Friday, January 8, 2016

New Love Light Explanation.

I discovered Love Light 9/11/2001 on 1/17/2007; 9 years ago so we've passed a Ninennial Anniversary of Love Light. Newmeralligy is based on a system of 9 so this is a very momentous Ninennial Anniversary. I understand Love Light and have been trying to explain it from the beginning. The first image is the Love Light 9/11/2001 Chart and page 1 of New Love Light Explanation. I invented most of the system of "Newmeralligy" and it's spelling and definition: "The Merging of the New, with the Study of All". Unless you're trained in my specific Newmeralligy System it's hard to understand but I will try to explain the amazing miracle! There's the Table, Name Line, Date Line, Life Line and Vine Line. In the Center is the Name Symbol. Lessons are a list of how many of which Numbers there are. The Birth time comprised of Day, Month, Year, 9 Year Cycle, 81 Year Cycle and 729 Year Cycle. Their total is the "Birth Time". At the bottom are the essences. The time specific energies affecting the Subject. In the first Essence the 3 is the duration of 3 years. The 6 below is the Number Energy. 6 is Life, but under the extreme negative energy of the 9/11/2001 blasphemy; it would turn opposite and actualize as death. An interpretation that's obviously True!
This explains How To Make A Name Symbol. The Name Symbol is unique to my Newmeralligy Chart.
This is page 2 of New Love Light Explanation. It states it's miraculous nature and goes on to point out the 6 mirroring signs and that 6 mirroring signs means Life of True Spirit. As you read through the Signs; refer back up to the Chart. 7 is how I got the Mantra and 8; the Symbol of Man. Everything is labeled.
Page 3 goes on to explain the symbols within the Love Light Symbol. It mentions the crucial fact that there is a Book that proves the date of Christ's Birth as 9/11/3 bc and how I have extrapolated that information into the "Ninennial High Holy Date of Christ's Birth". Then the comparison with the Christ Quote: "And You Will Know The Truth and the Truth Will Set You Free.
Page 4 goes on to explain the next 7 Signs. I color coded a 3D Love Light to show you and I built a few models of varying sizes up to 8'. 17, 18, 19 and 24 require more explanation but I think the others are fairly obvious. I also believe the statement at the bottom is valid. The image that follows is how I figure out the Chart. Card 1 & 2:
Card 3 & 4:
Card 5 & 6:
This is a brief explanation of Number Meaning and Symbols:

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