Monday, August 22, 2011

Today I spun off the negative aspects of 911.

Today I spun off the negative aspects of 911truth to another blog; 911Light. That way I can devote more positive emphasis on this site. I think this will be welcome to a lot of people.
Now I can plan more projects that are strictly speaking; more Love Light.
Love Light Smith

PS: Just 2 Weeks and 6 Day til 9/11

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Love Light 9/11/2010-9/11/2011.

On this August 11; just 1 Month before 9/11/2011 I take this opportunity to present my readers with this Collage of Material and Art created over the past year for Love Light 9/11/2001; including some that's new.
9/11/2011 is just a Month away and I think it's important to once again remind you to Honor This Holy Day. This Year it's on a Sunday so there's no excuse not to. I suggest a commemorative Holy Day to celebrate Good Positive Energy and do it with Respect and Honor.
It will be 10 years since the infamous day that changed History and led us down this path of destruction to where we are now. The World will be forever changed because of what happened that day and by what followed.
Here is my speculation: 9/11/2001 should have been a High Holy Day but we were not aware of it. If anything good can be said it's that we realize that now. It follows that this event was used to spawn something; a spell that's controlling us. Blasphemy was committed on a High Holy Day by the attack on the World Trade Center and negative energy was used as an ingredient to turn us to war. By secret means and sorcery this was accomplished; the wars and torture hurt our National Psyche and spawned the power to continue more oppression. That gathering and use of evil energy was a mass consolidation of negativity; thereby evil power was accumulated. This seems to be obvious once you put 2 and 2 together.
Maybe there's something Good about this; that it exposes evil to the Light. It also gives us the opportunity to see what is Good. True Good is working with all the Positive Forces and avoiding destruction. Good is Honoring the Life Force. It is Honoring the Creation and every living creature on the Planet. In fact we honor all Life in the Universe and those who dwell in The City of Light.
Call this Life Force what you may; I call it Goddess. It's the Sacred Feminine; the Mother and we should be in a God that Loves Goddess!
This God could be Christ Consciousness. "God With Us". We could call it Jehovah, Allah, Gaia, Vishnu. It could be the God of the Rainbow Tribe. It's "I Am That I Am"; it's Iatia.
My analogy is to understand God as a Collective Consciousness and this is what I mean when I say God. By this definition there may be many gods because there are many ways. Each of us is a part of a collective. It is our Culture and there are various Cultures. These collectives have an intellectual and spiritual consciousness. This is the analogy I use to signify God. Then since there is certainly more than one collective in the World, I see this as more than one god. The Ancients understood this but now the religious right says there is only one God. This has led in our case to a collective that legitimizes war. That's the only result that could possibly come from a collective that wants power over the whole World and they use Monotheistic principals as a mandate.
If the collective says that there is only one god and their god is the only way; they say they have to destroy all other collective views and people who follow other gods. It is an attempt to take over the World and destroy every other thought process in the name of god.
So that is what we have and it is taught in principal by 3,000 year old laws found in the Old Testament; especially laws found in Leviticus. In these ancient texts the Jews are told to attack and kill off every tribe they come across and kill everyone, destroy their idols and even kill their animals! If this isn't genocide I don't know what it is!
So the World is still dominated by Religions who practice Monotheism and follow these teachings selectively and this collective uses the idea that they are the only good people because this is what they follow so it teaches them to hate and kill all others!
What I believe is that Monotheism has been used by leaders who take this power to control people and use it to manipulate a population. This is possible because the mechanisms within this belief system are perfect for it as long as authority is maintained and liberalism is kept out. The people who wield the power may not even believe in the religion but they know that it can be used as a spawn to power. A good example was Carl Rove and the fact that he was an Agnostic but he got Bush to profess Christianity even though he obviously was anti-Christ. Catholic Popes whipped up wars of unspeakable depravity and genocide against the righteous by burning Wise Women at the stake among other ungodly acts; all in the name of God; their God; who they said was the only God and if you didn't follow them you would go to Hell!
So that's how the Catholics control 8 Billion people on the Globe and they have kept their power from a once powerful and ruthless civilization by exporting their religion to most of the World. In doing this they have gone over the whole world and destroyed every other civilization they could get their hands on and brought them into their collective to follow their god.
Though the Catholic Church has had to learn to share power with spin off "Christian Churches" denominations the Monotheistic and Patriarchal principals have remained the same and the Old Testament and Paul are followed more than Jesus.
Apparently the Muslims believe the same way and the Old Testament was used the same way as a tool by the Turks of the Ottoman Empire when they used genocide on the Armenians. The same scenario was used by fanatical Muslim Clerics and political leaders such as was the case of the Taliban destroying 2000 year old Buddha statues in Afghanistan in 2001 to eliminate any other gods before Monotheism.
We should remember that it was used first by the Jews. I think that the fierceness of the Jews because of Monotheism eventually wore the Romans down and the Christians were obviously so devoted to it that the Romans finally decided to adapt it to their agenda. They negated everything Jesus said in their practices and began to use it effectively to create a warring race. As they adapted it to the Hedonistic practices of their former Pagan society they made it universal and called it the Catholic Church. Then they cynically used the name of Christ to establish an empire that bore no resemblance to the Savior. Later, other Denominations were born and adopted this same collective thinking and the same god. Islam also spun off from it and used the same collective thinking as their God. The God of the Jews; Jehovah or Allah but it is still Monotheism and it still has done the same and spawned warring religions that seek World domination!
The various Nations who have espoused this have been at odds with each other and act as if they are enemies and sometimes they may be but they all use the same playbook to control their people and bring them under subjection. They have used Monotheism and the idea of one god and the threat of Hell to deceive people but the truth is that we are already in Hell and I think patriarchy in the negative and Monotheism is making it that way!
Now because we believe in Monotheism we are just 1 step away from Atheism. I've thought this for some time because most Monotheism is so limited Spiritually. Just take away 1 thing; 1 God and it's Atheism. This this is because Monotheism limits it's perspective to 1 and 1 has tunnel vision, is narrow, is patriarchal. A more full and open Spirituality is Free and Freedom is essential for True Spirituality. Keep God but don't limit it to a Mono-anything. See that a perspective that includes the whole of life and don't demonize the World and you begin to grow in Enlightenment and you see where God fits into the picture! When you believe in many points of view; many Cultural identies; many ways to be Conscious and many Collectives and respect and validate them; we are all Free and share Freedom of Religion with the World. This Freedom is what leads to Enlightenment; Not the oppression of Theocracy!
The possibility of other Gods/Religious Points of View and a Spirit World all around and your own Soul Discovery in it's a much more Free and workable Spiritual system is a far more balanced and harmonious ideal. We don't have to fight the rest of the World and if we decide to change our collective consciousness we don't have to have a bunch of fundamentalists threatening us with their hell. That's kind of archaic 1950's choice between the Monotheism and Athiesm is an unpleasant reminder of the unenlightened past.
If we are taught that we are either a Monotheist or an Atheist that's a simple idea for simple people but the Truth is something much better. Generally speaking there thousands of other choices of what to believe and there may even be some unaffected ancient religions that are still intact. So truthfully we have much more choice. Love Light is New and it's still developing and is guided by The Holy Spirit out of Heaven. So don't worry if the powerful world leaders are still using the same collective consciousness to make war and the populace of the empire is willing to serve this collective and this god because there are far more choices than we are led to believe!
This God is money too. It is still being used by the original Monotheists to control our World and cause us go to war against all that is Holy in Creation. Mayor Rothschild once said "I care not who rules a Nation as long as I control the money." So we are controlled and our politicians are controlled and we go to war for them and they take all our money and enslave us with debt for generations to come; and we're afraid and rightly so because we are controlled by money; and this is our God!
Rest assured there are other Gods, and other ways and collectives of consciousness. There may be one True God but it is not the patriarchal god of monotheism whose wild and reckless ways show that he has no connection to the Wisdom of a Holy God. In fact there may be One True God who is Male but he is not alone and is joined in Love with a Feminine God of Life and together they Created the Universe and Us and our World. How can a God and Goddess Create Life unless there is Love. If we are in the Light we would know this. How can Life exist when god hates Life? How can Life exist when god only seeks to exploit Life and only sees her as a means to an end? We only Create Life and Sustain it by Nurture when there is Love. Light is God/Goddess.
The only perfect words I ever found in Newmeralligy were God With Us. This is what Christ is called in the New Testament. It is here that Christ Consciousness is defined. It is here that Love is defined and Light. We need to stop taking his name in vane to make war and kill. Jesus Loved the Feminine Life Force I'm sure. If we have a Collective Consciousness and a God; better it were to be this and the Holy Spirit; Goddess. God/Goddess. God/Us. Amen/Awoman.
If it's Christ then we say; "Blessed are the Poor, Blessed are the Peacemakers and The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth." Then if I do Live in this Christ Consciousness, God With Us and Love Light; I honor his birth on 9/11/3bc and will celebrate it as a High Holy Day. Then I will celebrate every 9/11; especially in the 3Year which is the High Holy Day; Love Light.
Amen and Awoman!