Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Love Light 9/11/2001: A New Dispensation.

The cross was a symbol the Romans used to terrorize their subjects. In Catholic Churches you see grotesque cross's with a bloody Christ depicted on them; almost like a warning to "Truthers" who would oppose the Church and the agenda of World domination. That Logic is confirmed by evidence throughout history of Church conquests. Christ Is Truth and he's being warned. So; why, then, did they leave evidence of Christ’s True Message in the Bible that condemns the actions of the Church? Perhaps it’s to give us free choice to use our own mind to discover the Truth. I call this “The Big Picture” and see it as a reason why this World is not supposed to be a Perfect Place; but a place to build Goodness into people or evil; as the case may be. Without the contrast between Good and evil; we would have no frame of reference. I also realize that without the attacks on 9/11/2001; I would not have discovered Love Light! So now; the point is; we need something to replace the false narrative of the Christian Church and put Christ back into it. By that I mean Truth. Christ said "The Truth will Set You Free" and I think that was the most important thing he said. Love Light and Christ are interconnected as you can see in the Chart of Love Light above. There are 7 specific signs of Christ; as illustrated in the new chart. what happened in Christianity; also happened in Pythagorism before that. There was actually a kind of Church around Pythagoras and it was a threat to the same kind of anti-Christ dictators who killed Christ later. anti-Truth forces; who control with lies killed Pythagoras but then later they held him up as a God and made up a lot of myths to glorify him. I believe; this was repeated with Christ and he was Glorified but his Message of Truth was replaced with an anti-Christ message of lies. Then a lot of myths were invented so people would have a religion that allowed them to do evil and feel good about it. The alternative shown in Love Light brings a Christ Message of Truth again; which is clearly shown by studying Love Light 9/11/2001. That is the New Dispensation and although I have barely scratched the surface of it's meaning; there is much more that I have not told you yet. LL

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