Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Love Light Beginning........

This morning I decided to give the new figure a name and call it Love Light Beginning.
If you notice the new lines; they are lines of the word Beginning.
The Love Light has also become Love Light Engine and Flowering Love Light so it has More Power. is Opening Up and Beginning.
This has come out of a search for Christ and a depiction of Love Light holding a Diamond Crucible containing the Mind and Spirit of Christ.
While this may seem unusual to our vision of Christ I believe it is a good depiction of an Ideal that holds up Christ and admits the Spirit of his Perfect Mind to Enlighten Our Being. And further that those who hold up his Light are in him and of him.
Blessed are the Meek, For they shall inherit the earth.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, For they shall be filled.
Blessed are the merciful, For they shall obtain mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart, For they shall see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers, For they shall be called children of God.

Love Light Smith

Thursday, June 16, 2011

2011 Chart.

I made a Chart for the entire Year of 2011. I started out by doing a chart for May and then just kept doing more Charts until I had the whole year. I have begun 2012 and another Chart for the 9 year Cycle.
I will be updating my comments and checking the 2011 Chart to find more patterns as time goes on.
There seems to be a great new realization coming out of this chart with various Number Energies and their source.
Granted; this system is one I have expanded and some of it's techniques are unknown to other Numerologists but I believe it's conclusions can be verified logically as well as Numerologically. To me it’s a great tool to explore with and discover Truth that is hiding in plane sight.
What I think is most interesting about this is the implication that we can see the source of a number energy by the Star Sign. From here a New Theory is born and implies a need for New Logic.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Last Picture of Esser's Peace and Moving On.

A short sabatical would now be a more accurate discription of my sojurne at Esser's Peace. It was a Good and Light filled experience defining Truth. Truth for Light. I found it there. Face time with possible nature connections and success growing food were the visions I held and two out of three aint bad. One more experience and we're all closer to the goal. Still could be a Fall Garden somewhere else with other people creating in a place where Humanity cooperates and coexists with Nature; living on the land and working it's life giving power.
I found that Nature can feel so right but if our Minds don't meld the Human connection is not right and it's impossible to feel inspired and in the right place.
So I travel on. I'm Free! Back home for now and back out very soon when the fair winds blow.
Love Light

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lives and Esser's Peace.

Thinking that I had "left my old life behind" I joined a new forming community; "Essers Peace." I jumped right in; thinking all would be right. Now I come back to write about it, contemplate and write down my thoughts. In fact I didn't leave my old life behind and found it necessary to go back to it when my new life didn't work out. Back and forth I went for a while but I had to give it up; even though the place itself was beautiful. I found that Esser's Peace was indeed a New World but new people and new issues were unable to deal with a new birth and a new creation.
Love Light didn't stay at Esser's Peace and I find it being ever more plane that it's principals applied to real people could not change the unfortunate reality that most people just don't Love Light and perceive the World much differently. I see Love Light as obvious and others see issues of Spirit and Goodness so differently but I believe there is a chance for some enlightenment whether it is just for me or if it is shared.
What I see most plainly is how Positive and negative energy affects the given numbers of those who I have the honor to examine. It is indeed an honor to work with people who are willing to have a Reading done but it is mostly just viewed as entertainment and not taken seriously. They go into it with no idea just how deeply it tells the truth about their mission in life and how important it is to do it Good.
I believe that it will be shown how much more cooperation there will be for those who go about their mission without self interest and I believe that is the whole crux of Positive Energy. When we do that we are in a Work of Love and Creation.
Otherwise we are always in conflict and drama trying to compete with those around us. Positive Energy gives us the ability to turn our abilities into assets that everyone shares and we are truly looking out for those around us and not only ourselves.
I made the statement "If God is with Me I will do Good" and I analyzed it. It's almost the same numbers as Love Light except that the Method If is a 6/Nurture instead of 9/Perfect Love but it's the same in Mind of 11/Light,Soul of 11/Light and Body of 9/Perfect Love.
It is so worth it to go into these things because for one, we have a chance to begin to create a Heaven on Earth and in lieu of that there is enlightenment gained and shared and something greater for those who leave the darkness of this World and come into the Light.
Are we in the End Times? We don't know but this World could end at any time for a long list of reasons. Are we ready?
The other day one of our Neighbors asked me if I believed in "Being Saved" and I told them that I did but for perhaps very different reasons. I do believe that Love Light is a message from Christ and I do believe that he is a God to a great many people and that his teachings are a guide that if we really follow will save us. That I believe but I also believe that his name is being used in vane by people who believe they are saved and aren't following him or his teachings. So I don't believe that people are saved unless they have the Light of Christ, which is the Truth.
Yes there's Grace and that seems to be the favorite doctrine of Christians but that is for Babes in Christ who have just begun to see, not for those who have been Christians for a long time. They should be following what Jesus Christ said and they should be looking deeper into it than is generally practiced by mainstream christianity.
There is no excuse for war and that is the most anti-Christ occupation that we are currently involved in as a Nation and the Churches have gone along with this as much as anyone. Christ didn't tell us to go on the offensive against other nations because they were different and because we were lied to in order to take us to War: He told us that "Blessed are the Peace Makers" and he told us that "We will know the Truth and the Truth will make us Free!"
So if we believe we are "Saved" we had better know what that means. It implies change first of all and we need to find out what this change is supposed to be.
According to Love Light we are all given certain talents and only through Good do these talents become Good Fruit. Good is many things but it is especially having no self interest, being generous and good to all. Not serving anti-Christ aims like war and greed is especially important. Keeping the Commandments not to covet, commit adultery, lie, steal and kill including in war. This is morality and we shouldn't overlook this because there are some things that society tells us are good but we should look to a higher power for the Truth. There are many lies told to us by Civil Society and we need to be critical thinkers and not just "sheeple".
One of these days we will be asked to answer for our lives and how we lived. I don't say this in a proud way but to be Truthful; the Love Light of Christ is crucial. After studying it for over 4 years many inspired concepts have come to me and I am willing to share all of it with everyone. And yes; I continue to deal with my own negatives and my own karma every day.
Love Light Smith