Monday, March 19, 2012

Intro; The Secret of Love Light

“Have no self interest; Be Doubly Generous and Good to All..” ~Love Light Smith True happiness is not possible unless it is in accordance with being of use to others. In heaven, each angel has a specific function which aligns itself with the whole. ~Emanuel Swedenborg. At first I thought the Secret to Heaven was the Mantra; “have no self interest; Be Doubly Generous and Good to All”; but then I realized the Secret to Heaven is not just the Mantra but the Universal Truth of Love Light. It may sound fantastic but from that it follows that Love Light is the Key to Saving the World! As for the Mantra it is universally accepted that we don’t live for ourselves alone but for others. If we, as a group, lived by that; our lives would be a Heavenly experience but that’s not the whole story. We can experience that right here and now. We don’t have to wait until we die. Everything is connected but because of negative energy our problem is living with lies. Ever since mankind decided to adopt barbarism as a way of life; we’ve been living for a false purpose. In the Positive everything is Love Light. Love is universally accepted and the idea that “God is Love”; but that’s only half the equation and without Light it falls flat. Light is Truth and Truth is connected with the Highest Universal Truth; all knowledge and the secrets to Life. As awesome as this is; if we don’t have Love; this also falls flat. “In Him was Life, and the Life was the Light of men. 5: The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.” Jesus: 1st John: 4. See how Life and Light are connected? The second part about darkness is ignorance of Life and what’s killing us. Because people don’t Love Light it’s nearly impossible for individuals to practice the Mantra; “have no self interest; Be Doubly Generous and Good to All”. If generosity is not reciprocal and cooperative it’s just enabling and if Love Light is not practiced it’s just theory. On some level; Love Light is practiced every day. Examples are a Family or Business if people strive together and add to the complex of Life. It starts to unravel when negativity creeps in but as long as this doesn’t happen; Love Light will stay. Look at the Family. As long as everyone is looking out for each other they’re practicing Love Light and they’re adding to the True basis of their existance. But as often happens when someone in this unit either stops loving or starts lying it begins to collapse and fall into negativity. Another example is a business that has good corporate ethics, a focus on providing something good for the public and taking care of its workers. Everyone is happy but as often happens it’s taken over by vulture capitalists who just want to make money the quickest way. So analyzed from the perspective of Love Light; do the new owners love this business and the people? Doubtfully. Do they tell the Truth? Not likely. My point is that without Love Light things fail. “they hate our Freedom”. George W. Bush (He should know). What happened to America and the“American Dream”? We were supposed to be a Country that believed in Freedom and spreading Democracy. Then on 9/11/2001 a terrible incident occurred. Because of people who “hated our freedom” we were viciously attacked and this Country that enjoyed a surplus and Peace was convinced to go to war! Who the people are that “hate our freedom” is still in dispute because of their ability to hide the “truth”. This truth is connected to all other truth and because it isn’t known; the perpetrators are able to do us harm without us knowing it. I knew the Truth about 9/11/2001before I discovered Love Light. After I put the name on it the process of explaining began. Now I’m adding that Love Light is the Secret and how to save ourselves by the Truth. All Positive work in Creation. With that the Masculine/Feminine relates to Love Light. One without the other doesn’t work. This world has been trying for thousands of years to operate in the Masculine alone and you can see where it’s gotten us. If you see the Feminine as Life you begin to understand but more to the point; it is the Knowledge of Life that truly describes the Feminine and the Light. The Masculine, on the other hand, when it’s in it’s True purpose is supposed to Love and protect Light. Love Light. It’s explained by the term; “Balance of the Masculine and Feminine”. What happens when negativity creeps into the Balance is exactly as I described above to the Family, the Business and to America. Therefore if instead of the Strong Protective Masculine practicing Love (of the Feminine) Light; the Masculine victimizes the Feminine (Life); then Good goes away and ruin takes its place. “Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold. ~Leo Tolstoy Lies caused our Spiritual Decline. People depend on Religion to instruct them on Spiritual matters. People are in real trouble trying to separate Truth from lies and often the alternatives are just more lies. Anything that claims Spiritual Truth but doesn’t; puts our entire existence at risk. There is no god higher than truth. ~Mahatma Gandhi For 1700 years the Catholic Church dominated Religion and for its entire history it was the anti-Christ. It caused hundreds of years of war, suppression, persecution and misogyny. Now the neo-con, zionist; anti-Christ vies for power with it and is enabled by the same kind of hate and darkness. The only possible salvation is by Truth! “All Great Truths begin as Heresies. Witness Christ”. ~Love Light Smith. “And Ye Shall Know the Truth and The Truth Shall Set You Free”. Jesus Christ. The idea of Christ is Good if you understand Christ Consciousness. It is based on an archetype of a Spiritually advanced Hero who gives the Truth to Mankind. His message is from the Ultimate God/Goddess of the Universe. This is something we can do if we have the courage. E.g.; Mahatma Gandhi, John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. Christ hit the nail right on the head when he said “The Truth Will Set You Free” because the Truth that can Save Us if we understand the Code of Creation. The greatest truths are the simplest: so likewise are the greatest men. ~Augustus William Hare and Julius Charles Hare. Everyone knows there’s something wrong but can’t figure it out. Those in power want to keep it that way because it serves their purpose. The Truth is simple because it’s plain. With deceit, there can be thousands of lies; all claiming to be the Truth and if you don’t realize this in time you will destroyed by it! It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself. ~Thomas Jefferson You don’t have to be a fanatic to see signs of the End Times. Just look outside and witness the weather. Ever since the United States went to war, climate change has gotten worse. This alarm seems silly because the present day male paradigm forgets the past so it can’s see the future and we think things will always be the same. Those who can’t remember the Past are condemned to repeat it. ~George Santyanna. People can’t see it because of lies and Climate Change denial but it’s clear that we have to curtail our carbon and methane output in a drastic way. How can people be convinced to do when there’s denial? How can we save ourselves? It’s “the Secret to Heaven”. In Heaven are all Truths and the Secrets of Life. I’ve always wanted Love Light but didn’t know it. When I described it people told me “That’s Heaven; you have to wait.” Later I found out we can have Heaven on Earth. If we don’t start practicing Love Light billions of people are going to need the “Secret to Heaven” in the worst way but it will be too late. It’s a “Secret” because our leaders keep it from us. According to most people the Secret to Heaven is absurd; but if we practiced it we could save the World and make it a Heaven on Earth! Otherwise we can take the Secret to Heaven to our next assignment when we die; if we understand it. It’s coming to a World near you. “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth”. Matthew 5: 5. “have no self interest, Be Doubly Generous and Good to All” comes from Love Light’s nearly perfect Table. (ie: No 1=no self interest. 2-3's=doubly genreous. 1 of every other numbers = good to all.) What would it mean if we practiced it? As I pointed out; Love Light is practiced in Families. I particularly like the Rainbow Family where a Tribal Spiritual existence is practiced. There are also intentional communities such as the Amish, The Farm and Findhorn that practice it. When the individual gives freely to help the group and the group takes care of the individual; this is Love Light. Christ is coming and when Meek Souls inherit the Earth it’s a fulfillment of the Prophesy. Theories are private property, but truth is common stock. ~Charles Caleb Colton Life on Earth is to make the choice; what Body (Group, God) do we want to be a part of. We’ve been doing this for many life times; being born back and forth on the Spiritual Plane; until we get it right. This cycle could end if the Earth’s ability to sustain us is over. Maybe that’s how it’s supposed to end. Maybe the whole of Humanity will be Judged for destroying the Creation. If the Earth is destroyed there are many other Planets where Souls could go depending on the choices we’ve made. After we die we go to an intermediary Spirit world where our Souls are examined in the Light. We make some decisions and work with enabling spirits to decide a future Life. I don’t know about punishment but I think we’re accountable for the Life we live. A Love Light Planet would be Paradise. To receive this it’s necessary to honor Creation and Love and Work for the Life Force. Symbolically our God in a Loving Marriage to Goddess. That’s the consciousness of Meek Souls trying to have zero impact on their environment and work with it in a creative way. That includes people’s relationship with each. To be born there would be a well deserved blessing. Truth is rarely writ in ink; it lives in nature. ~Martin H. Fischer At one time there was Paradise and Heaven on Earth but we destroyed it. The island of Haiti was Heaven for the Arawaks who lived before Columbus. People taking the name of Christ in vane made a hell out of one island after another and then the American Continent was destroyed. Now the United States is a haven of rich war lords who are destroying the last vestiges of Heaven on Earth. Witness the fact that the last wars were carried out in the Holy Land and the Cradle where Christ is supposed to emerge. “ Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven.” ~Matt. 12: 31-32. The Holy Spirit; Shakina (Sophia) is Feminine. Blasphemy is destruction of the Feminine. The reason it’s unforgivable is that we’re destroying the essence of Life and thereby condemning ourselves so we can’t be reborn. Goddess and Heaven are interchangeable. Christ told us “the Truth Shall Set You Free”. The Highest Truth is Light. Within Light are the Secrets of Life. The Secret to Heaven is in the Feminine. A thing may happen and be a total lie; another thing may not happen and be truer than the truth. ~Tim O'Brien “God please give us a Religion that works”! ~Love Light Smith. In 2006 I wrote a paper and in an impassioned state I wrote; “God please give us a Religion that works”! Then came Love Light. People want to ban Religion but Religion is just like everything else and can be used in a positive or negative way. Traditionally Religion has been controlled politically. Now irreligion is considered to be smart but it seems to me that both false religion and irreligion are targets of opportunity for “subjective truth”. Be suspicious of this. What we really need is a Religion that works. Love Light makes a perfect image to see the Balance of the Masculine/Feminine. Love Light, 911 and the Masculine/Feminine all reside on the line between Heaven and Earth. When we understand this Most Holy Dynamic we are Enlightened. Life is Created here. Life is created by Love Light. If Life doesn’t Love Light; it doesn’t thrive and when we don’t Love Light we die. When we Love Light we Live. That’s the Truth and if we’re open to it we can understand Life. In order to understand Love Light it's necessary to understand Newmeralligy. Newmerallity 9-9-9-9. People call Numerology an Art. They either look to science or religion and they think it’s neither but it’s both! It’s a Spiritual Science and a New Dispensation. Using the logic of Mathematics it draws objective conclusions. As everything is connected so is Religion and Science. Religion/Love; Science/Light; Love Light again! Numerology has been practiced for thousands of years and Newmeralligy adds a whole new dimension. It should be respected and utilized. The fact that it works and is true should be proof enough. If a thousand old beliefs were ruined in our march to truth we must still march on. ~Stopford Brooke Christian superstition condemns Numerology. This bigotry has roots in the Bible which although called “the word of God”; was written by Man. This illustrates how the Spell of false Religion takes Gods name in vane to give themselves power. Pythagoras said “Numerology gives us a way to talk to God” and those who make themselves God don’t want us to go around them. That’s why they viciously slander those who would Divine the Truth. One such scripture is Deuteronomy 18:10 uses a classic “straw man fallacy” to destroy an opponent’s credibility. By including Divination with people who sacrifice their own children in the fire, a comparison is made that’s grossly unfair and erroneous. Numerology is never mentioned in the Bible and Astrology is practiced in the Bible. Priests should pay attention to the facts! Bible Heroes and Patriarchs clearly used Astrology; Jesus was located by a Star and Daniel was a Chief Astrologer. At one time the Catholic Church outlawed the Bible and punished people by burning them at the stake; ironically considering Deuteronomy 18:10. It was a threat to their power and just reading was considered a form of “divination” in the Dark Ages. Christians follow a Bible written by Jews who practrice the occult; which simply means “the unknown”. This helps them retain their power over us common people with knowledge that we’re too superstitious to investigate. Shouldn’t we adopt our own Mystical Tradition in order to protect ourselves and to get Wisdom? When Science first began to gain legitimacy the Roman Catholic Church tried in vain to suppress it; again considering Deuteronomy; 18:10; by burning people. On the other hand; if science doesn’t Love Light, they deny the Spiritual. Love Light represents a Balance of Love and Truth and this logic includes the Spiritual Realm. Without Love Light;1 then what is truth but the average of all lies. ~Robert Brault. 1 (If there be no God….. ) I perceive Love Light as the seed of Life. These two small words hold everything important Spiritually and with the 9/11 Numbers this gives the code to start all things new. It has all the crucial ingredients; Love to give impetus to the beginning and Light which is the knowledge of how to make Life. The Date 9/11 is when to start. Then from the Table there is no 1 so the Transformation must start again, there are two 3’s so the necessary things of Male and Female will come together and there is 1 of everything else to begin the process. In deception we’re held back from the Truth that could save us. Love Light is the True Order of Masculine Feminine Love for Life. It’s the Universal Constant. When we deny this we’re missing the Secret to Heaven and the Way to Save the World. This is the source of our crude destructive existence that we endure because we don’t Love Light; but this is by no means irreversible. Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized. In the first, it is ridiculed, in the second it is opposed, in the third it is regarded as self-evident. ~Arthur Schopenhauer.

Actually there's a realistic solution to Save Us from ourselves. It involves the 1% of the Worlds richest people and asks them to provide their half of the solution by financing it. The other 99% need to go along with it. Both working together we could turn this hopeless situation into success. We just have to work together.
It requires our Leaders to be real Leaders and for them to stop doing things how they've always done them and the same goes for the populace of the World.
I assure everyone that we could reduce our output of co2 by 90% if we took certain measures and we would make our World a far better place in the process. Maybe even a Heaven on Earth!
If the 1% would give up their obcession with exploiting everything and forgive us our debts and we forgave our debtors we could do the things we need to do to save ourselves. It would enable us to stop trying to keep up by destroying the Planet. This would also involve the elimination of all non essential carbon burning such as World Travel in it's present form. If our debts were forgiven we could go back to local Farming and providing for our needs by doing it locally. We would do things locally and at home and since we wouldn't need to travel to work we would reduce our carbon footprint from that.
I have done enough experimentation to know that I can reduce my own carbon footprint by 90% easily and willingly. It's just a matter of realizing the need and doing it. People in 3rd World countries already do it.
The 1% would have to cut back too and because they can influence public perception this would also be their duty. In the past they did it to exploit us but now they could do it to save us.

More details: I know lots of people who, if it was left up to them, they could give us exact instructions for reducing our carbon footprint. There are many Americans who have the conscientious nature to live by what they believe when it comes to the environment. They have gardens and ride bicycles and cut their impact every way possible.
Even among the regular folks there are some who don't use 10% of what others do. Of the 1% like Bush and Obama; their idea of how to get around is with huge flying machines like Air Force 1 which is a 747 and there's not 1, there's 2 of these mammoth planes that take them around for events. This sets a really poor example to other people and unfortunately it impresses the common folk to see this terribly wastefull way of life.
President Obama was also in favor of the kind of offshore drilling that caused the BP disaster and Fracking to get natural gas and everything else the 1% want. He is not the one calling the shots but there are families in the World who have more money than half of the people on Earth and they are the ones in control of our destiny. It was one of these families who actually own British Patrolium.
These families are part of an international corporate elite who because of their wealth and power are able to control large areas of our life. For some unknown reason they don't use their influence for Good but for their own gain; no matter how harmful it is to our long term existance.
When it comes to BP it almost looks like they want to destroy the World and they have no consideration for the wellfare of the People and the Planet they control. Sometimes it seems like they want to corrupt everyone too and get them to choose hell and evil.
So not only are they killing us but they are making people believe lies and getting them to do evil for them. This is something that affects people's Souls and our World Leaders are using their influence against people's souls and putting them at risk according to whatever people believe about evil and it's consequences.

What I'm suggesting then is that everyone should change their ways and start doing what is right. I especially stress to the Leaders that they change their ways begin to use their power to change things in a Good way.
This is not an impractical suggestion and I believe that first you begin with the people who are willing to do the right thing and give them financial backing. The richest 1% of the population have made vast fortunes off the war and off oil and they have the funds to support this program. There are vast powers in the media that could be used to show the way to the Truth. Not by lieing as usual but by telling the Truth about our true condition and show what people can do about it. Then as people begin to successfully cut back and improve their lives their story could be told.
What we need is Love Light. We need the Truth and we need a Love for the Truth. Start there because if the Truth were known there would be a lot of trouble for those who are responsible for our perilous condition. They have broken every commandmant and they think they are immune from punishment. I'm not asking for them to be punished but I am asking them to pay. Their willingness to help is our only chance.
That's my solution and I will add details to this idea over time. Love Light Smith

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Friend's Death. Grace for both of Us.

A friend who was deeply respected died on Leap Day; Feb. 29. Her death causes me to question the way I have lived my life and many of the positions I have taken. It prompts me to write down some thoughts to see if I can make sense of my emotions.
By Worldly standards she is so much more than me for the great work she has done. In her job and for her community and Church she made her life count for something. She did her best by uniting the powers that be while conforming to conventional standards of right and wrong.
I loved her too because she was so gracious and supportive of the new ideas that I have. She had a magic quality and a special power that made people want to give and give and give. In her last days she brought me into this sphere and showed me how it all worked.
Even if I haven't lived my life so that others would give me accolades and honor and love she showed me something of a life well lived.
Maybe I'll get it right some day and get some honor for what I'm trying to do or I'll find out that people respect me for the way I lived my life but I have my doubts that it will be on the same grand scale that she did. I believe the Holy Spirit is using me and Christ and God and Goddess know. My people and my country don't understand but I keep trying.
She knew how to do Good in spite of this and brought it all together. Maybe she can teach me yet or maybe I have to strive along, alone in the quest to find the pearl and show it in the light that people understand.
The intense striving I've done the last few years to seek the highest degree of righteousness in all things including Love Light was at first an optimistic enterprise. Then less and less so until I do it as a Hermit with only the determination of ego to keep me going. Ego is not given the credit it deserves as a protector of Good things and we're supposed to just get rid of it and take our shields down. Ego is why reason doesn't penetrate but it is also what keeps ignorance from prevailing. It's given to us for some reason and like everything we should use it for it's highest purpose; discovering what is right and protecting what is right.
My friend was a great unifier who was a Light for those in the community and Church while at the same time embracing the more radical truth of Feminist Theology. I would like to be more like her and be loved like she was and I want some of the Spirits who were around her to be around me and have some of the power that she processed.
I'm a radical and push the boundaries of convention and I'll do that until radical things don't seem so radical anymore. That's not popular. In my positions seeking high righteousness in Love Light I have a very negative view of using the Cross as a Holy Symbol but then I found it all over the Church where her Memorial was held so I had to rethink it. This great woman went along with it so what's wrong with me?
I conclude; there's nothing wrong with me for objecting to the Cross as a Christian Symbol. Maybe she never thought about it but maybe she accepted it as a price she had to pay to optimise the Good she wanted to do. I have to think that and most people just accept a lot of things to get through this life.
It is a mystery though. She was a Great Person. So what should I do?
I think the Cross is a symbol that's been foisted on us by anti-Christ notions that are still with us from the days of Roman crucifixion. So why do "Christians" who claim to follow Christ adorn themselves with a symbol of not only his cruel death but the cruel deaths of thousands of other people the Romans oppressed and terrorized?
I know there's a standard answer for this; that it's a symbol of our forgiveness so we remember Christ's sacrifice for us. That makes no sense if we're capable of critical thinking.
What is really at question here is whether you work within the system to do Good or be a rebel like Christ. If she wasn't such a good person I would say to be a rebel like Christ could be the only way but there must be more to it than that.
I have to rethink my position on "Grace" because I can think of nothing else that would apply so well here. Grace for my friend who used the system to help as many people as possible to get the support and Love they all needed. Maybe it's not right to use the Cross as a symbol of Christianity but Love and Grace forgives it.
And Grace for me if what I'm doing in confronting the status quo religious paradigm is somehow wrong because I don't care enough about the Love of my fellow men.
As I have discovered through my study; we all have jobs to do in life and mine is to be critical and analytical about commonly held perceptions that I see as impediments to Enlightenment and Life. That's why I was born the way I was with my nature.
I know I offend people even when I'm not being especially critical and just trying to explain Love Light. Most people don't Love Light. Somehow people know instinctively that Love Light is an affront to how we live. To me that's sad.
Do you know that in the 12th Century the real Christian Church was killed off because of their beliefs; including not using the Cross as a Symbol? Tens of thousands of True Christians were exterminated in an act of genocide upon the order of Pope Innocent in a war that lasted 20 years. After that the anti-Christ took over and it's "Inquisition" went on for 500 years and millions more were slaughtered in an unholy use of the name of Christ. Our ancestors were a part of this and Christopher Columbus who we revere turned a virtual Heaven on Earth into a hell for the people who lived in the land we now occupy. For me this is not something to perpetuate but something to repent of.
My friend was a beautiful person and still is because she is surely going to a good place after all the Good she did. That's why I have to moderate my thinking out of love and respect for her and all the people who love her. There is also room for people like me who's purpose is to stir things up and light the way. And that sounds so lame in a World like this.