Monday, November 30, 2009

Ten Years Ago Tonight; Starhawk

Ten years ago tonight, I was sitting in a spokescouncil in a warehouse in downtown Seattle, surrounded by a sea of dreadlocked youth, preparing to rise at dawn and hit the streets the next morning. Was it that night or the next I went with my friends Margo Adair and Bill Aall with whom I was staying, to the late-night grocery store for some emergency vinegar to soak our bandannas in case of tear gas? Some of the memories have faded after ten years—although I won’t soon forget the caustic bite of some sort of intense Japanese wine vinegar that was all we ended up with—and as bad as the tear gas itself, in my opinion. But I recall that I wasn’t too worried. I hadn’t seen the police use tear gas on a political demonstration since the Sixties, and I didn’t really comprehend that they would.

Now I mostly remember snatches of images from the day: setting off in the morning with one of the marches, banners flying, giant puppets hovering above the crowd, drums thundering and feeling a sense of joy and liberation that never deserted me even in the worst times of the next few days. Our Pagan cluster dancing by the Union sound stage most of the day in one corner that stayed fairly quiet and peaceful. Rounding the corner to find smashed windows, burning dumpsters, casualties weeping on the curb from the tear gas—a new kind of war zone. Hearing that we had indeed shut the meeting down! Trying to facilitate a meeting that night with a thousand people at once pumped, traumatized, triumphant and fearlul, with someone running in at intervals to yell, “The cops—they’re coming this way! They’re tear gassing everyone, and they’re five blocks away!” “The cops—they’re coming this way! They’re tear gassing everyone, and they’re five blocks away!” “The cops—they’re coming this way! They’re tear gassing everyone, and they’re thee blocks away!” “The cops—they’re coming this way! They’re tear gassing everyone, and they’re right outside the door!”

The next morning, after the Mayor declared downtown Seattle a closed, protest-free zone, most of us headed down there to defy the order we considered unconstitutional and a violation of our rights. We sat down in the road, got arrested, and went to jail for the next five days. During that time, the talks we had set out to protest fell apart, as delegates from the global South, emboldened by our presence on the streets, walked out.

The blockade in Seattle was probably the single most successful political action I’ve been involved in over more than four decades of activism. It had a catalytic affect on the movement for global justice and it galvanized me into doing more street actions and mobilizations than any sensible middle-aged gardener really ought to do.

But Seattles—like those blinding moments in a love affair when the whole world stops, like those perfect poems that write themselves, like the song so catchy and beautiful it becomes a world wide hit, like the glowing day in the forest when you find the giant chantrelle, like any amazing, ecstatic, lucky peak experience, happen rarely. They’re the Black Swans, the unusual occurrence, the outlier. The daily grind of political activism is showing up, over and over again, with the same hundred people you’ve seen before. Getting yourself up off the couch where you’d much rather be, to march around feeling slightly foolish and chanting the same things you’ve been chanting since 1966. “Peace Now!” “Stop the Bombing!” “End the Occupation!” The effects, if any, of your actions are so far away and far removed that any sense of accomplishment or achievement is rare and abstract, and the chances of getting whacked, clubbed, trodden upon, hoarse from screaming, tear gassed, pepper sprayed, stun gunned, tasered, arrested, interrogated, deported, or facing other unpleasantness rise daily. The personal motto that carries me through these things is Garrison Keilor’s observation, that “things that are horrible for most people are good for writers.” And the sure knowledge that every freedom we cherish, every great change, every liberation of a slave or shift in conciousness or small increase in justice was won in just this way—in the streets by people who mostly felt at the time that they were losing.

We’ve got to do it. All those email petitions on the internet, all those phone calls are fine—but there’s no substitute for human beings putting our bodies in the way the operations of injustice and pounding on the gates of the exploiters and raising our living voices in outrage at stupidity and greed.

So tomorrow, on November 30, I’ll be joining my friends in the streets again, participating in another Global Day of Action around Climate Change, this one called by the Climate Pledge of Resistance folks at I urge you to check them out, sign the pledge, and look for an action near you.

Why? Because climate change is galloping along faster than even grim scientists feared, and idiots and profiteers are preventing us from doing what we know we need to do to rein it in. And if we expect our politicians to do anything meaningful about it, at home or in Copenhagen next week, they need to be buoyed up on a rising tide of public clamor. That’s us, folks.

So I’m getting offline now and getting a good night’s sleep. I’m ten years older now—I’m not shopping for vinegar at two AM. For one thing, I’ve learned that lemon juice works just as well—which is to say, not very well at all—and smells better. But I’m not anticipating tear gas in the streets tomorrow—just a few hundreds or thousands of good friends who care enough about the world to keep on marching. And we will keep on marching—as long as it takes. Come join us!

Climate Pledge of Resistance

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Peace Love Light. 11/22/2009

7 Days left in the Peace 11/11/11 Campaign.
The Numbers for this 22 day is supposed to be strong in the Master Builder; however these times are very difficult without Positive Energy. The possibilities are great but in negative energy we just fall back into the old paradigm of self seeking that produces weakness.
As I have explained many times, it is not just the numbers that indicate what the dynamics are but that it depends on the energy that is put into them; Positive or negative.
The background to this is how an 8 Nine Year Cycle is affecting us. We are in an 8, Nine Year Cycle because we are in the 224th (2+2+4=8) Nine Year Cycle. In 2008 we began the 224th Nine year cycle since the theoretical beginning of the Gregorian Calendar. Just divide 9 into 2007 which was the last year of the last Nine Year Cycle and you get 223. Now we are in the second year of an 8 Nine Year Cycle. We came out of the 223rd Nine Year Cycle which was a 7. That indicates that we came out of a Logical (Positive)/confusing (negative) Nine Year Cycle and now we are in the second year of an 8/Empowering (Positive)/power over others (negative), Nine Year Cycle.
This is a very difficult time for cooperation because the mostly self seeking 8 is only interested in consolidating power for itself. It does not realize that True Power is when Power is Given, not when it is taken. Any group that seeks Peace should realize this. Peace is only possible in Positive Energy.
Love Light. We must have Love but how can we have Love without Light? To have Love we must have Truth. To have Truth we must be Free. To be Free we must have Truth. Without Freedom and Truth and Love we cannot have Peace.
It’s Love Light. Until we listen to the Message we are just spinning our wheels. Until we Live with Good Positive Energy we cannot have Peace. How can we live in Good Positive Energy? How can we Love all Creation? How can we know the Truth? How can we have Love Light? The Message is “have no self interest, Be Doubly Generous and Good to All”.
Impossible? Then so is Peace.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Peace Prayers

Love Light Prayer for Peace

God Goddess
Love Light
May We
Have no self interest
Be Doubly Generous
And Good to All
May We
Love All Creation
And be in the Light
May We
Live Good
Create Good
Do as We Should
Make Heaven
And Have Peace
Amen Awoman


Spirit of God,
We long to mend the broken circle
To heal the fractures in the world around us
And within our own souls
To learn from one another
The ways of being fully alive
Spirit of God
We long to see as reality
A world pulsing with justice and truth;
A society where everyone sits down
At the great Banquet Table and eats until filled.
Spirit of God
We recommit ourselves
To building the Beloved Community
As brothers and sisters working together
Blessed are the Peacemakers,
For they shall be known as
The Children of God.
But I say to you that hear,
Love your enemies,
Do good to
Those who hate you,
Bless those who curse you
Pray for those who abuse you.
To those that strike you on the cheek,
Offer the other one also,
And from those who take away your cloak,
Do not withhold your coat as well
Give to everyone who begs from you,
And of those who take away your good,
Do not ask for them again.
And as you wish that others would do to you,
Do so to them.
(Guatemalan Peace Prayer)
Que todos se levanten,
Que ni otro se quede
Astras de lost demas.
Let them all rise together,
Let no one be left behind.
Come, let us go up to the
Mountain of the Lord
That we may walk the paths
Of the Most High
And we shall beat our swords into ploughshares,
And our spears into pruning hooks.
Nation shall they learn sword against nation
Neither shall they learn war any more.
And none shall be afraid,
For the mouth of the
Lord of Hosts has spoken.
In the name of Allah,
The beneficent, the merciful
Praise be to the Lord of the Universe
Who has created us and
Made us into tribes and nations.
That we may know each other,
Not that we may despise each other.
If the enemy incline towards peace,
Do thou also incline towards peace,
And trust God,
Most gracious are those
Who walk on the Earth in humility
And when we address them, we say "PEACE."
Oh, Great Spirit of our Ancestors,
I raise my pipe to you.
To your messengers the four winds,
And to Mother Earth
Who provides for your children.
Give us the wisdom to teach our children
To love, to respect, and to be kind
To each other so that they may grow
With peace of mind.
Let us learn to share all good things
That You provide for us on this Earth.
Lord make us Instruments of your peace
Where there is hatred let us sow love
Where there is injury, pardon
Where there is doubt, faith
Where there is despair, hope
Where there is darkness, light
Where there is sadness, joy
O Divine Spirit,
Grant that we may not so much seek
To be consoled as to console
To be understood as to understand
To be loved as to love.
For it is giving that we receive
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned
It is in dying that we are born to eternal life.
Although I believe the people living across the ocean
Are all our brothers and sisters,
Why are there constant troubles in this world?
Why do the winds and waves rise in the oceans surrounding us?
I earnestly wish that the wind will soon puff away
All the clouds which are hanging over the tops of the mountains.
God judges us according to our deeds,
Not the coat that we wear;
Truth is above everything
But higher still is truthful living
Know that we attain God
When we love, and only
Victory endures in consequences
Where no one is defeated.
Jesus, help us see that you have called us to be like you.
Instruments of forgiving love
You do not take us out of the world,
But, you give us courage to live in the world.
Melt us, mold us, fill us,
Use us to make peace!
God, Creator of the world,
Please help us to love one another.
Make nations friendly with other nations.
Make all of us love one another
Like brothers.
Help us to do our part
To bring peace in the world
And happiness to all people.
Be generous in prosperity
And thankful in adversity
Be fair in judgment,
And guarded in thy speech
Be a lamp unto those
Who walk in darkness
And a home to a stranger.
Be eyes to the blind
And a guiding light
Unto the feet of the erring.
Be a breath of life
To the body of humankind
A dew to the soil
Of the human heart
And a fruit upon the tree of humility
Oh God, All holy one,
You are our Mother and our Father
And we are your children.
Open our eyes and our hearts
So that we may be able to discern Your work
In the universe,
And be able to see your features in every one of Your children.
May we learn that there are many paths,
But all lead to You.
Help us to know that You have created us
Members of the same family
Your family, the human family.
Help us to beat our swords into plowshares
And our spears into pruning hooks
So that we may live in peace and harmony,
Wiping away the tears from the eyes of those
Who are less fortunate than ourselves.
And may we know war no more,
As we strive to be what You want us to be:
Your children.
Deep peace of the running wave to you
Deep peace of the flowing air to you
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you
Deep peace of the shining stars to you
Deep peace of the watching shepherds to you
Deep peace of the Son of Peace to you
If there’s peace in ;your heart
There’ll be peace in your world
There’ll be no fear
Only love will endure
If you love just one
You can love every child
There’ll be peace in your heart
And peace in your world.
(The Peace Seeds)
Oh God, lead us from the unreal to the real.
Oh God, lead us from darkness to light.
Oh God, lead us from death to immortality.
Shanti, Shanti, Shanti unto all.
Oh Lord God Almighty, may there be peace
In celestial regions.
May there be peace on Earth.
May the waters be appeasing.
May herbs be wholesome
And may trees and plants being peace to all.
May all beneficent beings bring peace to us.
May they Vedic Law propagate peace
All throught the world.
May all things be a source of peace to us.
And may thy peace itself, bestow peace on all
And may that peace come to me also.
Peace and Universal Love is the essence
Of the Gospel preached by all Enlightened Ones
The Lord has preached that equanimity
Is the Dharma
Forgive do I creatures all,
And let all creatures forgive me.
Unto all have I amity, and unto none enmity.
Know that violence is the root cause of all miseries in the world.
Violence, in fact, is the knot of bondage.
"Do not injure any living being."
This the eternal, perennial, and unalterable
Way of spiritual life.
A weapon howsoever powerful it may be,
Can always be superseded by a superior one;
But no weapon can, however,
Be superior to non-violence and love.
Almighty God, the Great Thumb
We cannot evade to tie any know;
The Roaring Thunder that splits might trees;
The all-seeing Lord up on high who sees
Even the footprints of an antelope
On a rock mass here on Earth.
You are the one who does
Not hesitate to respond to our call.
You are the cornerstone of peace.
We pray to God to eradiate all the
Misery in the world;
That understanding triumph over ignorance,
That generosity triumph over indifference
That trust triumph over contempt
And that truth triumph over falsehood
Spirit of God, we long to mend the broken circle,
to heal the fractures in the world around us
and within our own souls.
We long to see as reality, a world pulsing with
justice and truth; A society where everyone sits
down at the Great Banquet and eats until filled.
Spirit of God, we recommit ourselves
to building the Beloved Community as
brothers and sisters working together.
Benedictine Peace Prayer (in part)
God help us to be peacemakers.
Aid us to work for peace,
To take the first step In ending bitterness,
To be the first to hold our hands in friendship
and forgiveness
Beg, God, let peace permeate our lives
So that they may be lived in Your grace and love.
Excerpts from "Birth Project" by Judy Chicago
And then all that has divided us will merge.
Compassion will be wedded to power.
Softness will come to a world that is harsh and unkind.
Both men and women will be strong
And no person will be subject to another's will.
And then all will live in harmony with each other and the earth
And everywhere will be Eden once again.
Creator God, we are women and men of the millennium
A voice for Gaia's unfolding energy.
We are change.
We are a community willing to grow
In peace, power and love.
Teach us that giving is the act of receiving,
That healing ourselves...heals our world.
That we are interconnected;
Part of ancestors and children to come,
Part of the soil, earth and stars.
Let us live in peace!
Peace Prayer Adapted from the Upanishads
Lead me from death to life
From falsehood to truth

Lead me from despair to hope
From fear to trust

Lead me from hate to love
From war to peace

Let peace fill our hearts, our world
Our universe

(Adapted from Prayer for Jewish Worship)

God of Peace, be with those
Who guide the destinies of the world,
so that an end may come
To boasting and arrogance.
Give them the courage to speak the truth
And the humility to listen.
Help us to put the good of others
Above our own ambition
So that we may be freed from
The burden of fear,
The weight of suspicion,
And may come to trust each other
and live in peace.
Sikh Prayer for Peace
God judges us according to our deeds,
not the coat that we wear;
Truth is above everything
but higher still is truthful living
Know that we attain God when we love,
and only victory endures in consequences
where no one is defeated
Thoughts of Peace
(Martin Luther King Jr.)
Like the ever-flowing waters of the river,
Life has its moments of drought
And its moments of flood.
But, if we hold on
We will discover that God walks with us,
And that God is able to lift us
From the fatigue of despair
To the buoyancy of hope
And transform dark and desolate valleys
Into sunlit paths of inner peace.
Peace Prayer adapted from the Upanishads
Lead me from death to life
From falsehood to truth
Lead me from despair to hope
From fear to trust
Lead me from hate to love
From war to peace
Let peace fill our hearts, our world
Our universe
Peace Prayer from El Via Crucis Economico
O God, we ask forgiveness for our failure
to raise our voices as we should.
Holy spirit, anoint us as faithful advocates.
We pray for governments
to represent the demands of ordinary people,
especially those who are silenced
because of poverty or gender.
We pray that the cries of the voiceless may be heard
and that all people will declare that the word of God—
not the "laws" of economics—shall govern humanity.
We pray for the restoration of our broken relationships.
Peace Prayer of the Fellowship of Reconciliation
Spirit of God, we long to mend the broken circle,
to heal the fractures in the world around us
and within our own souls.
We long to see as reality
a world pulsing with justice and truth.
A society where everyone sits down at the great banquet
and eats until filled.
Spirit of God, we recommit ourselves
to building the Beloved Community,
as brothers and sisters working together.
Jewish Prayer for Peace
Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord,
that we may walk the paths of the Most High.
And we shall beat our swords into ploughshares,
and our spears into pruning hooks.
Nations shall not lift up sword against nation-
neither shall they learn war any more.
And none shall be afraid, for the mouth of the
Lord of Hosts has spoken.
Philippine Peace Prayer
May God,
continue to create a world of equality and just living
where the whole of creation enjoys life at its fullest;
where there is neither the ruler and the ruled;
nor the powerful and powerless
nor the dominant and dominated
but where all experience grace and live happily,
knowing that it is God, the Giver of life, who cares for all of us.
A Mother’s Prayer for Peace
Oh God, creator, mother and sanctifier of all that is,
Our humble prayer is for your spirit to inspire our lives,
for your love to fill our hearts,
for your grace to overflow
So that all who see us will say,
"Here is Peace"
"Here is Peace"
May we be this peace in our families and in our world.
6th Century Chinese Prayer for Peace
If there is to be peace in the word,
There must be peace in the nations.
If there is to be peace in the nations,
There must be peace in the cities.
If there is to be peace in the cities,
There must be peace between neighbors.
If there is to be peace between neighbors,
There must be peace in the home.
If there is to be peace in the home,
There must be peace in the heart.
Let us be bearers of peace!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Peace Day Today.

11/11/11. Today is Peace Day. Now Affirmed in Idaho, New Mexico, Massachussets, 2Oregon, South Carolina, 11Arkansas, 2California, 2Illinois, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Great Britain and 4Mexico.

And Talk About Synchronicity. President Obama is Getting the Nobel Peace Prize the Same Day! Maybe we can get Him to Affirm and stop the war!

From my humble place where I spend my time trying to Change the World, I am sending out an Appeal that would Change the World as we know it. Use Tomorrow and Every Day from now on to Make Peace. Number Wise, Tomorrow is 11/11/11. I have seen the Signs and I believe that if we Start Tomorrow on 11/11/2009 and declare it Peace Day; we will have Peace from now on.
I've been blogging it out and have gotten some nice support and I am using this day to alert as many people as possible. It’s short notice but this must be part of the Plan. I just found out about it myself. I think that maybe we can come in under the Radar, so to speak because we want to change Veteran’s Day to Peace Day and since the big corporate controlled media machine is cumbersome and slow they won’t have time to react.
So quickly, let’s make 11/11/2009; Peace Day!
Tomorrow is Peace Day and it’s potential for success is astounding! It’s the best day we’ve ever had to Make Peace Come True.
Something we must realize to have peace is that we must start Honoring Life. We are meant to Protect Life. We have not been Protecting Life and that is where we have failed. It means that we still living selfishly instead of caring for all people. Living Good Lives means we also honor Mother Earth. If we Honor Life we will receive Wisdom and Have Peace.
There is a chance that some kind of negative event will happen tomorrow. The reason for this is that more specific evil energy can be gotten from destruction of a day with Specific Good Energy like tomorrow has. It was done on 9/11/2001 and has led to all the evil we have experienced since then. Truth is our Best Weapon. May it hold back and change the ignorance into Truth and the darkness into Light. And May We Have Peace. Love Light.

Tomorrow is Peace Day

Tomorrow is Peace Day and it’s Numbers are Awesome! Most of us live mundane lives so we don’t know how powerful the study of Numbers is but I have been studying Numbers on a daily basis for the last 8 years and I can tell you it’s True: Numbers are a way to Communicate with The Creator. That’s because through Numbers we can see the Order of the Universe.
Once in a while I have a particularly good day studying Numbers and 11/7/2009 was such a day. I have believed that we are supposed to honor the Sabbath for a while now and last Saturday, not only was it the 7th day of the week but it was also the 7th day of the Month and the Month was the 11th Month which is the Month of Enlightenment because that is what 11 signifies. I had work to do in my physical job doing tree work and I need money and it was a perfect day for work but I felt the need to take this day off and do Spiritual Work. I had the 11th in mind because I knew it was special but didn’t know what I would discover.
I did a lot of work on important emails but I worked on and off on the essay about 11/11/11 and sometime soon after I started, the idea of Peace Day came and I knew it was true after I did the Numbers.
Many people are conscious of Numbers but most of the people I am in contact with aren’t so I want to tell people that this month the 11th is 11/11/11 because 2009 is also 11. People who know a little bit about Numbers know that 11/11/11 totals 33 which is a very special number to Numerologists and some believe it to be the Greatest Number. After I did the Numbers I discovered something very important. Peace Day is 33. That is a Sign because it matches the 33 in the date. When I or anyone else sees a sign they should pay attention. Creator is trying to get our attention. Now the Idea of Peace Day takes on particular importance because we are looking at a Sign. The whole set of Numbers associated with the words Peace Day is 3/33/3/3. 3’s are Completion and they are Sociable and Open Hearted. The 33 is the Priest. The Spiritual Nurturer. I say this because Priest totals 33 in it’s Numbers. It is the Feminist Nurturing Priest of Heaven. Could it be God? Also notice that there are 5-3’s on the Name Line and 5 is Freedom Necessary for the Soul.
Then in the Date Line we have the 11/11/11 making a Destiny of 33 and to get to that Destiny we have a 41/5 Destiny Direction so Freedom needed by the Soul takes us to this Priest and Peace Day. Also there is a 13/4 Star Sign so the Cosmos is giving energy for Change to make this possible.
On the Life Line we first have the 32/5 Rational Thought Number so again we have the 5 Freedom necessary for the Soul in the Rational. We have a 53/8 Power by knowledge of God in the energy that surrounds us on our Trail as we proceed and we end up in a Field of Logic and Spirituality. There is one other Number on the Life Line and it is called the Maturity Number so it comes after all this has come to pass. It is a 66 and it is defined as Goddess. The really great thing is that there is another 66 and it is in the Legacy. Both of them are in what will be if we do this and make 11/11/11, Peace Day. Goddess is “All the Lovely Things and Life”. She is what we will become enlightened by if we recognize the intense power and Light of making 11/11/11; Peace Day.
One last Sign and it is this: Peace Day's Balance Number is 11. That is the first Number. Balance Number is the Essence that something is Born Into from The Feminine. The Last Number is the Legacy and it is the total of the previous 13 numbers. It means that Peace Day is born into 11/Enlightenment and has a Legacy of 66/Goddess. Goddess (All the Lovely Things and Life) will be what is left behind and will remain on Earth if we make 11/11/11 Peace Day and Keep November 11 as Peace Day. It is started. Many People of Peace are already on board and the idea will spread. Try to recognize this Holy Day and the Seed of Peace will spread and Multiply around the World. Love Light Smith.
PS: There is another 11/11/11 on the 29th of November. We have 18 Days to prepare. It should be a bog celebration and should be a day to celebrate the end of war with a Consciousness of Good Positive Energy. It should be a day to confirm Peace. This marks the Paradigm Shift and From Now On, Every Day We Practice Peace. Enlightenment, The Power and Protection of God and Goddess; All the Lovely Things and Life. PEACE.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

11/11/11: Peace Day.

Peace Day 11/11/11.

Have you been wondering what is going to happen on the 11th day of November? I have. Numerologically speaking, 11/11/2009 is 11/11/11 and their total 33. Three amazing numbers all lined up 11/11/11 like Lights shining in a Row and the 33/Priest (Gods Protection watching over this) waiting for the The Queen of Light. It’s a lot brighter and a lot more pure than any lights ever seen before.
This is an Idea and an Idea from a Higher Source is an Ideal. Peace is an Ideal. Right after 911 I began to study Numbers and I started studying the Numbers of People. To do People I need a Birth Name and a Birth Date. Now in addition to People I do Ideas. It’s essentially the same; I need the Name of the Idea and a Date for when the Idea comes. I had the Date 11/11/11 and I needed an Idea to Name it. 11/11 is Veteran’s Day but originally it was Armistice Day, 1918. The date when Peace was officially agreed to after World War I which was supposed to be "The War That Ended All Wars". Being a man of Peace myself I want to make 11/11/11 the first Peace Day and make 11/11; Peace Day.
They are, after all, a remarkable set of numbers. What I Pray is that something evil doesn't happen like happened on 9/11/2001; Love Light day.
As I have explained before; Whatever you put Good Energy into; You get Good Energy out of. The opposite is also true. That is why 911; Love Light day turned out so bad. Negative people put their negative energy into it and we got 8 years of bad energy. The higher potential the Numbers are, the more potential they have to be corrupted. The potential is also specific to the meaning of the Numbers. So Love Light in the negative became Hate/Darkness.
My reasoning for starting Peace Day on 11/11/11 is simple. Don’t just honor Veteran’s. Don’t honor war. Honor Peace.
Think about this: We honor people more than Ideals but Ideals are more important. There is Perfection in Ideals. If we honor people who are not good we get bad ideas. Peace is a Holy Ideal. Ideals like Love Light and Peace are being beamed down to us from Higher Sources and they come to Us from Vibrations of the Earth. They are Spiritual and yet we ignore them in favor of ideas that come from the minds of man because, at this time, most of us honor bad ideas that come from an unbalanced and corrupted, right centered paradigm. When we become balanced and listen to the Heart we start hearing the Holy Spirit and get the Ideals that change our little self centered existence. That's when God says “That’s What I’m Talking About!”
So people are self centered but they can change. They might begin to see that “have no self interest, Be Doubly Generous and Good To All” is possible and they might hear God say “THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!!!” YA!! because that's when we begin to live as if we were in Heaven right Here and Now. That's when we begin to make Heaven on Earth. It’s what Jesus called The Kingdom of Heaven.
And Heaven is Peaceful and the Kingdom of Heaven is Peaceful and if we want Heaven we must have PEACE. So Let’s have Peace and start 11/11/2009.
Peace Day 11/11/11 is very interesting. I will tell you some of the things I found out about it. Peace is Generous and it is Complete and Everybody Loves It. There is more Peace on Peace Day than anything else. When you start using the Peace method and it is in your Heart and People see it on You; then you start thinking like a Priest of Peace. I am getting this from knowing it’s Numbers. Peace Day was created out of a need for Balance, Nurture, Power and Perfection in a time when we only have self centeredness, selfishness, weakness, bondage and confusion.
When Peace Day is born, it is born into the Light! It’s destiny is to be the Priest/Priestess. It takes Freedom to get there and the Stars are beaming down Transformation! Change!
And Freedom of Thought and Freedom is Rational and the Way to Power and it Ends Up in a Field of Discipline and Generosity that Creates Order. The Greatest Thing of All, Though, is that at the End is the Emergence of a Goddess; Earth Mother and when we think of Peace Day; Eventually everyone will think of the Earth Mother because this is it's Legacy. Honoring the Life Force.
I had no idea what I would discover when I embarked on this essay today but now that I see; I am happy with it and it is Good. Peace Day 11/11/11.

The Truly Remarkable Thing is that we get Two Peace Days this Month! 11/29/2009 is also 11/11/11. Here we are only two days away from this Day and we just Discovered It! How can we have time to prepare for a Celebration and to Let The World Know? The Wonderful Thing is that The Queen of Light is Giving Us Another Peace Day. Two Peace Days; So the First one is Newly Discovered and the second one is a Gift because we need to get Ready! So Let‘s Get Ready!
Love Light Smith