall Set You Free". The other Christ Sign is the Date 9/11/2001/3 which refers to Christ's birth in 9/11/3bc as proven by Rev. Earnest L. Martin in the Book "The Star that Astonished The World".

The significance of this is truly amazing to me and the fact that it was discovered on Easter is Awe Inspiring!

Love Light Smith

Monday, April 4, 2011

New Love Light Trail to the Mountains

I think this one is the prettiest snapshot yet! Look at that trail! It's definately going to somewhere mysterious. Before I find out where it goes, though, I have to do a lot more Creating in the New Love Light World.

New Love Light Coastal Plain

New Garden Sea Scene

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sky Became the Sea.

The meaning of this Title is that when I first began this "New Love Light World" I made the Sky blue and put a Love Light Sun in the Sky. Later when I began to go further right on the canvas I made a blue sea. When I went back left over the original painting I saw that the sky could be a vast panorama of the sea and I made it that way by putting sailboats on it. Now I have to pull the picture down so I can make a new sky and put the Love Light sun back up as well as the God With Us Sun and the Newmeralligy Sun.
Love Light Smith

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Love Light Beginnings Commentary

Snapshots of New Love Light World

Sure enough; I knew that if I explored beyond Love Light Center I would discover amazing new places. What I thought was the Sky above was actually the Sea and when I opened the limits of my perspective I created a little Harbor Village. Another thing I discovered was the possibility of powering everything with Love Light Energy!
Positive Energy is the Energy of the Future and every little Home can make it's own.
This is a Work in Progress and I need to put more people in the scenes and add more detail but I couldn't wait to share this snapshot on the New World I'm discovering!
As a matter of fact the entire Blog is a work in progress and the articles too.
We need to work to create a New World to replace the one that is swiftly disappearing before our eyes and make sure it’s ready when the old one is gone.
This last statement can be taken in several ways and I am going to leave that up to you how you want to interpret it. It is also many ways in actuality. We could be resurrecting this World in a physical way by changing the paradigm and saving it. It could be in a Science Fiction kind of way where we are creating the reality of a New World that is being made on another Planet somewhere else in the Universe. “Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea.” Rev 21:1; could be talking about a physical Earth or a Spiritual one. In other words it could be talking about the afterlife.
No matter. If we don’t want to be a part of the problem we need to be a part of the solution!
It’s not so far out to believe that there is another Earth out there in the Universe that we could be born onto in our next life and that it may be a far more beautiful and peaceful place. How do we know that we are not being prepared to go there if we are good candidates? Or if we are not good candidates we would be prevented from going there? When you think about it, we don’t really know why we were born and we don’t really know much about our purpose in Life or the Afterlife. We could conceivably be here as a test of our worthiness and whether we pass or fail determines our next assignment after this Life.
The majority of people believe in some sort of afterlife and it could be that what I am imagining with Love Light and what was in the Prophesy was talking about a Spiritual afterlife. There are other versions of life after death and they all depend upon the idea of a Soul; the Core of our Being; Our Inner Consciousness.
Some of us have been convinced by Society to consider anything having to do with scripture to be silly or ignorant and that to give any credence to ancient prophesies is just superstition. I give them credence though.
I don’t take them literally or consider them irrefutable or beyond reproach in every regard but I think they hold many clues and many scriptures are Divinely Inspired. That is my opinion and I have verified this with “Newmeralligy”, “Love Light” and “God With Us” as well. This is all a part of how I interpret and none of this would be the same without my background. So with this in mind I have always considered this next passage as important to our future.
Here is a frightening scenario from Revelation 20:14 & 15: “And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.”
Isn’t it possible that eventually we will destroy our World and it will burn up? That is a possibility and so are many other ways that we could destroy ourselves. Anyway, if we are a part of this and are not trying to prevent the destruction aren’t we also guilty of destroying this World? On the contrary, if we are a part of saving this World aren’t we blameless for it’s destruction?
It could be that if we are guilty of destroying this World we will be destroyed along with it and if we are innocent we will be saved.
It’s something to consider.
No matter what your beliefs on this we are a lot better off if we try to Save this World and not be a part of destroying it and no matter what our beliefs we will be innocent. Additionally; it also may not save us if we’re a Christian and we’re doing everything we’ve been told to do but we’re a part of destroying the World. A lot of credence is put on Grace and it’s put up there to excuse people for what they are doing including blatantly destroying the Creation and actually expressing a desire to see it destroyed.
I believe that this World is Sacred and the Creation is Sacred or Holy, Godly, Divine, Inviolate. (I don’t like the word Sacred, particularly, since it comes from the word Sacrifice. Sacrifice was connected to death and is a part of the idea of blood letting in Sacred Rituals that gave power to the Living (particularly Priests) through death. It’s a hard word to give up though. We certainly don’t want to sacrifice our World to give power to something evil.)
Positive Energy is not simply denying the negative. This is what it seems we are being asked to do by so many “Spiritual” discourses. I agree that we don’t need to dwell on the negatives or let fear rule our lives but we do need to know what negativity is so we can oppose it. If we are going to live Positively we should know how to do it. Does that make sense? If we are a part of the problem, don’t we want to know it so we can not be a part of the solution? That makes sense. One really important thing we can do is be logical.
Whatever we do is what we serve and that’s the thing we’ll be under in the end. Gandhi has many good quotes but the one I like best is “Live Simply so that Others can Simply Live.” If we live Simply the finite resources of this Planet are fairly distributed and the Planet will not be destroyed but can continue to sustain us. We also show our respect and love for our Mother Earth and all Life by living simply.
Obviously those who have control of the mechanisms of power are not living simply and are not encouraging us to live simply. They are using up everything at a destructive rate and using destructive energy to feed their negative energy. There is some kind of power that is being fed evil energy in this way and it is greatly increasing the power over us. Even worse is that this includes the hold over our souls too! When no one seems able to see the truth of an event like 9/11/2001 there is a spell at work and when dark powers fool us into wars, bail outs and environmental catastrophes we know we’re in a spell or under their power!
That’s negative energy and that’s what we’re under. Positive Energy is realizing it and getting out from under it. The more we suffer from living under this the more we start to see it for what it is. Many more people are starting to see and it is as if we’re being offered more and more clear chances to see it for what it is!
Some kind of God force is at work here and I believe we are being given many chances to see the Truth and it's important to see and get on the Right Side. The Right also needs to get on the Right Side obviously but we don’t need to continue doing the same as the Right has espoused. Part of what the political right have done is change the meaning of words and that is part of the problem with terms. They’ve even made the word Correct have a bad connotation as in “politically correct” which should have a good meaning.
We can’t give up either and that is one thing they want us to do and leave it up to them. That would be a mistake and it is a mistake not to change things for the better. Even if we don’t Save the World in a physical way we can save ourselves. I always thought that was the reason for Love Light and it’s prophetic message. If you believe in Positive Energy and Good and you believe in the afterlife and the Soul; don’t you think it’s important to get out from under the spell and get into Good Positive Energy? Shouldn’t we show Love and Respect Mother Earth? Shouldn’t we get out away from the force of a destructive dark entity and into the Loving Power of God/Goddess?
That’s why I’m Creating a vision of a Divinely Inspired World in New Love Light. It's also helpful to know that Goddess and Heaven are one and the same.
Love Light Smith

Love Light Transform You

This image needs to be explained and the first thing is to remind people about the effects of negative energy on Numbers and on everything. Another thing is to realize that those in power use numerology to keep us in a spell. How else could we not see what is going on around us. That is why things happen on certain days. It’s planned that way and it’s no coincidence. That is why things are named as they are and by investigating the numbers in the name I can discern this.
The first thing I noticed was how many 15’s there are in this chart. For some time I have realized that 15/6 in the negative is war. First of all 6 is supposed to mean Life but in the negative it is the opposite; death. 15/6 would mean Freedom in Self Determination creating Life but in the negative it’s bondage in oppression to kill. War is 15/6 and so is Dawn. Two important numbers; Mind and Logic in the chart are 15/6. These are clues to the purpose of attacking Libya.
The pretext for attacking Libya is humanitarian. No WMD’s this time but regime change is at the center of this invasion as it was in Iraq. An investigation into the numbers gives clues to the true motives here; namely war. War gives more power to the dark side and the negative energy spawns more evil power.
There are 3-8’s/power; Destiny, Future and Legacy are all 8’s. Very important placements of power. Power can be cooperative and free or it can be oppressive and the later is true in this case.
I’m not going to go into all the numbers. You can read their negative meanings on the chart.
There is a positive aspect to this chart and it is Transformation; Changing this for a good outcome so that it does have a good result. It could turn out well for us if the intentions change. That is why I surrounded it with 13 Love Light symbols and lighted it up. 13 is Transformation and the Light exposes the wrong intentions to make them right.
We are all in a spell that is taking us to the abyss; to an evil end and there are very few that are awake or that see the “Elephant in the Room”. We were already in a spell when the World Trade Center attack happened 9/11/2001 and that’s why most people were not aware of what actually happened and why people still refuse to see the Truth in it even after overwhelming proof has been presented.
I am no Magician but I am convinced from seeing the evidence that we have been tricked and are under an evil spell and are being led to destruction. If there is a hell and a prince of darkness; we are being dominated by that! If you don’t believe it look at how many people are just going along with what’s happening! How many people who say they follow Christ, the Prince of Peace, are going to war and sending their children into it! How many "Liberals" are no longer Liberal because they vote for a party that has sold out!
I also look at the morals and ethics of mainstream society and the fact that the new philosophies and beliefs actually say that pretty much everything is OK. There is just a very small minority that have real moral scruples anymore.
In the Bible it says that there are only a few who will enter the Kingdom of Heaven and when Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed it was because of the level of corruption and the fact that there were no more righteous people left.
In China there is a belief that many troubles befall a Country when there is bad leadership. Chinese leaders supressed this belief. Other leaders as well but that is exactly what is happening to the World. Ever since 9/11/2001 we have had war and one tragedy after another: The World Trade Center attack, war in Afghanistan and Iraq, toxic dust exposure, the wall street collapse, the bp blowout, several earthquakes, the Japanese Disaster and this new war in Libya etc. The corporations have taken over the US government and are using it to run over us and the environment and for their own private army. They are using the media as a propaganda machine to keep us in the spell. Now we don’t believe that there is such a thing as Global Warming. Kids are on drugs and hooked on video games. Etc. etc, etc; on and on and it’s all because of bad leadership.
I am not even allowed to talk about these negatives because supposedly if we give it attention it will grow! That’s the current philosophy but Hell! It’s Growing anyway so that’s BS. I say it’s growing because people don’t see it and don’t want to see it!
So that’s another thing that’s leading us to destruction is all these new philosophies and supposedly spiritually awake people are telling us that addressing this Karma is negative. I say that’s building on a bad foundation. Christian society had their foundation on Jesus’ teachings and it was knocked out in the middle ages. In most cases it has never been fixed. So we live in a society that already had a mainstream religion that told them to obey the laws of the country and that believed that Grace was an excuse to do anything and now the New Age comes along and basically says not to acknowledge the problems but put good energy into it and make it Good. I don't know if anyone really knows what Good Energy is!
Good Energy is Love Light. The Love of All Creation and Light; the Truth. Without either Love or Light there is only negative energy. That's because you can Love anything good or evil without Light! There can be no Wisdom without Truth. Truth is not just subjective truth that's only opinion but it is Truth as opposed to lies. Good Energy is to “have no self interest, Be Doubly Generous and Good to All”. Essentially helping others and that means helping the Whole; everyone and those in the Future as well so we have to live sustainably.
It is also deciding which God you serve. Whether you believe in God or not it is what power you are under; oppressive or Free. If you are going along with the evil god that is destroying the Creation of Creator God then it is the destroyer that you follow and that is going to be who is over you in the end.
Was this what Jesus meant by Salvation? I think it was because he said “You will know the Truth and the Truth Shall Set You Free”. If we knew the Truth we could be Free. So what if we don’t know the Truth? Are we lost? That’s how it looks to me right now in this World of Ours.
There’s always hope, though and that’s why I’m doing the New Love Light Beginnings series. I want to show what kind of a World we could live in and some alternatives to how we do it in our unsustainable life. We need to work for it, though. It won’t happen if we don’t work and one thing we have to work for is to change things in a positive way. How can we change if we don’t know what’s going on and the Truth?
To the New Age I say how can we know what is Positive if we don’t know what is negative?
Love Light Smith

Monday, March 21, 2011

New Love Light Beginnings Left

Happy Spring and Solstice. It's already been 80 here in Arkansas.
More news from Japan. Of course the reason that they can't keep the water in the cooling ponds is because they're cracked and broken. They say don't drink the water because there's iodine in it. Iodine is the new code word for Radiation. Actually Iodine is what you need to take to deminish the effects of Radiation. There's many other substances we can take like kelp and we need to become familiar with these because we are going to need them I worry.
Japan had plans for more than two dozen new reactors! Sounds more like they need to get rid of the ones they have and so do we. Then we need to get into some serious austerity measures to reduce our usage of Everything!
Learn to Live Simply. Sit under the Old Oak Tree in the Summer and sleep on the Screen Porch. Ride Bicycles, have a Garden, Vacation at Home.
I think we aught to live by the part of the Lords Prayer that says Forgive Us Our Debts as we Forgive our Debtors. That way we wouldn't have to be slaves to the rat race and we wouldn't have to make a living destroying the Earth.
Look into most jobs and you will find a strong element of destroying the Earth in every one of them. The first element is getting in a car and going off to join the other wage slaves. If we stayed home and worked the ground and grew our own food that is the best way we could occupy our time!
Go back to School; not the factory school but many small community schools where they taught survival skills. The skills that our forefathers had. We could go to school with our kids and all learn these skills again!
That's my thought for the day.
Love Light Smith

Friday, March 18, 2011

New Love Light Beginnings.

I have wanted to put down visions of a New and better World for some time and now seems to be the perfect time to start. The idea is to show in an Artistic way what our Lives could look like if we would realize a better way of life. This is Love Light so what better forum than this to express it?
I have some Artistic tallent but it is not trained and actually I have done very little but every time I do it, it seems to come out well. So if you think it looks a little amaturish; give me time to practice. I really like the digital format and with it I can not only do Art easier but can get it out to more people too.
Loving All you people who read my blog and hope to inspire you as I am inspired.
Love Light Smith