Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Amazing Newmeralligical Shapes.

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Top: 9 small Love Light Symbols. Center: Love Light Design with 3D Head, hands in Sky and Feet in Earth. Left Design: 3D Love Light with Pyramid Top. Right Design: 3D Love Light Engine with Pyramid Top. Bottom: 9 3D God With Us Symbols.

Love Light. This is a 3 Dimensional Image called The Love Light. It is color coded so the viewer can see how it is formed. The Pyramid on the top was added instinctively but if you look closely you can see how perfectly it conforms to the rest of the design.

Name Sign of "The Hidden Story Of Jesus"

Try to Look at This as 3D.

From a You tube Video of that Title.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

God/Goddess; Masculine/Feminine; Love Light.

There comes a point in everyone’s life when one big realization changes everything. For me this was when I became aware of The Goddess. I began to hear the voices of the people saying things like “Thank Goddess” and “Goddess Bless” and “Go with the Goddess”. When this happened everything began to make sense.
The Eureka Moment for me came on July 4, 2002 at the National Rainbow Gathering in Michigan. Because I grew up in the ‘60’- ‘80’s these Gatherings are Pinnacle Moments. I always knew that deeply held beliefs determined how we lived our lives and I knew that there is a kind of Religious Zeal behind a conscientious Life. This had always been God for me until Goddess became my focus. I even had a Sign come to me a couple days later to confirm that I was on the right track.
The sign happened on the 3rd day in the pre-dawn hours. I was walking along a path toward “Lovin Ovens” where I was camping and I saw something in the path. It was part of the path because it was a piece of the decayed wood that the Seed Camp Workers had used for the surface. It was still dark and I was looking down and a shape caught my eye. It was a piece of wood that looked like an Angel. I picked it up and when I looked at it I was amazed! It was a perfect statue about 9” tall and it was in effect, made by a Tree! I showed it to some people and one of them turned fiendish and wanted to carve on it. This was the first time I had to protect it.
When I began to really look at this figure I realized that it was a Statue of The Goddess. I was so excited about this that I showed it to everyone and while most people liked it there was one woman who wanted to burn it! It is astonishing how far the patriarchy reaches! This woman wanted me to burn it just because I wanted to honor Our Mother. That's when I realized that some people in the church still want to burn the Goddess and destroy Life. That was my Sign to keep Honoring The Goddess and Protect Her against false beliefs.
I was a Bible Believing Christian when I believed I was following the legitimate precepts of Jesus Christ but when I started to realize my Church was not really following Christ I quit going. Where once I saw mainstream religion as the “Right Way” I began to see it as opposing what was right. I saw that Religious People were not acting wisely toward the Earth and were not Just toward all People. I became Liberal or something bordering on Humanist but I don’t remember ever being cynical because I continued looking for the right answers.
Before my epiphany at the Rainbow Gathering I was already beginning to gravitate toward the Goddess. At first it was Our Lady of Guadalupe after a magical trip to the South West. Mother Nature was allied with the Nature Spirits that I was convinced inhabited the Woods around my home. I believed that we were entrusted with working with the plants, animals and Spirits around us. Finally at the Rainbow Gathering in 2002 I realized that it was the Goddess who was the Spirit over those who Loved the Earth. The Sign of the little statue of a Goddess made by a Tree was my confirmation to Honor The Goddess. She is The Holy Spirit that guides me.
When we look within the hierarchy of most organizations all throughout history it’s plain that there is a patriarchy. Men have run things for a very long time and as a result of this we live under a paradigm that justifies war and abuses the weak and defenseless. In this system where the strong rule there is a disregard for what’s right or wrong. In this system it has traditionally been Men who rule and Women are pushed aside. Today there are many Women in power so society believes that the Gender Gap is going away. The example of someone like Condoleezza Rice in the administration of George W. Bush made it plain that just because someone is a Woman doesn’t mean they are operating from the Feminine.
When Feminism came out as an organizing force Women set out to get equality but as time went on and more and more political power was gained they realized that wasn’t enough. That’s where the idea of Spiritual Feminism comes from. From the study and development of Spiritual Feminism came concepts that are still true. It is believed that every Man and Woman have both Masculine and a Feminine Poles within them. It was also believed that Male Energy was Clever and Strong and Feminine Energy was Caring, Sharing and Life. It was also seen that Male Energy acts in the moment and has neither memory nor foresight but Feminine Energy can remember the past and see the future. When I was learning about this and was being introduced to the concept of Masculine/Feminine Energy I also learned about Positive and Negative Energy, Shadow and Karma . All of these concepts seemed to fit into a pattern that eventually became obvious and convincing.
Because I was introduced to Numerology at the same time as The Goddess I had a way to test the theories I was finding. In my quest into the Divine Feminine many new concepts came out that were the result of seeking beyond what has been published.
When I no longer honored God and only revered the Goddess I was missing something. This was the case only until the Magic Moment I discovered Love Light and it became a Balancing force. That’s when I realized we need both God and Goddess to be in Harmony because we need to protect “The Lovely Things and Life.
I had been angry at God because to me he represented the patriarchy and all the Male centered energy that was destroying Life. I knew that Male Energy was Smart and Strong but it had no memory of the past or knowledge of the Future and it had become destructive. I knew that Feminine Energy was Love and it had Memory and Wisdom because it carried Life but it was weakened by exploitation. God seemed to be responsible for the destruction of Life instead of it’s Protector. How could Goddess foster Life if God didn’t protect Her?
When I discovered Love Light and I realized how negative energy affected everything I began to see negative energy as the real culprit. Now Positive Energy is what I stress in everything that concerns Love Light.
I began to see that if Masculine Energy was Positive it would Protect the Feminine. Positive and negative energy mean the same thing as Good and evil and can also be equated with Creation or destruction and Love and hate. It’s what motivates Us to either Heal or harm.
The Shadow is the force within us that is our bad side. It stays hidden until negative forces come into play that bring it out. It is the side of us that we are not proud of. It is the side of us that is counter productive and destructive. When we let pleasure become vice and addictions rule our lives we begin to see the strong and clever Male Energy using the Feminine Life Force for short sighted pleasure instead of caring for it. When this dichotomy is affecting an individual we see a someone with self destructive tendencies. The symptoms are endless but anything like substance abuse, unhealthy eating habits, or unsafe sex can be a part of it. When directed inwardly this can be self destructive.
Remember, we are still talking about Masculine/Feminine Energy in Positive/Negative Energy. Theoretically, then, if Masculine Energy is operating in Positive Energy it would be Protecting the Feminine Life Force. That would mean that we are taking care of our Health and protecting our Bodies. We are in effect Loving Ourselves. This is a dimension of Loving Ourselves and it goes beyond the physical. We don’t really take care of Ourselves fully unless we do it completely, in Body Mind and Spirit.
When we Love Ourselves we try to tell ourselves Good Things. We never direct negative language or thoughts back toward ourselves and we always use Good Positive thoughts. Good Mental Energy and Spiritual Energy is similar but we need to keep out negative spirits too.
Take this a step further and go into the realm of Relationships and how we treat each other. If we are taking care of those who are near and dear to us, we are practicing Good Energy. If not we are obviously practicing negative energy. When we Protect our Loved Ones it is Masculine Energy Protecting the Feminine. This includes not only protecting them Physically but also Mentally and Spiritually. So to keep them Completely Healthy we want to protect them from any harm whether it be Physical, Mental or Spiritual. This in effect is activated Love that connects the strength of the Masculine with the Wisdom of the Feminine. This Union is Love Light. Love of Wisdom; Love Light because when the Masculine Loves the Feminine it connects with it and gets Wisdom which is the Light. Love of Light!
Take this beyond our close relationships and into society at large and our associations with other people and with one group and another. It can be Churches and Clubs and Organizations. It can be Businesses and Cities. It can be International Corporations and Countries. The Dynamic is the same as Masculine/Feminine Energy being practiced in a Positive/negative way.
This Dynamic is not always Good. From the way we take care of our selves to the way corporations treat the people of the World it is the Same. The Planet is the Single Greatest Symbol of the Feminine Life Force and we have been abusing Her. She has been so abused that if we are not careful we will end up killing her and then we die too.
So the Dynamic of Masculine/Feminine Energy and Positive/negative Energy goes all the way to it’s ultimate conclusion where We as One, Unite With God to become a Force For Good and Protect Our Mother, The Life Force and the Earth and Ultimately Our Mother is Able to Give Us Back the Full Measure of Life on Earth and in the Here After.
Put simply that’s Love Light.