Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Wonder.

I Wonder.
Day after day, night after night I pray to get some really awesome input from the Spiritual World. I would think; Christ; I may be really deluded but I think you should feel like talking to me or you might want to send me an Angel to talk to me and at least tell me how I’m doing. After all; I promote you to the World all the time and for that I loose friends, take a chance of being martyred myself and have hardly any good feedback from those I reach out to. I spend so much time doing it and sometimes all I get is people telling me to take them off the list. I thought I was on your team; Christ; so why don’t you or one of your agents talk to me?
Well he probably has been and I just haven’t been picking up on it but… What I’ve really been doing to arrive at what I say are very profound conclusions is just using my head and figuring things out and not shutting anything out that might disagree with one conventional wisdom paradigm or another.
I’ve always said “the Holy Spirit is Very Subtle” and this is born out by my lack of good feedback.
I have gotten some really amazing signs but it’s been a long time and maybe they were supposed to be kept secret but I told a few people; so they quit coming.
I have pretty good dreams and sometimes their interpretation is astounding. But I’ve never talked to Jesus! I’ve seen myself in a dream and Tigers as well as a few recent Presidents. I’ve seen my diseased parents and a diseased Aunt and thousands of other people. I’ve seen and heard Satan; who I opposed with many others but I can’t remember seeing and hearing Jesus.
Sometimes Newmeralligy seems like discovering an old tablet that talks about things that are long gone. It seems like a formula that was left behind by Ancient Ones as a tool for whom ever wants to learn to Understand God. So I use it and try to get others to see the things I’ve found.
It’s really just Logic, though. Like Stephen Hawkins; but with a belief in God/Goddess instead of a PHD in Astrophysics.
And I give it to you and you don’t owe me anything and neither does Christ.
I’d love to see him, though, or one of his Angels, or you.
Love Light

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Brother Nathanael; Confronting Zionism?

I have to admit I like this charismatic cross waving zealot. He's got a gift and he's saying what a lot of people want to hear. The more I think about it, though, the more I think he's not deffending Christ but our patriarchal past and the supremacy of the Catholic Church. He's also trying to make a lot of money off Christians.
Disclaimer: If I offend Christians; go read your Bible and Forgive Me. If I offend non believers; think of Christ as someone who inspired Leo Tolstoy, Gandhi and Martin Luther King to be selfless and heroic. If I offend Brother Nathanael Kapner; I Love You Brother. Let's talk.
The Roman Catholic Church was and still is anti-Christ and I assume Greek and Russian Orthodox are the same. Do we forget that they are first of all guilty of killing Christ in the first place and then blaming it on the Jews? The Roman's persecuted Christians for 300 years and then Constantine usurped the Church and took Christ's name as a weapon of war. They practiced genocide against Christ's real followers; the Cathars. They burned thousands of Midwives at the stake as Witches and when some Priests printed Bibles they burned them at the stake! They spread terror throughout Europe and the Mid East in the Crusades and the 100 years war and then took their evil to the America's where they destroyed the Aboriginal Heaven on Earth in a quest for gold. All the patriarchal religions went on a colonizing spree; using Jesus' name to terrorize the World looking for gold, oil and diamonds. They took their God to China for the Opium war to force addiction and went to Africa to fill ships with slaves. They made Haiti a slave colony and when they got free they had to pay reparations to the French for being free! They used false piety to make money in every conceivable way even if they had to do it with drugs, war and slavery. That's the way it was then and that's the way it is now. Among the big players there's no Good vs evil; it's just evil vs evil and Christi-anti is just angry because the Jews have gotten the upper hand!
Kapner is using an old trick of the advertizing biz by creating a villian and then stepping in as the Hero with what we "need". He uses Zionists and Jews as the Villians and him as the Christian Prophet waving the Cross with Dead Jesus on it. He had me for a while until I realized that he's using the symbolism of the Catholic Church and it's Dogma to give himself sacred authority! He's also a super salesman who's sold Major Brands of cleaning products for years so he's been using this trick for years like they do to sell things on TV. And there on his website is Visa, Master Card and Paypal.
He could be totally sincere and maybe not even know that the Church he's copying is not a good witness for Christ! He's smart to do that, though, because there's billions of people in the world who are still deceived by the Church and it's "moral authority"; but the Truth is something else!
The Goodness of the church is a myth! Did they ever try to stop the war? Did they ever say "No; Jesus said ' "Blessed are the Peace Makers and The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth"? Did they say "Blessed are the Mercifull"?
He's right that international Jews have a long history of making money off our stupidity and greed but as I heard it; "you can't cheat an honest man."
To be honest; we are just waking up to the fact that the Jews are now in charge and trying to bring back the Church dictatorship is only going to cause war but that's what Kapner wants to do. Some others want something different such as a secular state but I want Christ to come! I want Love Light.
It doesn't look like Brother Nathanael is preaching Love as an antidote to hate as Christ would have us do. Why is he holding a Cross with Dead Jesus on it? Is Jesus dead or is he alive?
I guess we're supposed to believe the cross with Christ on it is a good Christian symbol but it could be that they are proud so they parade his body around and keep it on the Cross. The Love Light symbol has 2 crosses in an X that means stop using the cross! That's the message I get.
Monotheism is not the answer whether it's Jewish, or Christian because it only fosters hate on account of the Religion of 1 which says "there's only 1 way and it's our way" and "if it's not our way it's evil". Maybe if their way was Christ and it was open, respectful and wise but it's not. It's just about patriarchal monotheism and domination.
There are many Good Paths of Righteousness but the problem is the religion of 1 comes in and says there's only 1 and the religious leaders can always get people to fight for them because they're under their spell. This patriarchal religion of 1 is foolish and destructive and it's easy to fool people because they're in darkness and don't want the Light. They're not connected to Feminine Wisdom that knows the Truth about Life so instead they destroy life.
Enlightenment is impossible without a Balance of the Feminine and Masculine. Here's something New from Love Light: In hell there is no Feminine because it will not go there so those who destroy life better know that they will be abandoned by "All the Lovely Things and Life" and just be sitting there in hell with a bunch of guys in a constant state of violence and women who've lost their loveliness!
Brother Nathanael you better confront the Villian within. Don't be taken in by Monotheism and the anti-Christ.
Love Light