Monday, November 25, 2013

Foreward to "Secret of Love Light Introduction".

It doesn’t matter how logical a new idea may be; because most strong opinions have a logic that is so hidden by the past it can’t be reached for review. Many of these opinions are needed to counterbalance a life that is absurd in many ways and it helps people justify actions that are otherwise illogical. Opinions are necessary to our life because we have no choice but to do what's necessary to make a living. I will give an example: We have a beautiful environment that provides all we need and is good for our Spirit because it offers a rich beauty from Nature that's good for our Soul; but because a corporation wants what’s underground; we destroy it, to get at a resource like coal. People are willing to destroy our Natural Areas for money and willing to look the other way when it is done carelessly; for short term profit. If logic were applied; other means could be employed and natural resources such as water and air could be saved and natural beauty preserved. When Short term profit is the only logic; other values are not factored in and we pay the consequences. This goes against our own self interest and impacts the majority and enriches; only a few. Because of missing data; logic can’t be applied and conventional people are fooled. The missing data is that we need what we're destroying in the future. This truth has been deemed inconsequential to the short term; we‘re living in. So, we steal from the Future by destroying a resource that is fundamental to life. See this Logic a little further and see this destruction as intentional to the goals of leaders who control our resources. If scarcity is caused by the destruction of water; then it becomes more valuable and those who own it have a monopoly. "Conventional Wisdom" is what conventional people believe in. Any other kind of Wisdom; based on Truth is saved for Idealists, Philosophers and Monks. Part of the problem is also that there is no definite Truth in the information we have at hand. In general we are kept from the Truth our entire lives. If our parents don’t know the Truth; they’re not going to be able to clue us in with their opinions. When we get to School; they may change these opinions but not tell us the Truth. The mainstream media surrounds us with lies and everyone around us believes the lies; too; so where do we get the Truth? Churches claim to give us the Truth but that’s not so. Otherwise why are there so many different Churches with contradictory beliefs. You might say it doesn’t matter or there's no definitive Truth but if you study and go back far enough; the Truth is there for you to uncover if you have a way to discern it Logically. Using the Logic I have at my disposal I see nefarious entities that have infiltrated Sacred Societies and insinuated their destructive agenda’s on them. Churches and temples were the first targets. Evil came in and took over. This is where we are today and Good is called evil and evil is called good. The obvious example is Christianity! Can you see that the very entity that killed Christ; was the one that took over? Isn’t that just simple logic? The opinion people have is that the Jews killed Christ but he wasn't killed by stoning; but by crucifixion as the Romans did! Then; in this “Christianity”; the cross is used as a “Holy” symbol with the excuse that it’s a “symbol of forgiveness”; but that’s not Logical! The cross was a symbol the Romans used to terrorize their subjects. In Catholic Churches you see grotesque cross's with a bloody Christ depicted on them; almost like a warning to "Truthers" who would oppose the Church and the agenda of World dominion. That Logic is confirmed by evidence throughout history of Church conquests. Christ Is Truth and he's being warned. So; why, then, did they leave evidence of Christ’s True Message in the Bible that condemns the actions of the Church? Perhaps it’s to give us free choice to use our own mind to discover the Truth. I call this “The Big Picture” and see it as a reason why this World is not supposed to be a Perfect Place; but a place to build Goodness into people or evil; as the case may be. Without the contrast between Good and evil; we would have no frame of reference. I also realize that without the attacks on 9/11/2001; I would not have discovered Love Light!

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