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Further Clarification. 4/24/2014. Love Light 9/11/2001: Introduction.

4/24/2014: Love Light is The Secret to Heaven; with it's Mantra: “Have no self interest; Be Doubly Generous And Good To All”. The cynical state we live in; makes this seem absurd but we should Love Light and Save The World. In America we have a “Christian” history. I don't deny that the Founding Fathers were mostly Free Mason’s and that there were other Faiths and Religions but Christianity plaid a key role in founding this country and still does. 4/24/2007. Having studied Love Light for the past 9 Years I’ve come to the conclusion that it's the Christ message 5/19/2014. (Love Of The Truth Of Life). (Please know that when I say "Christ"; I mean Truth and not the patriarchal monotheistic fabrication of the Son of a war god and all that Historic Christian baggage. I perceive of Christ being: Yes; the Positive Image of a 2000 year ago Hero of Truth that has become a God to us but also; all those Light Workers and Bodhisatva's who stood for Truth and were killed for it: JFK, RFK, and MLK. Now other Hero's are in prison or running for their lives: ei; Manning, Assange and Snowden. Also representing Christ is the Grand Man God in millions of 9/11 Truthers.) Love Light 9/11/2001 is the most amazing Newmeralligy I've ever seen. Signs are rare in most Charts but in Love Light 9/11/2001 I've found 24 so far. 7 of these Signs are Specific to Christ. We don’t know if "Jesus" Christ really had Super Natural powers or was a God because the Romans always said that about the Emperors they wanted people to worship. They could have made up anything and passed it on as fact; hundreds of years later. The Christ I mean was a "Hero of Truth". The Roman's did know about Gods and the fact that if enough people worship a Being; That gives them power and they becomes a "Grand Man God". Jesus qualifies here; as a God; by this definition. The "Christian Church" sees him as their One supreme Symbol of their "Manifest Destiny" to rule the World but I believe that to be an anti-Christ corruption. He is also a Peacemaker, Hero of Truth who is revered and worshiped by billions who don't go along with the barbaric war god stereotype. I take the later point of view to a higher level of a Christ of Love Light. Christ is a Hero of Truth and this makes him a threat to those who control with lies. He is the greatest of many Hero's of Truth who are Martyred by the hands of the anti-Christ. The Miraculous nature of Love Light and it's Christ Specific Signs cause me to believe that this is what Christ Preached. This belief came with the help of "Newmeralligy". I don’t know why Newmeralligy works but it does. There is Magic in Language and Mathematics when we study it. It gives powerful insight to those who decipher it. There's Magic in our words. Just look at the fact that we "Spell" words. A Word is comprised of Letter Symbols and when you Spell a Word you are putting Symbols together for an intended purpose; to put thoughts in people's minds. People can lie by redefining words that we thought meant something else. The most common lies we hear are from the Media, Government and Political Parties. Converting Language to Mathematics enables Mathematical Logic to be applied to words. This knowledge comes from studying Numerology. I took Numerology and redefined it with new Spelling: Newmeralligy is: "The merging of the new with the study of all". Science is the combination of Language and Mathematics and enables us to form a basis for Knowledge. So is Newmeralligy. It's a Religious Science that takes us beyond the physical; into the Spiritual. Religion gives Love and inspiration to systems of symbolic logic that form our sacred myths. Science gives understanding of the physical universe. Love Light Is "The Love of the Truth of Life": Whatever that turns out to be. It goes beyond ego centered science or religion and opens up to The New Light of Truth. When you open up to Mathematical Language with a Free Soul you take Knowledge into another dimension of Wisdom. That's how Newmeralligy works and in this higher dimension we discern the Spiritual Message in the Signs imprinted on the Words. How has our Language developed in such a way that a Mirror; Spiritual Meaning exists in every Letter, Word, Phrase, Sentence, Paragraph, Chapter and Book. How can we know so much about People by doing their Name and Birth Date? What I would like to know is if People did this when they developed our language or did it come from the intent of the Spirit World? I don’t see how mere mortals could have figured all this out. I believe that men have been guided by unknown spiritual forces just like I have been guided by my own "instinct' to develop My Newmeralligy. The Numerology that I learned was just a small shadow of the System I developed over the 11 years so far. I expanded it many fold; so that I could get more detailed insight. Every step of the way, as I extrapolated new insights and developed new symbols; I did it instinctively and I believe that instinct was guided because of how true it has turned out to be. Could that have been also true of those who developed our Language. Were they Numerologists and were they guided through the process by Spirits? I think this is possible and even probable. People who don’t know anything about this would doubt. If they had their Numbers done; they might start having some clue as to the truth of this. If they went on and studied Numerology; they would certainly begin to understand more fully how we can get deep insight from it. I have been studying for 11 years; to date and long ago I knew that it gave more insight than anything else. This has become an obsession and it has guided my spiritual path for many years. I think there’s plenty of evidence that I was guided by the Holy Spirit; even though the uninitiated would doubt it. That’s all I have to go on for believing Love Light 9/11/2001 is a Miraculous Message from Heaven and a New Dispensation. The Key fact that Christ represents The Truth; that; Sets Us Free is central to this Book and why we need Love Light. Christianity was very early; usurped by the very entity that killed Him in the first place and ever since; it has been a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Bible Quotes from Christ Confirm this. The failure of Christianity has left a void that’s caused a Spiritual and Moral Dilemma. The problem in the corruption of Christianity since the Roman Catholics usurped it has diminished it as a true spiritual source. Not since the early Church Of Christ has it promoted Truth but The Good News Now is that there's a New Dispensation: Love Light; “The Secret To Heaven”. That’s why I’m eager to share it; to dispel the lies that control Us and keep Us from being Free. I’ve believed in Saving The World all my Life; Ever since I was a teenager. I believe in Ecology. I also loved the Church I was brought up in. It’s a different kind of Church called “The New Church”. When I discovered Love Light in 2007 I tried to bring it back to The New Church but it was no use. A lot of hurt came of it and eventually I decided to keep quiet; but I go on trying to understand "Christians” and why they don’t Love Light. I think I’ve found the answer but it’s very harsh. I believe the anti-Christ and the Patriarchal Monotheism they forced on us are responsible for everything that’s gone wrong in the World. The anti-Christ killed Christ (Truth), blamed it on the Jews, took his name in vane to spread hate and darkness, called Mary Magdalene (Christ’s Goddess Wife) a whore, exterminated the True Christian Church, destroyed Heaven on Earth, killed Christ like Heroes of the People, And gave us a Religion that doesn’t work. After Religion and Ecology; in 2002; an all important epiphany came to me when I started honoring “The Goddess“. This was a very important element in the quest to understand why Christianity (Monotheism) has caused so much destruction; including destroying the Environment. When I discovered the Divine Feminine; "Goddess"; I realized that Christianity had a completely unbalanced symbolism; believing only in One Male God. Patriarchal Monotheism is so unbalanced because Creation doesn’t work that way. The Masculine has to be connected with the Feminine/Life or it will destroy Creation instead of Protecting it. This is the key to understanding why Christianity doesn’t Love Light. I also discovered 911 Truth right before Love Light and this gave me the date (9/11/2001) that was key to the Love Light Equation. What’s paramount is the Prayer I didn’t know I had voiced. In a crucial 911 Truth piece; I had written: “God, Please Give Us A Religion That Works”! That was November, 2006. On January 17th, 2007, my Prayer was answered with Love Light 9/11/2001. Since then I’ve been working on the interpretation. It took me a while to see Love Light for what it was but now I realize: It’s a “New Dispensation” for “A Religion That Works! 4/20/2014: Easter Sunday: My Conscientious Position has rapidly devolved my relationship with Christianity to the point where I can no longer be in a place that glorifies the Cross and the Doctrine that Christ was Sacrificed for our sins. 4/13/2014: I need to explain my theory of Christianity and Atheism as it has evolved into the present day. Originally; according to the Bible; Christ came and was Crucified by the Romans. He tried to spread the Truth to set People free. The enemies of Christ are the “anti-Christ”. The Romans; who occupied Israel; and the Jewish Priests; who collaborated with them were his enemies. He wasn’t their enemy because he wanted to save them too but they saw him as an enemy. Truth opposes lies and Christ opposed evil and he had a multitude of Jewish followers that were beginning to follow him. This threatened the anti-Christ people in power and they crucified him. The Romans killed him and the Jewish High Priests for it but the Jews; in general; were not to blame and they loved him. After his death a Church remained; of his followers; and the Romans tried to exterminate that too but it kept going. After 325 years; trying to get rid of the Christians; Emperor Constantine decided to make it the State Religion; but kept up the assault on Christ’s True Church. Constantine enforced the Catholic Church and it was a church of war and conquest and not a Church that followed Christ’s Teaching of Peace. An anti-Christ doctrine to sanctify the cross came from Constantine supposedly saying that he saw the cross during a battle that they won and he decided to make it their holy symbol. How many thousands of people had the Romans killed with the Cross and how could it possibly be a holy symbol of a Holy Church that honored Christ? It was a death tool and the death tool of thousands of Christians and other people. It can't be Holy because it's an evil symbol! The doctrines of the Cross were invented by the anti-Christ Church and were enforced under threat of death until people eventually accepted it. Christians today believe the cross is a holy symbol but it originated out of the anti-Christ; Roman Church; under Constantine; the warier. The Church he founded also decided to say that Christ died as a Sacrifice to save us from our sins and on Sundays we take “The Lord’s Supper“ and “eat his body and drink his blood”. It's an evil spell! When we take communion in this way; we reinforce a decision to kill Christ and remind ourselves; through a writ of Constantine that we killed him and he died for our sins. Then we go on sinning and Christ goes on being killed and the Truth along with him! From a Christ perspective of Truth this crazy spell only makes sense when we're controlled; through the Church; by the anti-Christ. Christ said; “forgive them; for they know not what they do.” We don’t realize what we’re doing and look at the results. Thousands of years of bloodshed, torture, war, invasions, prison and slavery. There's also been an assault on our Sacred Creation and it threatens our existence; even including atomic weapons that could wipe us out in an instant. This has all come out of the church that Constantine established! This “Christian” Church is also Jewish; by the way. Constantine must have realized how well Jewish Zealotry worked to control a population and spawn militancy. Christians follow the core teachings of the Jews: Starting with the belief in 1 Male God: Patriarchal Monotheism. Also notice that this lead to “Manifest Destiny”: The belief that we “Christians” are destined to rule the World; stemming from the fact that our God is the only God and our religion is superior. Christ said “you will know them by their fruits.” Have people in the church been following Christ or Constantine all these years? Take a look at the quotes from the Christ of the Bible and you’ll see that he never condoned what we're doing in his name. One of the most egregious sin of the church was when they exterminated Christ’s True Followers; The Cathars; in the 13th century. This began the “hundred year war”; which actually has been more than 700 years and continues today. I want to explain the “False Flag” against Christ. A False Flag is where one side in a conflict commits an atrocity but puts the flag of their enemy behind it so their enemy gets the blame. This is essentially; what has been done to Christ; by the anti-Christ. The anti-Christ religion that claims to be Christian has been doing atrocious acts of barbarism for hundreds of years carrying the False Flag of Christ; so Christ gets the blame. Now people; who don't realize this become atheist and reject all belief in the Spirit, the Soul and Life After Death. They reject every way of understanding the spiritual because everything they’ve heard is from the anti-Christ. So the anti-Christ wins and keeps people ignorant. If people realized how this all works and how a negative spiritual power can be used against us; they would have some defense against it. Notice that the World is controlled by Monotheists, Secular Humanists and the Occult. I’m not judging; but stating a fact. There’s many fine people that live in these beliefs. Underneath this, though, is the occult religion of the dark nobility. Witness; the Bohemian Grove. They believe in Spirituality and they use it against us for evil power. Following this God Jesus (Jews Us. Put a w in Jesus and it's Jews Us.) It's an irony we should face up to that us "Christians" are really Jews. This helps us to understand why Christians behave as we do. We follow the Old Testament; which is the Jewish History and if our God; Jesus was a Jew and we follow Jehovah; we are going to do things like the Jews. With the Roman twist added we believe that Jesus was the son of God; Jehovah which brings Jesus into the role of a God of war for World domination. Jesus is said to be the Son of this God and it is supposedly by the belief in this that we are saved. So we sacrifice Christ (Truth) and are forgiven for our resistance. If we’re baptized into this; we can go out and do evil because of the amazing grace of our belief that Jesus is the Son of God! It’s not from following The Truth and doing good. Essentially all the Reforms over the years and the formation of many new Denominations of Christianity; the essential belief that Jesus was sacrificed for our sins remains the same. No matter what you call it; all Christians believe the same and come from the Roman Catholic Church and Jewish Monotheism. This is what we're a part of: 1) Killing Christ. 2) Blaming it on the Jews. 3) Exterminating the Real Church of Christ. 4) Labeling Mary Magdalene (Christ's Wife?) a whore. 5) Taking Christ’s name in vane by war and inquisition. 6) Keeping the Truth of Christ from the people to keep them in bondage. 7) Spawning other anti-Christs by causing us to hate Christ because of the false flag. As I said, though, The Secret to Heaven is to: “Have no self interest; Be Doubly Generous And Good To All”. Love Light is "The Love Of The Truth of Life". A New Dispensation for a Religion that works. It's time we wake from the spell we're under and begin this new awareness! LLS

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