Sunday, May 22, 2016

To me Christ is a Symbol of Truth" Look at the "Signs of Christ" in Love Light 9/11/2001! (Edited)

Love Light 9/11/2001 is completely Rational but it's also so amazingly Magical and Miraculous. There are Significant Signs to illustrate this. Smart People would understand if they understood Newmeralligy. The System is composed of Numbers and Symbols and how they are made and put together and understood as a whole. The Core Symbol is the Name Symbol. Others are Ancient or Newly invented. I am opposed to using the Cross as a Holy Symbol because it was the instrument of Christ's Murder. There's 2 cross's in the Love Light Symbol; angled in an X. Does this mean stop? I include "How to make a Name Symbol" so you can see how I get it.

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