Thursday, November 21, 2013

Secret of Love Light: Introduction

I’ve been writing about Love Light for 6 Years; trying to explain it and find it extremely difficult and the public difficult to reach. Part of the problem is that I've had to get up to speed and educated. Another problem is the resistance in the public to these ideas. They call it Cognitive Dissonance; which is essentially; a resistance to ideas that contradict strongly held opinions. It doesn’t matter how logical a new idea may be; because most strong opinions have a logic that is so hidden by the past it can’t be reached for review. Many of these opinions are needed to counterbalance a life that is absurd in many ways and it helps people justify actions that are otherwise illogical. Opinions are necessary to our life because we have no choice but to do what's necessary to make a living. Part of the problem is also that there is no definite Truth in the information we have at hand. In general we are kept from the Truth our entire lives. The mainstream media surrounds us with lies and everyone around us believes the lies; too; so where do we get the Truth? Churches claim to give us the Truth but that’s not so. Otherwise why are there so many different Churches with contradictory beliefs. Machiavelli lived in the 15th Century and he found many practical ways to get by and succeed in a corrupt society and he wrote it all down in a Book called “The Prince”. He was actually a fundamentally moral person and an idealist and was jailed by the authorities but his book has survived the centuries. His name is synonymous with corruption but his book is studied; both by the honest and by the dishonest masses to see what they can get out of it. I brought this up because we are by no means living in a unique civil state and lies and corruption go way back and it's important to study the roots if we want to undo our confusion. I see confusion as the order of the day and the results are coming out in our children. Many are destroying themselves as they reach for their freedom. How can they handle freedom if they have no moral boundaries to keep themselves from harm? What do they know for sure? The youngsters of the day don’t know anything for sure because their parents don’t know. It was once Religion that dictated morality but Religion is dieing out and being attacked by secularism; which has no moral compass to replace Religion. There was an add on a Bus in England I read about and it said something like this: “there’s no life after death so you might as well go out and do what you want and enjoy your life.” So secularism doesn’t just say that Religion is the problem with our World and there‘s no God. It also says we can act like animals and we have no soul and there’s nothing after we die. So that's what’s supposed to replace Religion. How devastating to a young person! They might as well go out and party with drugs and sex and rock and roll because there’s no reason to live a good life! They might as well become a soldier and kill for a living or become a corrupt politician and take what they can get and there’s no one to tell them any different. In fact; society is telling them to go for it! Here’s where Love Light comes in. Bottom line is that it is Truth based and not opinion. Whatever the Truth is; and let the chips fall where they may. Love Light is “The Love of the Truth of Life”. There's no argument about whether there is a God or not or whether there is Life after Death. It is just The Truth: Whatever that is! But it Loves Truth not lies. Love Light is searching for The Truth of Life in what ever way we have at our disposal. My way happens to be finding it in our writing and dating systems with Newmeralligy. Another person may look for it in Science and others look for it in Art and Music. Some look for it in Nature. Some study History. They’re all connected. What we need to do is put our heads together and build on each other’s concepts instead of fighting over one belief or another and going back to Monotheism or Secular Science! I have a concept that applies here: There are 2 kinds of conversations: One is Masculine and the other is Feminine. Masculine just wants to win and wants it's opinion to rule any discussion. The Feminine respects others and their spirit and life and it wants to build a conversation; not tear it down. If the Masculine wants to do the right thing; it can protect the Feminine and help build this conversation. One misconception above is to say it’s about Men and Women but we all have the Masculine and Feminine in us. The Feminine is the Life affirming qualities we possess and Life itself and the Masculine is supposed to protect Life. Masculine often suppresses the Feminine Life Force within us and exploits it for a good time and momentary pleasure. It takes the Life Force; which is like capitol in a bank and it makes withdrawals; diminishing it until it starts to have to borrow to keep itself going. If it goes too far the negative masculine can bankrupt and kill the Life Force. Now we get into Positive and negative. There is the Good Positive and the bad negative in everything and in the example of the Masculine and Feminine above; if the Masculine aspect was acting in the Positive it would protect the Feminine Life Force within instead of exploiting it; and build it up as Stronger and Stronger Life. It would give Life to the Body with more healthy food and Life to the Mind with more healthy Truth and the Spirit with more Affirmation and Joy. The Masculine should Love the Feminine Life Force. Feminine is Light: The Truth of Life; because the Feminine holds within it the knowledge of Life. This is the Masculine/Feminine aspect of Love Light. This principal goes outward from the individual to the World and the individual’s relation with others; such as Family Members. We need to Love Light in our Parents and Siblings and later on if our Life goes in that direction; our Mate and Children. We need to Affirm each other’s Spirits and Feed our Bodies and Minds. This goes into another aspect of Love Light: The Love Light Mantra: “have no self interest; Be Doubly Generous and Good to All.” If we Love our Family we will have no problem with this. Is it self sacrifice when you Love Each other with everyone doing all they can to help each other or is it because of Love? Each person has a unique ability to contribute and enables a greater collective ability to the Family and makes it happy, strong and successful. With Love Light in practice; happiness is assured. With one qualification: Success is more likely but not assured if the Whole World doesn’t Love Light. The further we go with Love Light; the more of the World we include; At work; with our coworkers: Churches, Clubs and Organizations. How our Company deals with the Public and other Associations. What our Church, Clubs and Organizations do as a Mission and what Good they do. Take it further as Citizens of a country and what our Country does for the World. Take it all the way to the Grand Man God. That's the collective being; made by all of Humanity. Does he love and protect his Mate and does he honor and protect the Creation. If we don't Love Light; neither will He. Is this concept of Love Light valid? How could it not be? What if we adopted it on a Grand Scale and it became Universal? The ideal is “The Love of the Truth of Life.” We Co-Create if we “have no self interest; Be Doubly Generous and Good to All.” If we don’t Love Light; we don’t love Life. Why would we not love Life? So here’s the future if we Love Light: Not one Soul is left out. Not one Person is unimportant. Everyone has a job to do. Everyone’s job is a perfect match. Everyone is appreciated. Everyone is Loved. Everyone knows what everyone else knows. All are One. We don’t feel used and we’re not enslaved. We’re Free! When we’re born; we’re born into the most Glorious Love Light and we shine with The Light of Life. We come to know exactly why we were born and the Love of Giving and Receiving. Then as we grow old; and old we will grow; we continue in Light to Live a Life that’s Bright. No such thing as disease because all dis will ease; with Loving hands our Body, Mind and Spirit ease until we cease and more hands will ease us through. Child Again or Aged Saint. Whatever is or aint. Love Light. Can you imagine: It’s Heaven on Earth! Can you hear the Music? The singing. We work at our craft. Some grow food. They come in from the Fields and are fed. Others make things for a need or use. Many see to our needs. We will be fed and music is everywhere. Birds fly through the trees to add their song. It’s Heaven. A Baby is Born and Love Light raised. Another dies and is Love Light praised. The World Saved and Heaven Made. Why wouldn’t you Love Light? Why wouldn’t you learn Light; teach it. Open it up. Find the Love inside.

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