Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year 1/1/2011

I am now presenting the design for New Year; 1/1/2011; then explaining the Numbers and Symbols.
This whole Image is a Redesign and there are several new innovations; The most recent of which are 2 new Symbols that I made today (1/1/2011): The Month and Year.

In the center of this design is the “Name Sign” for New Year. Name Signs are made by drawing lines on a Magic Square. New Year is simply two lines. The Numbers for New Year arranged around the Name Sign are Method/6/Life, Mind/1/New Beginnings, Soul/11/Light and Personality/8/Power.
As we transition each year into the New Year we always call it the same thing; the “New Year”. That means that this Name Sign and the Numbers associated with it are always the same.
Every year we approach (Method) Life/6 with our full attention and Nurture it. Naturally we think (Mind) of it as a New Beginning/1. Deep down in our soul (Soul) we want the Truth/11. The Soul seeks the Light. On a basic level, in our material lives (Body) we desire Power/8 and achievement.

The only thing that changes each New Year is the Year. It always goes up by 1. This year it goes from a 3 to a 4 Year. This small difference, though, affects every other Number in the Reading and from that point on, everything changes.
The fact that this Year is a 4 is very significant! We transition from an Open Hearted, Sociable and sometimes brainless, Completion and are now in a very serious, Hard Working, Disciplined, Structured and Creative 4 Year.
This will make a huge difference to all of us but for those of Us that are attempting to bring Enlightenment, it should help Us make Giant strides in the structure of our Work. Hopefully this will improve how our Work is Understood.

Below the date are the numbers for the Date Line.
Heretofore the Month and Year were not in Symbols and were not talked about much. I decided just today to change this so first of all I needed 2 new Symbols which I designed. The Month is represented by 1 of 12 numbers and this is simple to interpret. This Month is of course 1/New Beginnings, Leadership, Masculine, Ego, Oneness etc. The year 2011 is 4/Hard Work, Discipline, Creation.
Together with the Day/1, the 3 numbers are added together to make the Destiny. 1+1+4=6. Add the Sun Sign Capricorn/10 and you get the Way/16/7. Add the Day/1+Destiny/6+ Way/7=Star Sign/14/5.
Birthday/1/New Beginnings, is in the Diamond. Destiny/6/Life is in the Circle. In the Half Moon is Way/7/; so Logic takes the New Year to Life if we go about it in a Positive Way. The Star Sign is 5/Freedom and this is our Blessing from the Universe.
At birth the New Year has an energy of New Beginnings. This year we need to make sense. We need to dispel the confusion so that we can have the Destiny which is Life. We need Positive Energy and Logic if we if want to Nurture Life. The Star Sign is our Blessing from the Universe of Freedom. This Freedom is crucial but if we don’t work for it, it will not come. All of this has to be done in Positive Energy and out of Good.

Life Line is the 4 vertical Number Symbols on the left. The top Symbol Number is our Logic (Rational Thought). The Number for it is 7/Logic. Next down is Maturity and it is also 7/Logic. Next is Trail (the energy that surrounds on the Trail (through this Year). It is 9/Perfection. The bottom one is Field (where this Year ends up) and that’s 22/Master Builder.
Again we see a Logic and it is in the Rationality of Logic so we see that Logic is crucial this New Year. We should continue to be Rational as the Year Matures. Perfection surrounds us on our walk through this year and we should let it influence us. We end up in the Field as the Master Builder; it is the Important Work of Balance and Kindness in a Spiritual Union that fosters the Creation of a Very Important Work.

The Ollo Vine is the Beginning and End; the Feminine, Masculine and what they Create. The Birth Essence is 3/Completion: The Legacy is 66/Earth Spirit: The Creation is 2/Balance.
There are many interesting things about the Ollo Vine and in particular recently is the name change. I got tired of the word hello because of the word hell in it and we say it all the time so I started to think about a different word. There wasn’t a different word so I made one up that I like very much. That word is Ollo.
Ollo is the same backwards and forward and upside down and it looks good horizontal. It has a value of 18/9 and in Numerology 9 is perfection.
I thought it could mean good by as well as hello and it could mean beginning and end.
At first this line of 3 numbers had no name and then I thought Ollo Line sounded good but since it has a Feminine, Masculine, Prodigy scenario I decided to call it Ollo Vine
The Ollo Vine is a thing that has developed over time. Much of my system has been developed instinctively and the Birth Essence came from what I learned as the Balance Number. It is the first Essence and it has the Symbol of the Feminine so eventually I called it the Birth Essence.
The circle below the Birth Essence is a number I came up with that I originally called the Final Number because it was a total of the previous 13 numbers. The symbol developed into the symbol of the Masculine; the Bull. Eventually I named it the Legacy.
The idea of adding the Birth Essence, the Legacy and the Year came later and eventually I realized that the product of Feminine, Masculine and Time is similar to a Child so I now call it the Creation.

There is a Birth Essence from Completion. The Male Energy decides to leave behind a Legacy of Earth Spirit so it protects the Life Force. Together these two forces of the Divine Feminine and Masculine Create a Balance which is the crucial force necessary to restore the Earth and Heaven in the Balance of Kindness.

This is not static writing and it evolves and improves with age so if you’re interested, keep coming back and see how it changes.

Love Light Smith

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Total Lunar Eclipse On Winter Solstice

Be Sure To Go Out and Gaze At This Event and Pray For Love Light to End hate and darkness.

In the US: (Early Tuesday morning)
Moon enters Total Eclipse at 2:40 am, Eastern time,
1:40 am Central,
12:40 am Mountain time,
11:40pm (Monday night) Pacific time…
The beginning of the eclipse starts an hour earlier.
AND Notice this Solstice date: 12 / 21 / 2001
(in numerology this is a powerful 3/3/3