Sunday, February 19, 2012

Christ on the cross vs. Christ Alive.

I’ve talked about this before. There's a dynamic that'as been promoted by Christians and others that says Christ is next to God in Heaven and there will not be another Christ until he returns. As a result people worship him but don’t realize we can emulate him and be be Christ as part of his Body. Just Worshiping Christ without emulating him makes us lazy so we expect to be handed his blessings and not work for them. Doctrines of the church even discourage us from being like him such as Paul’s words saying we’re saved by Grace and not Works.
So if you make a God of someone you break the mold and say no other can be like him. This is also true of the word Messiah. It should be defined as someone who comes to save their people but instead it's simply perceived that Christ is the Messiah and that's that. Then the term Messiah is put right alongside Christ as being separate and unattainable.
What was Christ, though? He was a Rebel,a Reformer and a Man of the People. He challenges the Authority of the Aristocracy, Priests and Politicians. He practices a deep form of Spiritual Attainment and has Power. He preaches the Truth and practices Love. He teaches many things that were incredibly wise and he can do miracles.
That’s our Faith.
We don’t know any more about him than the account in the Bible because there’s no other source to confirm his existence. We choose to believe the Bible account but he could be a myth or he may actually have been a character from 100 years earlier Yeshua Pandera who had been executed by the Jews and Romans for heresy.
There’s no Historical confirmation of his life around 3 BC. It may be that all record of him was destroyed purposely to erase his memory or it could be that the Roman Catholic Church used the earlier story of Yeshua Pandera preserved by the Gnostics; who were this earlier Christ's followers.
Whatever the Truth about Christ there are many qualities attributable to him we can emulate and copy and that's Christ Consciousness.
The question is whether we should honor the Man more than his Word. If we honor the Man more and make him God and believe that the mere mention of his name is enough to save us; that’s the way for most Christians.
If we honor and follow him and believe that we should do as he said and try to follow him we should separate this from other contradictory teachings in the Bible. Most Christians are fooled into disobeying Christ to follow Paul and the many Old Testament beliefs of the war loving patriarchs. But look! Christ rebelled against the rulers of the Jews and he taught that if we know the Truth we're Free!
Jesus Christ would be rebelling against what's happening now! He would be preaching Love and Truth and be trying to fight against hate and darkness. There are many people trying to do that and the forces of darkness are trying to shut them up; so it's the same thing again! There are also a majority of people who don’t want to hear the truth because they want things the anti-Christ can provide and they don’t care how they get them. Essentially they would do anything for a buck and they’re enslaved by the system they would be afraid not to.
Many of the above are in the Church and the Church is compromised by a majority who are fooled into supporting the anti-Christ. This is the reality with the leaders of this world who dispell a host of false beliefs; spawning a defacto spell.
One ingredient of the spell is that Christ was one of a kind; a God who has to come back in the person of Jesus Christ. Another ingredient of the Spell is that we don’t need to do what Christ did because we’re saved by Grace. Another is that we’re saved by his Sacrifice. Another is that all we have to do is profess the belief that He’s “the Son of God”. Another is that Water Baptism saves us. Another is that confession means we confess that he is the Son of God. Another is that repentance means we stop following our own way and follow what the Church says. There’s a whole litany of things that excuse us from doing what he said and get us to follow the leaders of the Church. That’s a spell.
The first clue to being fooled is when we’re told that people of other beliefs are evil and we should go to war to fight them. Another clue is when we’re told to honor the government and do what it says above what we know in our hearts.
War kills the chance for Christ and Christ Consciousness. War sets Humanity back and is carried out to kill any who might be born into Christ.
One of the most evil men in history, J. Edgar Hoover, is quoted as saying about Dr. King; “we don’t need a Black Messiah”.
So understand the reality that the anti-Christ will try to kill any who might emerge as a Messiah and something else; there is not just one man who could be a Messiah; it’s the Messiah dynamic they’re afraid of.
Their way to get rid of Christ also happened to John and Bobby Kennedy. It happened to Mahatma Gandhi; to Paul Wellstone, John Lennon and Malcolm X and it’s going to happen to many more.
As long as war is waged time after time; over time society doesn’t get to recover. Then just as it could emerge into a time of awakening with Christ and Christ Consciousness another war comes and stops the process. That way the powers of evil can stay in power and keep deceiving.
With war evil governments and leaders have to be in power to meet the challenge. This self perpetuating reality also makes worse enemies and this makes more justification for war and preparing for war.
John Kennedy was trying to prevent war and was eliminated when he went against the covert powers. When he was killed LBJ told the hawks “now you can have your war”. That led to Vietnam which killed 50,000 Americans and 3,000,000 Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Laotians. How many Christs were killed in that war and how much was the potential of a Christ Conscious society held back?
Then because of our actions a huge backlash occurred in Vietnam and Cambodia after we left and evil leaders came to power like Pol Pot and millions more were killed. Those leaders would never have come to power if the US hadn’t done what it did in the Vietnam war.
Later on it was admitted by former secretary of deffense, Robert McNamara that the war was based on lies. The trigger that started it called “the Golf of Tonkin incident” was also found to be a “False Flag Event” and fabricated to start the war.
So my premise now is that our perception about Christ and Messiah is holding us back in many ways. Our perception should be opened up to include the abilities of other humans to achieve greatness on these terms. That we don’t need to be a God in order to do the things that Christ did. Further that it is the duty of those who profess Christ to do as he did, individually and in groups.
What the terms Christ and Messiah really are is the Heroic archetype that tries to free people from all forms of injustice and oppression. We don’t need to be Gods to do this and we don’t need to be Christians. We can call ourselves anything or not label ourselves at all but just have the strong desire to help and some good tools of discernment.
No doubt, if we do these things we will be persecuted and possibly killed and that’s our Sacrifice but that Sacrifice is not for the benefit of the people who spilled our blood. And it's not so others can say we were sacrificed for them because that's human sacrifice.
There is always work to be done and no one should rest on what someone else did. We need to continue on the path that Christ led us to in the way he laid down and live the way he taught. To think otherwise isfalse and invented by those who killed Christ. Paul was guilty of killing Christians and then he became one of the principal Bible authors and the one who taught the doctrine of Grace! These are people who sacrificed Christ and then reaped the sacrifice energy to found a powerful Church that takes his name in vane.
That brings up the wearing of the Cross and especially one with Christ on it. We’re supposed to believe that this symbol keeps him in remembrance and that he died for our sins but this symbolism could also be seen in a differently. It could appear as reveling in his crucifixion and seeing it as a good thing. It puts cross wearers firmly in the camp of the anti-Christ.
There was a belief in ancient times that sacrifice of Animals and even Humans could impart power to the priests who practiced it. Symbolically then, this could be the same for those who believe Christ died to save us for our sins. This is too close to the Hebrew practice of bringing a lamb to slaughter to atone for sins. It gives credence to the idea of killing another. That same dynamic is going on with those who killed thousands of Americans on 9/11/2001. The anti-Christ perpe-traitors gained power from it in the first place. This was a sacrifice to them and it gained them tremendous amounts of evil energy that they used to spawn hate and darkness for war.
The recent wars in turn killed a million more and gave the anti-Christ more negative evil energy. More was taken from the sacrifice of those they tortured and those who were injured and will have to spend a life of suffering. They took sacrificial energy in the form of the money they made from the war. They reap evil from the sacrifice of so many futures from depleted uranium in the war zone. They continue to get evil energy from the sacrifice of everyone in the United States who has been hurt by the war that takes from the poor and gives to the rich. It was wall street and the corporations that gained from the sacrifice and their gain gives them power; evil power in a convoluted system that gives power to the most evil and the most cruel. Is that the kind of sacrifice we want when we say Christ died on the cross to save us from our sins? He did die as a Sacrifice but that power would have gone to increase evil if his followers hadn’t followed his example and continued what he started. People have forgotten!
What we should do about Christ is bring him back to Life. We should take the power of Christ and resurrect him by bringing him back to Life. We should realize that we who bring the Light of Truth are the Body of Christ and we should be United in Christ Consciousness to Create a body that Loves and Lights the entire World and stops giving power to evil.