Sunday, June 9, 2013

Love Light 6 9 6. June 9, 2013

This system doesn’t want to be discovered for some reason and it wants to confound me with many mistakes. I keep going over and over it between the 6 and 9’s. First I thought there were 5-9’s and 7-6’s; then it was 6-9’s and 6-6’s and now I’m back to my original count! I also count mistakes as Signs. Some spirits might not want this known. Nevertheless, there are 3 very special Dates in June 2013: 6/3/2013, 6/6/2013 and 6/9/2013. Then there is a second and third instance of the same numbers for 6/3 (6/12 and 6/21) and one more instance for 6/6 (6/15) and 6/9 (6/18); for a total of 7 times these Trine Combinations occur. I have decided to put Love Light on these dates and I think it’s a valid thing to do; from an instinctive viewpoint. Much of my discoveries are instinctive and I like it that way because I believe I am guided by higher forces. The reason for the phenomena that I’m trying to illustrate today is that we are in the Trine Year; 6. This whole year is about 6/Life and this Chart and Reading have much to say about Life too. All Trine Years are significant to this degree, in fact, the 3 Year is a High Holy Year and 9/11/3; I have determined; is a High Holy Day. Perhaps the 6 and 9 Years are Holy Years as well. When we’re in the Trine Months this Year; we’ll get this same phenomena on Trine Days as long as we‘re in a Trine Sign; which we‘re in now (Gemini: 3). It also happened in March on the 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, and 18th. It will happen in the Trine Month of September and then again in December. In September they’ll be on the 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 18th and 21st and December 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, and 18th . Factors necessary for this phenomena is that Year, Month, Day and Sign all have to be a Trine. Isn’t it amazing that the signs just happen to work along with system to make it work? We don’t need to discuss the Subject; Love Light because It’s been covered in past Readings but it will affect the Reading in different ways for the 3rd, 6th and 9th. The Number One, biggest Sign is the 7 - 6’s; as they are the most numerous and mean 7/Logic of 6/ Life. Logic of Life is what I’ve realized for quite some time is what Love Light is all about. Light is; essentially The Logic of Life and our motivation toward Light; needs to be Love. Thus; Love Light. 7 is also a very Spiritual Number. This significant number also indicated Spiritual Logic that is just as important as physical or Scientific Logic. These 7 Lessons are in the nature of the Feminine, it seems: The one 6 in the Name is Birth Essence. It’s in the Month (Devotion), Year (Paradigm), and Star (Universal Awareness) in the Date Line and Most importantly in the (Christ) Sign. The 33/ Teacher is an older, more mature feminine aspect of the Crone in the Field (where it ends up). This leads into a discussion of the 8/Power our Love Light gains in it’s Maturity illustrated by the 33 in the Field where it ends up a 33/Teacher (Crone) and this gives 6/Life a 33/Spiritual Significance and 8th /Power - 6/Life Lesson. All this works together if we can just understand it. The 9 is a Masculine symbol; I think and it represents the Masculine Love for the Feminine. There are 5 - 9 Lessons; giving it an overall aspect of Freedom; which is necessary for the Soul when it comes to having Perfect Love. Love Light is the Love of Light and Light is the Logic of Life: So this must be Loved and this takes the Masculine (Man) into Perfection and off the Physical Realm (Earth). It is significant that I am understanding Love Light better; through these Trine Numbers. I have always before; only considered it with 9/11/3. The Masculine; more Human 9’s are in Method, Body, Day (Definition), Way and Logi (Logic). Then you see the Legacy as 99/Spiritual Perfection and you see how the 9; after it has connected with the 7/Logic of 6/Life Ascends to a Higher Place. This confirms what I’ve come to realize about 9. 11/Light is necessarily a big factor in all this and the 3 - 11 Lessons indicate a Completion of Light and the 3 Elements coming together; Female, Male and Child. 11/Mind; I think is the Light Child, 11/Spirit I think is the Mother and Trail is the Father. Then again the OllO is representative of Child and it’s like a Celestial Child with not 2-1’s; but 3 and that is a Celestial kind of Light. More so a Spiritual Aspect of the Mother, Father and Child. This knowledge is complete and verified in time as the 3 Time Space Number in the Trine; the 39/Perfect Trine of Attraction.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Love Light 666. June 6, 2013.

The date 6/6/2013 is 666. Commonly thought to be “the sign of the beast”; 666 is associated with the “The anti-Christ“. Although not really based on much evidence this Meme has taken on a life of it’s own in our consciousness so I want affirm 666 and give it some Light. According to Newmeralligy it’s not things that are Good or evil but the intentions behind them. 666 can be Good if that‘s how it’s intended. 6 is Life but in negative energy the meaning can be death. When you see 3 it’s the Trine and one aspect of the Trine is Mind, Spirit, Body. The negative 666 could be death; of the Mind, Spirit, Body and nothing could be worse! The antidote that saves Us from such a fate is a Positive 666: Life of Mind, Spirit and Body. It’s Perfect Love Light. Knowledge of Positive and negative Energy effects is a principal of Numerology. “Newmeralligy” expands the meaning to; “Merging the New with the Study of All”. “Love Light“ is the Love of All of Creation. Light is “The Truth of Life”. To Love Light is to; “Love the Truth of Life”. The reason we destroy Life is because we don’t know The Truth of Life because we believe the lies that perpetuate death. There’s an anti-Christ but it‘s not what most people think. To understand; first understand that Christ is Truth; the Archetype and Heroic symbol of Truth. The anti-Christ hates and wants to destroy the Hero because Truth would destroy their false matrix. anti-Christ has an agenda to destroy Creation and deceives Humanity because it lives off the energy of death. Christ; the Messenger of Truth brings Light to Free Us from ignorance and death. The way “Christ” has been framed has led to an ever larger anti-Christ of those who reject the Hero and the Truth. This seems to be a conspiracy of cosmic proportions in a struggle between Good and evil with forces that seem to want to destroy our Minds, Bodies and our Spirits and those that want to Save Us. The only defense is Truth and that’s why I put Love Light up as a Holy Symbol to make 666 something Good. You see significant numbers in the Name as a Mirror 9-11-11-9 that means Truth, Harmony, Wholeness, and Harmonious Light; protected by Love. The Table with no 1, 2-3’s and 1 of everything else means “have no self interest; Be Doubly Generous and Good to All”. This is the way of Heaven. The Date is a Trine of Life; 666 that makes 9/Perfect Love by Way of 3/Completion and a Perfect Star Gift of 9/Love. In the Life Line there’s a Logic of 6/Life that Matures into 11/Light on a 5/Trail of Freedom; ending up in a Field of 9/Perfect Love. There’s a Vine Line beginning at Birth to 6/Life with a Legacy of 8/(God) Power, a Life Force of 5/Freedom and an OllO (our Christ Child) of 11/Light. This 666 Date has a 9/Perfect Love; Time Space Number that added to OllO; yields a (Christ) Sign of 11/Light. More than anything there are 6-9 Lessons; meaning 6/Life of 9/Perfect Love. There’s 5-11’s and 5-6’s which means 5/Soul or Freedom of 11/Light and 6/Life. There’s 2-5’s/Balanced Freedom. Then there’s a 3/Completion and an 8/Power. The Name Sign is: 1. A perfect Symbol of Masculine/Feminine Balance. 2. It’s 2 cross’s indicate that cross’s are forbidden. 3. The X’s indicate a Christogram. 4. There’s a big X, 2 small x’s and 5. 4th squat x that looks like a Manger (Cradle). 6. It’s also a symbol of Peace. This isn’t the definitive reading for Love Light on 666 but it’s a good indication of how symbolism can be a Chanel of Divine Truth. Now; let’s pray that 666 doesn’t get used for something bad. In our own lives we can be Creators of Good Energy and Inspiration to help the Life of everything around us. Have a Good 666.